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As they are widely spread and I’m not sure whether the people who are interested in them can find them easily, I’d like to make a list of links to every topic regarding handmade cards and mail art.
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Feedback Wanted

Can you give me some suggestions on my self designed postcards?
New post card designs. Need your help
Please give your thoughts on my homemade cards
Will the joke/pun be understood outside the US
Would anyone be interested in this?


Custom made cards, acceptable?
Deciding on handmade postcard size
Do you like decorated postcards?
Do you make postcards by yourself?
Do your handmade cards also get more often lost on the way?
First attempt at handmade card - help!
Handmade… Is this really a postcard?
How to make a postcard?
“I’m not an artist!” :weary: (Yes, you are)
Is it considered as a postcard?
Post card artists
Sending A Disliked Card
What classes as a hand made card?
What is “a real postcard”?
What postcrossing gave me and what postcrossers took away from me
Where to buy handmade cards
Why do so many people hate selfmade cards?


Custom ink stamps
Do tapes and stickers ruin postcards?
Glue & adhesives for mailart
Handmade Stickers
Laminated cards
Paint color cards
Panel Canvas Postcards
Repurposing greeting cards into postcards?
Sources for personalized stamps
Postcards to colour
Unique material and Unusual Postcard
What are your favorite medium(s) to use when creating your mail art/handmade cards?
What do you coat handmade postcards in to protect the design?
What do you make handmade cards out of?
Yarn on Handmade Cards?

Meeting cards (Discussions)

Designing Postcrossing Meeting Cards
Do people like meetup cards?
Meetups Guidelines: feedback welcome!
Postcrossing rules and guidelines
Where to get a postcrossing meetup card?


Interesting Needlework Postcard Challenge
Trying to find a user
"What is the craziest design you would like to see on a postcard but you can’t find in any shop”
What type of PostCards interest you more?

Postcrossing rules and guidelines

How to make a postcard with “postcrossing” logo?
[QUESTION] The rule of the usage of word “Postcrossing”


Are you guys also interested in self-made (graphic design/ illustration)postcards?
Bought a membership to Zazzle to have the work of local artists and photographers printed on postcards!
Etsy, Zazzle and Print-On-Demand Services
Have you ever made custom stamps?
I tried printing a postcard😊
I Just bought 50 cards on Zazzle so you don’t have to!
Postcards on Zazzle
Printing your own postcards
Receiving MyPostcard Express cards - yay or nay?
Stationery paper and postcards for download and printout
Typical Hong Kong Postcard and self-printing postcard Ideas
Where to print your own postcard-books and calendar? (and offer them online)


Cutting cardboard into postcards. What should I make?
Handmade cards using old cards. Is it ok?
Have you ever seen puzzles upcycled into cards?
Question for food box card collectors
Questions about Food Packaging cards
Recycling old calendar into postcards?
What are these food cards called?

Show us your mail art

Decorating Envelopes!
Decorating the back of your →NON-HANDMADE POSTCARDS←
Mailart from the past; some examples
Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art


A question about making collages
Artistamps - how to make them
How to make postcards with perforated borders?
My embroidered papercard (tuto)
Sticker bombing on postcard

Round Robins

How do Round Robins work?

Round Robins for handmade cards or mail art

Mailart RR
Handmade RR
PHOTO RR - many themes

Round Robins that allow handmade cards or mail art

Goody Two Shoes Chaotic Nonsense RR
Professionally printed cards round robin!

Round Robins with specific groups for handmade cards or mail art

Any handmade cards

Handmade: Mini RR
Handmade cards: MANY THEMES RR
Handmade cards: Scandinavia x Other Countries RR
Japan & OC Lovely hand-made card: Japan & Other Countries RR
Mail art postcard in general + commemorative stamps: Cards With Stamps You Like RR!
Selffmade / handmade cards: 3 in 1 RR (3 unwritten cards in an envelope)
The artist is you! art rr

Food package cards

Food Package Cards: AD cards RR
Food Packaging: Food & Drink RR
Japan & OC Food package card: Japan & Other Countries RR


Homeade maxi card, food and/or drink theme: Food & Drink RR
Self-made maxicard: Cards With Stamps You Like RR!

Meeting cards

Cards from postcrossing meeting: Different Countries and Postal Series RR
Meetup Cards Signed or Unsigned but not Sent includes Virtual meetups: E.Q.T.E. RR
Meet-up offer groups: Postcrossing Meet-up RR


Photo cards - Photos of ships you have taken yourself: All About SHIPS AND BOATS RR
Your own photography: art rr
Self-printed weird cards: Weird RR
STREET ART: art rr


Cards made out of grocery lists / receipts / coupons: Food & Drink RR
Recycling: Socially Good Cards RR
Reused cards (several groups): Scandinavia x Other Countries RR
Upcycled envelopes + commemorative stamps: Cards With Stamps You Like RR!

