Have you ever made custom stamps?

I recently got stamps made with our kitten on them and I love putting them on the cards I send out. Would love to see anyone else’s custom stamps in the thread below!


Yes i had but in germany the Qualität of the stamps was not good. So i do it 2 times and never again. To expensive for Bad Quality


Those are SOOO cute!! :heart_eyes_cat:

Yes I’ve made a custom stamp, but it was ages ago when I was in primary school. It was a study tour to central post office and the stamps were my own 3x4 photo :joy: (every student did the same)

I was thinking to make a custom stamps again recently but our post office customer service is :-1:, the respond is slow and the app used to request custom stamp isn’t clear and sometimes lag lol. So if I really want to do this I have to go to central post office~

And I’m kind of lazy


Here’s a sheet of stamps that an acquaintance made for me of Moxie, a dog who I walk every day. Though they are not valid as postage, they have a very impressive $5.00 denomination printed on them, anyway.


So cute!!!

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And she’s never bitten the mailman, either.


Yes. I have made custom stamps of both my dogs. I loved them but they are for domestic postage


Polish Post does custom stamps only for inland mail :frowning:
However, you can get customized postage labels online for any kind of mail. And I started to use these during the pandemic, in order to avoid trips to the post office.

stamp czlowiek
stamp ludek


I always wanted to try it… but never did up to now…

I did once when there was an offer for such stamps

so I got a 55 cent stamp for about 1,40 € instead of 2,60 €

If you print several 1000 nds of yours it gets a little cheaper but you will never touch facevalue

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made her own stamp!

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I’ve had a few custom stamps made at Canada Post. Two examples above.
Top: World Postcard Day 2021 stamp, US denomination.
Bottom: 2021/22 seasonal stamp, domestic denomination.


In Malaysia the personalized stamps are called ‘StemKu’ - translated meaning ‘My Stamps’. Stamps must include humans on it, hence I’m on the stamp with my little dog. Quality is very good and they have lots of different border designs to choose from.


I made it 3 times long time ago by Iranian Post, one from my son1 with his family, one from my son2 during his Military Service, and one from myself… It must be about 15 years ago…
I’ll try to find the pics…

Update: found a Pic!!
And btw I made it 4 Times!!!
For my granddaughter, too!!!

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Sadly the UK’s Royal Mail discontinued the personalised stamps in the early 2000’s long before the days of postcrossing.

They where know as the smilers set, where you could add a personalised picture alongside one of the chosen definitive sized stamps.

I think briefly at one of the ‘Stampex’ exhibitions prior to Covid, RM brought the service back for the show.

There was even a petition to bring them back.



Hello! My family gave me custom stamps of my cat for Christmas! I love them. Whenever I get an address of another cat lover I put my custom stamps on the postcard :heart_eyes:


Some years ago I made some custom stamps. One with a mermaid on it and two different ones with my penpal’s dog on it, as a gift.

Here’s the mermaid one. I still don’t know the artist.



I received one of your custom puffin stamps on matching postcard and it’s amazing! Love your designs… they are better than the official Canada post designs :heart_eyes:

Sadly we don’t have custom stamps in the UK :-1:


You’re very kind @NatM ! Thank you.


Your stamps are so beautiful :heart::heart::heart: