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Moving this directory from the legacy forum.
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As they are widely spread and I’m not sure whether the people who are interested in them can find them easily, I’d like to make a list of links to every topic regarding handmade cards and mail art.
This is a WIKI! That means that we all can edit this post, add new topics or change broken links etc. But you can also post a comment and I’ll add new topics that you found.
I will also write a post for all new additions to this wiki and if you want to follow to see what’s new, you can just track or watch this topic and then you are notified by every new post.



Do you make postcards by yourself?
Do your handmade cards also get more often lost on the way?
Handmade… Is this really a postcard?
“I’m not an artist!” :weary: (Yes, you are)
Is it considered as a postcard?
Post card artists
Sending A Disliked Card
What classes as a hand made card?
Where to buy handmade cards


Glue & adhesives for mailart
Handmade Stickers
Laminated cards
Sources for personalized stamps
Unique material and Unusual Postcard
What are your favorite medium(s) to use when creating your mail art/handmade cards?
What do you coat handmade postcards in to protect the design?
What do you make handmade cards out of?
Yarn on Handmade Cards?

Meeting cards (Discussions)

Designing Postcrossing Meeting Cards
Where to get a postcrossing meetup card?

Postcrossing rules and guidelines

How to make a postcard with “postcrossing” logo?
[QUESTION] The rule of the usage of word “Postcrossing”


A question about making collages
First attempt at handmade card - help!
How to make postcards with perforated borders?
Postcards to colour
Sticker bombing on postcard
Trying to find a user


Etsy, Zazzle and Print-On-Demand Services
I Just bought 50 cards on Zazzle so you don’t have to!
Postcards on Zazzle
Printing your own postcards
Receiving MyPostcard Express cards - yay or nay?


Cutting cardboard into postcards. What should I make?
Question for food box card collectors
Received a Postcard made from cardboard box
Recycling old calendar into postcards?
Up-cycling postcards
What are these food cards called?

Show us your mail art

Decorating Envelopes!
Decorating the back of your →NON-HANDMADE POSTCARDS←
Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art
Would anyone be interested in this?

Turning greeting cards into postcards

Greeting Cards into Postcards?
Repurposing greeting cards into postcards?

Round Robins

How do Round Robins work?
Handmade RR
PHOTO RR - many themes
Professionally printed cards round robin!

Round Robins with certain groups for handmade cards or mail art

Any handmade cards

Handmade. Drawings, paintings, collages:
Handmade cards:
Handmade cards - Scandinavia & OC:
Mail art postcard in general + commemorative stamps:
Selffmade / handmade cards: 3 in 1 RR (3 unwritten cards in an envelope) - view and non view themes
The artist is you! Handmade cards only, every technique is accepted:

Food package cards

Any card made of food packaging:
Food Package Cards:
Food package card Japan & OC:


Self-made maxicard (written and stamped):

Meeting cards

Cards from postcrossing meeting:
Meeting postcards / remaining - leftover postcards:
Meetup cards signed or unsigned but not sent:
Meet-up offer groups:


Photo cards - Photos of ships you have taken yourself:
Your own photography. Pick your best shot and print it! Every handmade photo is accepted, please no nudes or erotic photos:
STREET ART. Take a look around you and grab your camera! Since there aren’t so much postcards representing street art around the world, handmade cards are accepted.


Cards made out of grocery lists / receipts / coupons: Food & Drink RR
Reused cards (several groups):
Upcycled envelopes + commemorative stamps:

Special subjects

Handmade LGBTQ+ related: Here you send cards that you made yourself, that are in any way LGBTQ+ related: LGBTQ+ RR :rainbow_flag: Show your pride! Be an ally!
Hand made fantasy art card:
Handmade food & drink cards: Food & Drink RR
Holidays and festivals, several groups for homemade cards: Holidays & Festivals (HF RR) New Forum spot
Selfmade ships and boats cards (drawn ships, collages, etc.):

North America category

Handmade, various themes: [RR] North America Themes Round Robin [NA Themes]


How do Tags work?
A PHOTO and a STORY tag
**ATC (Artist trading CARDS) tag**
Colourful handmade card tag
Draw a Picture on the Card Tag
Draw Me This Tag (List 10 Themes)
ETEGAMI tag (Handmade cards)
Favourite colour tag - Handmade cards
Food package postcard tag
Front of Greeting / Folded Card Tag
Handmade Card - Non-Handmade Card Tag
Handmade cards- Choose a subject tag
Handmade Offer Tag
Handmade Postcard Tag :scissors: simple - easy - fun
:yarn: Homemade Textile Crafted Card Tag
Mail Art Envelope Tag
Photograph tag
German language category: [TAG] Hand-Made-Card-Tag

Tags that explicitly allow you to send handmade cards

Christian Tag
Coloring Postcards Tag
:recycle: Environmentally Friendly Tag
Gay / Lesbian / LGBT
Halloween tag
List Tag
MAXICARDS: You choose (Offer Tag)
Rest of Meeting postcards tag (remaining meeting postcards) - Offer tag
Socially Good Cards Tag
Totally Weird Postcard Tag
Unusual Size or Shape Postcard Tag
Vehicles/Transportation Tag - any kind of vehicles, including traditional transportation
Yellow Tag
Your favorite song lyrics tag
German language category:
[TAG] Alles ist Kunst!
[TAG] Themen-Tag - Alles erlaubt!