Special subjects

Handmade bookish card: The Readers’ Journey RR
Handmade LGBTQ+ related: LGBTQ+ RR
Hand made fantasy art card: :dragon_face: Dragon’s nest RR
Holidays and festivals, several groups for homemade cards: Holidays & Festivals (HF RR)
homeade food or drink card: Food & Drink RR
Magazine collage. Nonsense collage of magazine cutouts. Weird RR
Selfmade ships and boats cards: All About SHIPS AND BOATS RR
Spooky & Selfmade: Spooky RR
Sticker Bombing: Weird RR
Weird. Handmade. Weird RR
German category: ISdI - Ich Stempel, du Idee: Kreativ - RR


How do Tags work?
A PHOTO and a STORY tag
**ATC (Artist trading CARDS) tag**
Colourful handmade card tag
Draw a Picture on the Card Tag
Draw Me This Tag (List 10 Themes)
ETEGAMI tag (Handmade cards)
Favourite colour tag - Handmade cards
Food package postcard tag
Front of Greeting / Folded Card Tag
Handmade Card - Non-Handmade Card Tag
Handmade cards- Choose a subject tag
Handmade Offer Tag
Handmade Postcard Tag simple - easy - fun
Homemade Textile Crafted Card Tag
Mail Art Envelope Tag
Photograph tag
German language category: [TAG] Hand-Made-Card-Tag

Tags that explicitly allow you to send handmade cards

Christian Tag
Coloring Postcards Tag
:recycle: Environmentally Friendly Tag
Gay / Lesbian / LGBT
Halloween tag
List Tag
MAXICARDS: You choose (Offer Tag)
Rest of Meeting postcards tag (remaining meeting postcards) - Offer tag
Socially Good Cards Tag
Totally Weird Postcard Tag
Unusual Size or Shape Postcard Tag
Vehicles/Transportation Tag - any kind of vehicles, including traditional transportation
Yellow Tag
Your favorite song lyrics tag
German language category:
[TAG] Alles ist Kunst!
[TAG] Themen-Tag - Alles erlaubt!

Trades, Requests, Offers, Penpals, Lotteries


Crafting supplies USA
Lottery chain 1014 - genoa meetup postcard and surprise postcards
Lottery chain 1015 - genoa meetup postcard and teabags
Lottery: June 18th Harry Potter meetup cards giveaway
Lottery: May Handmade Blockprint Postcard
Paper crafters’ lottery: Give new life to these old supplies! scissors
Support Ukraine Fabric Postcards

Penpal ads

F/21/Looking for penpal to exchange paper crafts and letters
F/23/USA- reader, animal and stationery lover looking for long-term penpals around the world
F/28/Germany - Looking for penpals who share my love for upcycling, nature, cooking, recipes, handcrafting
F/45/USA - Looking for crafty penpals for letter & paper craft exchanges
Looking for stationery addict penpals


A different kind of postcard swap
Co-operative colouring

Spread Joy

Swaps: Handmade/mail art

(Had to be moved to the second post because this topic has become too big.)

Swaps: Meeting cards

(Had to be moved to the third post because this topic has become too big.)

Travelling Notebooks

(Most of them encourage creativity)


Swaps: Handmade/mail art

Artistic postcard swap
Handmade cards for swap
[Handmade card swap]
[Handmade card swap pt.2 ]
Handmade or artsy postcard
Handmade postcard collage of used stamps
I want to send a postcard
Offer: A LOT OF self-designed cards
Offer card with drawing+postmark
Offer: Decorated Pantone cards
Offer easter meetup card
[OFFER] Handmade cards
Offer - handmade postcards made from magazine papers
[Offer] Hand painted cards
Offer: Happy Earth Day~
[OFFER] I made Maxicards
Offer language card
[offer] maxicard happy birthday postcard
[Offer]Lord of Rings, Hobbit, customized handmade cards[Request]Sandman,Friday the 13th
OFFER : My Handmade Cards Made with My Carved Hedgehog Stamps
Offer : My Handmade Carved Stamp Card of Birds
Offer: My own oil pastel paintings card
Offer: Postcard made with stamp
[Offer] Postcards about Handcrafts
Offer Special material cards
[Offer]”Toilet” handmade postcard[request] postcard from Africa, Oceania, middle East, and South America
[OFFER] Travel Poster Card Sylvenstein Lake
[Offer] Upcycled postcard (Japan, Halloween, Sesame Street, etc) for swapping with upcycled, handmade postcard or your offer
OFFER (Updated Jan. 31st 2022): Hand-colored Postcards from Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Book
Offer: watercolor postcard made by me for some used Europa series stamps
Offer wax seals.request 1 postcard
Paper-Rolling art card
Ramdom handmade swap (one time only)
Stamp collages postcard to swap for Easter cards or stamps
Swap OFFER: watercolor painted postcard SEARCH: Europa series (CEPT) stamps
The little prince postcard by myself
Who would like to exchange their handmade cards for regular cards?

