Do you like decorated postcards?

I prefer to write behind the card with a pen or a marker, in my opinion not everyone who collect postcards love stickers and washi.

What do you think about? Do you decorate all the postacards you send or not? And do you like to receive postcards with decorations or not?



I really like decorating postcards with washi tape, origami (Japanese traditional paper)and stickers.
I decorate all the postcards I send.
I sometimes receive postcards with some decorations :sparkles::sparkles:


Sometimes I decorate a lot, sometimes a bit and sometimes not at all. All depending on my mood and if the profile states any preferences.

Personally I love decorations, just as I love plain written cards with lots of text or many beautiful stamps. There is only one way I don’t like: if the message side is mostly blank (eg 1-2 sentences, nothing more). But I really don’t mind how that space is used.


I like to add washi tape vertically between the message and address. Finding fun tape in the narrowest width is not easy, tho. I add stickers or used stamps that relate to the front of the card or to something the receiver puts in their profile. The next person who likes chocolate is going to get a scented sticker I found today!


It depends on the profile I draw, as well as the space I get on the postcard.

If the profile I draw has themes which I can fulfil via stickers and/or washi tape as well, I would. E.g. I would add a butterfly sticker for someone who requested for a butterfly postcard.

Sometimes it also depends on how much space I have on the postcard. The postcard might come with a description that fills up a good part of the card, so I end up not having space to put anything else. Postcrossing meet-up cards are also filled with signatures and illustrated stamp designs, so I barely have space for the Postcrossing ID, let alone additional decorations.

Personally, I do love decorated postcards, but if that comes at the expense of a message (e.g. all stickers but no message), then I would rather have just a message.


it depends on my mood lol. Somedays I want to decorate my postcards and the next time I don’t bother.


I usually try to decorate as much as I can without compromising the space for messages. Otherwise I’m never going to use up the washi tape and stickers that I have and have the excuse to buy more.

The only postcards I don’t decorate are for people who write in their profile that they don’t like washi and stickers. I also don’t decorate if the profile looks like it belongs to an old school postcard collector, i.e. people who only like tourist cards and won’t accept anything else.

I personally enjoy decorated postcards. I think it reveals a bit about the sender’s personality in addition to their message.


Sometimes. But not always.

I personally don’t use washi tape. I think it’s a unnecessary expense and sometimes the machines may remove it I once got a card with washi tape on the picture side but it belonged to another card to someone else

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I really like decorating postcards! I use stickers and tape that match the theme of my postcards (for example, I decorate my panda postcards with panda stickers🐼). I also like to draw the recipient’s avatar on postcards, hoping that my doodle will surprise them.


I mostly just write on the card. If there’s any space left I sometimes draw small flowers or such or put a small sticker.
Often there’s no space left at all.
If others decorate their card, that’s fine. I’ve received cards with stickers and washitape and small drawings. I appreciate the effort made.


Never with washi tape or stickers, but I do use older stamps, so I have to use 3-4 to make up the postage, and that takes up enough space. And are often decorative in their own right.

However, I usually enjoy the decorating efforts others put in when writing to me, but I also like a nice long message. The only stickers I’m not particularly fond of receiving are those very sticky outy plastic/rubber ones.


I don’t decorate the backs of my postcards. I don’t mind receiving decorated cards though. It is a kind of art after all. But like @anon12415063 I prefer when there is still some space for the message.

i love decorating my cards. i also love writing a lot. i don’t think it’s an or/or situation like a lot of people seem to think here. i always put a bit of washi and a few stickers on the side and there’s more than enough space left to write.
i enjoy receiving them decorated as well. but if someone only wants to write or only wants to decorate i don’t mind as well. it’s how they express themselves.

i only don’t decorate if people specifically say they don’t want that or they have some boring profile. a while ago i got a profile that literally only had a 3 thing list. something with war and cars or something. i had a feeling they would not really appreciate my bunny stickers.


i love to decorate postcards but sometimes i have not enough time for it

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I love decoration (maybe a bit too much) and I always decorate my cards more or less. It depends on how inspired I feel in the moment. Of course I don’t do it when the profile says that they don’t like it! And I always add a message!


I quite like using washi tapes and stickers and I have way too many of both. But it very much depends on my mood and, of course, on the profile of the person I’m sending to. I like matching the decoration to the front of the card or the receiver’s interests or whatever I’m writing about, but sometimes I also just go for “pretty”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That doesn’t mean I cover the entire back of the card in stickers, usually it’s just a bit of tape and one bigger or a few smaller stickers. What I don’t like very much is when the profile tells me to “be creative”. I can’t do that on command and certainly not when I feel pressured into producing something unique. I’m not that kind of person.

I also enjoy the decorations on the cards I receive, but I don’t mind plain text either.

Yes, I don’t like those either. Apart from the fact they can be a problem for the sorting machines, they also damage my cards as I store them in tightly-packed boxes. To be honest, I sometimes peel them off if they come off easily. :relaxed:

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I love receiving decorated cards and I love decorating them. I only don’t decorate if someone mentions in their profile that they don’t want it.

I use (plain) stickers, washi tape, rubber stamps. Sometimes old used stamps or stamp stickers / cinderellas.

I don’t like them either.


I do very little decorating. I have mini rubber stamps, sometimes I add one or two to the postcard. Sometimes maybe a small sticker. Rarely use washi tape.

I am okay with whatever someone sends me…but I will admit I like reading the message best.


I really like decorated cards. But I love the message as much. I think it’s a balance between the two. And sometimes the decoration is in “adequacy” with the chosen theme and I find it so pretty. I also like to decorate them according to the profile. Washi, sticker, small drawing … there are no generalities, depending to the profil.


That’s a great summary of what I’ve thought about that topic. Bien fait! :slight_smile:

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