Trades, Requests, Offers, Penpals, Lotteries


Penpal ads

24/F/Sweden/NL –> looking for creative, bookish penpals!
30/F/USA creative pen pal wanted
34/F/USA - Looking for an international artsy penpal
35/F/Germany //New penpals// Music, (Mail)Art, Photography, Dance
Home made postcard penpal - Me: F/40/NL
Irish or creative penpal wanted


Stay At Home Postcard Book

Spread Joy

Help with a gift - OFFER: Touristic Postcard from DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Swaps: Handmade/mail art

ATC swaps for Advent calendar surprises
Cards of my aquarelle paintings
Cats for trade!
Creative postcard swap!
Designed by me postcards for swap
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Does anyone want to exchange his/her handmade cards (drawings or paintings) for other cards?
Exchange unwritten postcards
Handmade cards and decorated envelopes
Handmade postcard collage of used stamps
Indian Tiger Themed Greeting Card + 3 Tiger Themed Postcards+ 1 Handmade Postcard
Mail Art
Newspaper collage made by my god daughter who’s 5
[OFFER] Colour Your Own Postcards
[OFFER] floral; bird stamp collage cards
Photo prints / snapshot trade?
Postcard made from Red Envelope
Postcard, with silver pendant trade
[request] front of Weetabix box postcard
[SWAP] 2 French homemade postcards
[SWAP] Baguette (Yes the bread) Movie Themed Postcards
Swap, different house cards
Swap, two aquarelle/quote cards
Swap - UK Stamp Postcards (hand made)
Three cat cards free for trade
Two cards of my paintings
[SWAP] Handmade card swap

Swaps: Materials for handmade/mail art

Damaged stamps for cards or duplicate!
Old/Vintage Paper Items for collages/mail art - I’ll send you postcards based on your wishes in return!
Used stamps

Swaps: Meeting cards

For Swap:Postcrossing Meet-Up Cards from China
Looking for signed meetup cards or maxicards
Melbourne meet up cards for swap
Meet-up Cards for Swap
New year meet up card
Offer: 3/21 Taiwan meetup card: Benedict Cumberbatch
[Offer] Apr.10 Chongqing Meetup Cards
[OFFER] Kunshan March Meet-up Cards
[OFFER] meet up cards in Hangzhou
[offer] meet up cards in Hangzhou(China) on March 21
Offer: Meetingcards for swap
Offer: Meetup Card from last World Postcard Day
OFFER: online Easter meetup 3 April 2021
[OFFER] Online Meetup Cards!
**OFFER: PT 2020 official meeting cards**
Postcrossing Meet-up Card Trade from China
Request: Meeting Cards
Request: Postcrossing meet-up postcards from original cities
[SWAP] Feb.28 Postcrossing Meetup cards
[Swap] Foshan meet up postcards in May & June
[Swap]Guangzhou March meet up Postcard
SWAP lots of Meetup postcards from Hefei,China
[SWAP] Mar.21 Postcrossing Meetup cards
[SWAP] Meeting cards virtually signed
[Swap] Meetup cards
[SWAP] spring Postcrossing Meetup cards cherry bloom, Easter

Travelling Notebooks

(included because most of them encourage creativity)


Added Colourful handmade card tag

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Added Handmade Postcard Tag ✂ simple - easy - fun

I added a poll in the first post!

Added :yarn: Homemade Textile Crafted Card Tag

And I removed the link previews now :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so - as you also add topics that besides many other options allow handmade cards to be sent. Those topics might not be tagged ‘handmade’.

And thinking the lazy way: It’s much easier to set this topic on “tracking” or “watching” and be notified about changes for this theme than thinking of checking all topics tagged “handmade” regularly :wink:

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It is also fun to hunt for these topics… :flashlight: It’s a win–win situation! I was happy when I noticed that tags hadn’t been implemented yet, for that meant that there was no excuse not to start a mail art directory in the new forum, too!

And I must say, I find that I like the new simple links because I can now see how often a link was followed directly and so I can see whether and also how the directory is used by you, very interesting! Apparently, there are indeed people checking out meeting postcards. I wasn’t sure whether lovers of these actually know to look for them in this part of the forum :smiley: :+1:

I am the admin for this group, and as I love handmade cards there will always be at least one group open that will be for handmade cards…the theme varies, and gets changed if no one signs up until there is one people will do :slight_smile: so you might want to update the description to just handmade, various themes. Once I bring the Holidays & Festivals group (International RR) over in January the same applies there…I will always have at least 1 group devoted to handmade cards. Many of us enjoy making them :slight_smile:

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Changed it, thank you!

Also, i may have missed it…but the Dragon’s Nest will always have a handmade group

:+1: I somehow missed that one. Added it!

I would like to comment on that, I will have a handmade group in the Dragon’s nest RR as long as there is interest in it.


Added Frankencard Lottery


Do you make postcards by yourself?

First attempt at handmade card - help!

Added Designed by me postcards for swap


Handmade. Drawings, paintings, collages: *Mini RR: Send 2, Receive 2*

The artist is you! Handmade cards only, every technique is accepted: *Art RR*
Your own photography. Pick your best shot and print it! Every handmade photo is accepted, please no nudes or erotic photos: *Art RR*


35/F/Germany //New penpals// Music, (Mail)Art, Photography, Dance

Holidays and festivals, several groups for homemade cards: Holidays & Festivals (HF RR) New Forum spot


How to make a postcard with “postcrossing” logo?

Unusual Size or Shape Postcard Tag

Vehicles/Transportation Tag - any kind of vehicles, including traditional transportation

**ATC (Artist trading CARDS) tag**


Recycling old calendar into postcards?


Request: Postcrossing meet-up postcards from original cities