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Crafting supplies USA
Custom ink stamps
Deciding on handmade postcard size
Handmade cards using old cards. Is it ok?
Have you ever made custom stamps?
Interesting Needlework Postcard Challenge
Mailart from the past; some examples
My embroidered papercard (tuto)
Panel Canvas Postcards
Please give your thoughts on my homemade cards
Questions about Food Packaging cards
Stationery paper and postcards for download and printout
Will the joke/pun be understood outside the US

[OFFER] Handmade cards
Offer language card
The little prince postcard by myself

Handmade RR
Mailart RR


My Handmade Hedgehog Carved Stamp Card and 3 Washi Tape Samples - lottery

Offer: Decorated Pantone cards
[offer] maxicard happy birthday postcard
OFFER : My Handmade Cards Made with My Carved Hedgehog Stamps
Offer&Request year of tiger maxicard
OFFER (Updated Jan. 31st 2022): Hand-colored Postcards from Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Book
Ramdom handmade swap (one time only)

For Swap: Meetup Postcards inventory from China
Offer: Beijing meetup cards: Universal Resorts
[offer]meeting cards
[Offer]Meeting up cards for swap
Offer meetup cards: Beijing meetup cards
[Offer] Meetup cards, Blue Cat China collection
[OFFER]Postcrossing meet up postcards from Shanghai
[Offer] Signed UK Meetup Postcards for Swap
[OFFER]Some meet up postcards
OFFER:Tiger 2022 Shanghai meetup card with tiger stamps
Provide Taiwan Year of the Tiger meeting Card˙
SWAP lots of Meetup postcards from Hefei,China

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Do you like decorated postcards?
What is “a real postcard”?
Why do so many people hate selfmade cards?

German category: ISdI - Ich Stempel, du Idee: [RR] Kreativ - RR
Round Robins that explicitly allow handmade cards or mail art
Goody Two Shoes :ballet_shoes: Chaotic Nonsense RR

[Handmade card swap]
[Offer] Postcards about Handcrafts
[Offer]”Toilet” handmade postcard[request] postcard from Africa, Oceania, middle East, and South America

A different kind of postcard swap
[Offer]Lord of Rings, Hobbit, customized handmade cards[Request]Sandman,Friday the 13th

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@itamerentytar has proposed a wishlist tag for decorations on the back in Tags Discussions + Proposing new Tags. Voice your opinion if you are interested or would like to adjust the rules of the tag. :slight_smile:

Custom made cards, acceptable?
"What is the craziest design you would like to see on a postcard but you can’t find in any shop”
Japan & OC Lovely hand-made card: :heart: Japan & Other Countries RR
Homeade maxi card, food and/or drink theme: Food & Drink RR

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[Open] lottery chain: handmade knitted card
Lottery: Handmade Blockprint Postcard

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[Handmade card swap pt.2 ]
Lottery chain #587 meetup postcard from genoa 26.02.2022

Lottery chain #593 PC meetup card in Japan, your choice of Tokyo/ Osaka meetup card

DARWIN DAY lottery 02.12.2022
Offer : My Handmade Carved Stamp Card of Birds

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Bought a membership to Zazzle to have the work of local artists and photographers printed on postcards!
Typical Hong Kong Postcard and self-printing postcard Ideas
Where to print your own postcard-books and calendar? (and offer them online)

Magazine Collage. Nonsense collage of magazine cutouts. Weird RR :tophat: - Come Join the Madness
Weird. Handmade. Create your own postcard or decorate an existing postcard - it’s up to you! BE CREATIVE! Weird RR :tophat: - Come Join the Madness
Self-printed weird cards. Weirdness has no limits - create self-printed cards with your own photos, copyright-free pictures etc. Weird RR :tophat: - Come Join the Madness

Handmade cards for swap
Offer: selfmade cards (from magazines)
[Offer] Upcycled postcard (Japan, Halloween, Sesame Street, etc) for swapping with upcycled, handmade postcard or your offer

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Offer: meetup postcards from Lithuania (not signed)

Spooky & Selfmade: :ghost: Spooky RR - For those who like a little creepy in their cards
:heart: Who would like to exchange their handmade cards for regular cards?


22.02.22 It’s my Birthday, twosday & palindrome day! I love to get cards from It!
Co-operative colouring
Normal Lottery - Handmade Card of Hindu Epic (Ramayan)
Offer pink stickers card
Sticker Bombing. Got some weird stickers and don’t know what to do with them? Stick’em on a card, front or back, it doesn’t matter, and mail them out! Weird RR :tophat: - Come Join the Madness
Tiger Year meet up cards for swap


Thanks for adding my card. Massive effort from your side to collate all these. I learned about this tag just only, I will add my cards here in future :slight_smile:


I tried printing a postcard😊
[Meet-up card]Fujian Food
[OFFER] handmade for unwanted postcards
(OFFER)Unofficial gf card (Maoming, Guangdong, China)

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Are you guys also interested in self-made (graphic design/ illustration)postcards?

Do tapes and stickers ruin postcards?
[offer] Maxicard of Cat Day meetup in Taiwan
OFFER: Postcrossing meet up card from Lithuania
[SWAP] Signed postcrossing meetup cards