Swaps: Meeting cards

For Swap: Feb meetup cards from China
(for swap) lou paper, meet up and the USA national parks postcards
For Swap: Meetup cards of March from China
For Swap: Meetup Postcards inventory from China
[Meet-up card]Fujian Food
New sets of cards For Swap (Sakura, Scenery and Meetup)
Offer: Beijing meetup cards: Universal Resorts
[OFFER] Canton Tower meetup cards from Guangzhou PC group
[OFFER] COVID、Meetup、Buddhism、Special Shapes - Illustration
(Offer) Hong Kong local Snack Meet-up Card
Offer: Illustration of Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony (Beijing meetup cards)
Offering a Vatican meet up postcard from origin for other meet-up postcards
Offering meetup card from Finland
OFFER Lighthouses
Offer: many signed meet up postcards
[offer] Maxicard of Cat Day meetup in Taiwan
[offer]meeting cards
[Offer]Meeting up cards for swap
Offer meetup cards: Beijing meetup cards
[Offer] Meetup cards, Blue Cat China collection
OFFER: Meetup cards from CHINA in March
[OFFER] Meetup card: Winter Meetup Zevenbergen (NL)
Offer: meetup postcards from Lithuania (not signed)
(offer) postcards from meetings. (Looking) for GF postcards
OFFER: Postcrossing meet up card from Lithuania
[OFFER]Postcrossing meet up postcards from Shanghai
[Offer] Signed UK Meetup Postcards for Swap
[OFFER] Slovakia meetup postcard | [REQUEST] Surprise me!
[OFFER]Some meet up postcards
[offer] strawberry meetup cards & maxicard [request] FOTW /TS /MAXICARD
[offer] Taurus/Mother’s Day meetup card
OFFER:Tiger 2022 Shanghai meetup card with tiger stamps
Postcrossing Meet-Up cards - Need for a World Postcard Display - October 2022
Provide Taiwan Year of the Tiger meeting Card˙
【swap】Harry Potter Meetup card
SWAP lots of Meetup postcards from Hefei,China
Swap Meetingcards from the island Terschelling
[SWAP] Signed postcrossing meetup cards
Tiger Year meet up cards for swap



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Another one reserved for @Feuerstuhl :wink:


I am the admin for this group, and as I love handmade cards there will always be at least one group open that will be for handmade cards…the theme varies, and gets changed if no one signs up until there is one people will do :slight_smile: so you might want to update the description to just handmade, various themes. Once I bring the Holidays & Festivals group (International RR) over in January the same applies there…I will always have at least 1 group devoted to handmade cards. Many of us enjoy making them :slight_smile:

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Changed it, thank you!

Also, i may have missed it…but the Dragon’s Nest will always have a handmade group

:+1: I somehow missed that one. Added it!

I would like to comment on that, I will have a handmade group in the Dragon’s nest RR as long as there is interest in it.


Added Frankencard Lottery


Do you make postcards by yourself?

First attempt at handmade card - help!

Added Designed by me postcards for swap


Handmade. Drawings, paintings, collages: *Mini RR: Send 2, Receive 2*

The artist is you! Handmade cards only, every technique is accepted: *Art RR*
Your own photography. Pick your best shot and print it! Every handmade photo is accepted, please no nudes or erotic photos: *Art RR*


35/F/Germany //New penpals// Music, (Mail)Art, Photography, Dance

Holidays and festivals, several groups for homemade cards: Holidays & Festivals (HF RR) New Forum spot


How to make a postcard with “postcrossing” logo?

Unusual Size or Shape Postcard Tag

Vehicles/Transportation Tag - any kind of vehicles, including traditional transportation

**ATC (Artist trading CARDS) tag**


Recycling old calendar into postcards?


Request: Postcrossing meet-up postcards from original cities