Co-operative colouring

I have a number of postcards for colouring in. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a co-operative colouring project - where one person starts the colouring, and sends it on to be completed at the other end, or even starts a colouring chain, where it gets mailed on to a new person after adding a colour or two.

If you think you might be interested, let me know.


Hi Kittacat! That actually a great idea!

I like the idea, too!

I would love to join in…

Wooooow really a cool idea! I’m in

I agree, does sound fun!

Is this a new idea for #games-activities:round-robins or is it more like a #games-activities:notebooks thing?

For a Round Robin please see the guidelines for opening a new one. If it’s more like a TN, this topic needs to be moved to that category.
Alternatively you could ask for a special group in the Handmade RR.

Note: This place (#postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery ) is not a place for organizing mail exchange of any kind.

would love to join in too ^^