Handmade cards using old cards. Is it ok?

Hi, I would like to know how you would feel about this. I got a stack of old postcards from my grandma. They aren’t very nice so I was thinking to use them as the back side for my handmade postcards. There is some description of the front side on them though. So I wonder what the general feel about receiving such card would be. The idea is my picture on the front and this on the back. Would you be totally appalled and disgusted to receive such card?


I would say why not…
You are the one choosing what to send…
I ll go for it!

Although I am a big fan of handmade postcards, old postcards are also very interesting. I would make sure that actually no people would be interested in them.


I do it sometime. I keep ugly postcards for using as back for handmade postcard. I just put a sticker or some washi tape on description, :wink:
I don’t send them to people who says that doesn’t like handmande postcards, anyway.


If they “aren’t very nice,” I would not use them. If you decide to send them be prepared for some negative comments from some people who get them.

I think @PatriciaOH has a great suggestion - - why not offer them first in some of the tag forums? Looking at the backs that you have here, I think the fronts may be much more interesting than you imagine!


I see there a big problem in the words “they aren’t very nice” as there are probably people who don’t think the way you think.

In general I think it is okay, but probably a waste of still nice cards, if they are not in any way defected or blurred or anything like that.

I use sometimes Ad cards to use as back for Handmade cards


Sure, why not use them as cardstock for handmades? They are the right size, so that’s a plus, too .
And you can always cover the description on the back with Washitape and stickers, so that shouldn’t be a problem, either.

People who like handmade cards are usually quite easygoing, so you needn’t be afraid of negative comments!



I think it’s okay to use them for handmade cards but first of all I’m super interested in the front sides now :grin:
As others already said, maybe they are of interest to some people in their own. :blush:


…no. (I would worry about the mental state of someone who would react this severely.)

If you think the recipient would enjoy a handmade card, then it’s very likely that the recipient would also appreciate your creativity and resourcefulness in repurposing old cards! :gift_heart:


Yeah I agree. I used a truly ugly card as a base for a handmade one I made recently, and I covered the description with blank white sticker paper and then just wrote over it. No harm, no foul. I know someone who might receive the original card would be disappointed with the blurry and unattractive picture, so making it into something new that they would like seemed like a good decision. If you would like to do the same, go for it! It’s your decision. I would just make sure to cover the ‘description’ part with something.

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I use coloring card that has boring pattern to make handmade card. The back side has information about the pattern and the publisher.

I love repurposing and would enjoy such a postcard.

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Thank you everyone! I like the idea to cover the description with something :blush: I think that will solve the problem.

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Would you mind to show us the front sides before reusing them? :grin:
I’m super curious now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


No problem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: They are mostly faded, old style… And some of them even not true anymore haha.


It’s a nice idea…upcycling. Why not?

Thank you for showing!

I have to admit, they really aren’t that interesting to me, so upcycling them into some handmade cards is a good idea.

Hello! I think it’s a very good idea, it’s like coming back to give these postcards a second life and they give them more value. I would love to receive one.

It’s a great idea! I make a lot of my own postcards and honestly, having some stable lines already there is helpful. Just as the others have said, cover up the description. Also, are you sure they aren’t very nice? It’s cool if you are, I have like 5 cards I’m about to do something to, but sometimes it seems like I get rid of a card I don’t think is very nice, the very next day I get a profile who would have loved such a thing, I think, oh well lol.