Have you ever made custom stamps?

To be honest, i didn’t know that it was possible to make stamps to orde, but I thought about it and wanted to. I really do not know how to do this in my city, it is unknown in terms of cost and quality :((
I want to say that all your stamps are amazing :)))


I have a few times considered making them, but just a look at the price (2,90 €) of one custom stamp versus one normal stamp (1,85/1,95 €) has quickly dissolved such thoughts. :sweat_smile:


I designed about 200 different personalized stamps, in 4 countries.
Search “dorinco zazzle stamps”:

You are so kind @NatM ! :purple_heart:

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I had custom stamps made a few times back when this was possible in USA (it’s not anymore). Like someone from Germany commented above, it was not worthwhile for me because the grainy quality of the printing did not justify the price. I’m also not a fan of barcodes/QR codes on stamps. Here’s are some examples:

You can see how the quality was just not great. For those wondering, it was high resolution photos I used for the stamps. In any case, I personally like the look of a regular USPS stamp more than these customs.

I love the custom stamps from Canada though!! They look like they print very nicely and no QR code! The ones shown on this thread are wonderful- well done!


Those from Zazzle were higher quality than from any other American vendor, including stamps.com.

Look at my Zazzle stamps.

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@Dorinco you got me thinking, and I remembered I did eventually try Zazzle as well. I even found my last remaining stamp!

I agree the quality was better from Zazzle. And despite the QR code and website (which I find tacky), it still is fun to see your image on a stamp!


But this depends on the quality of your pictures. If their quality is already too bad or the resolution too low you want get a great result :person_shrugging:

The basic design of the stamps in general is not that beautiful, yes, I would agree with this. But I disagree that the quality is bad in general because this is up to the person who chooses a picture of bad quality.

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It was a very good 108 Mega Pixle Picture. My home printer and any labor print it much better than german post on a stamp. I had try it with different pictures every time same problem. Colors not nice and you see pixles. And if i ir a labor print the picture as a3 you not see any pixle and the colors much better. And if any home printer is batter as the stamp i think quality is not good in my opinion. I made christmas cards with a picture of my dog. And i use same picture as stamp. And thair was a big quality difference. An other picture me and my dog was printed to dark. It was made on a sunmy day and it looked like i make the picture at night.

If i could print the stamps on my printer it would be a betrer choise. But in germany i not find a possibility to print the self design stamps at home. If you see a posibility i would like doing it.

But its only my opinion. After 3 time buy and try it i eas unhappy 3 times. Every time not nice colors and grainy. I hope it will be better in some years


It’s not QR-code; it’s IBI (information-based indicia).

It is “a necessary evil”, along with their website name displayed, to confirm to the postal associates that it is valid for postage, and not some bogus sticker.

My early Zazzle stamps show no pixels, have a plastic coating, and they look great!

Look what I found in my mailbox today!

My father made a drawing of one of my favourite birds, the wren, and then he made the drawing into custom made stamps and sent them to me as a surprise gift. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Such love @Eef_NL ! :purple_heart:


In the Netherlands we van indeed make personal stamps; I Made them from my own paintings.
So I van sent my art arround the globe…


I can’t find a picture of it but once I made one with an artwork of a lighthouse i made

Hi, I love to create own stamps with Deutsche Post “Briefmarke Individuell”. This is a small part of my collection. As one can create a sheet with 20 stamps, one could choose all different or all equal, or mixing.
They are a bit more expensive. So I try to use them for people who have an interesting and nice profile, or when the picture fits into their interest.
I do only cards and stamps with my own artwork or photograph, never with third party pics.


unfortunately italy don’t let us make custom stamps :sob:

I like ordering matching stamps and postcard :heart_eyes: