Bought a membership to Zazzle to have the work of local artists and photographers printed on postcards!

So I’m getting free shipping every month with my membership and regular discounts from coupons offered on the website itself as well as found on apps I use. I enjoy supporting local artists when I want to buy in bulk. I’m even thinking about possibly having my own local photography printed up on postcards!


FYI, You might want to read this thread

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Thanks. That is very informative.

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I make cards using my photos at Walmart Photo online, but they are 84 cents each…kinda steep. I will check out Zazzle. Thanks!

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Make sure you search for coupons.

I have Zazzle Black because their shipping costs are crazy without it. But I usually wait until their sales are 50% off cards before ordering any. Do you have suggestions on where to find coupons?


@PleiadianDragon I have moved this idea to the “Where to get postcards” category (edit to add: oops!! Sorry!! "Postcards Chat!!) so that more people looking for ideas about getting cards made can find it!

It may also be appropriate for the “handmade” category, but since other posts about Zazzle and other print services are here, I thought it would be the most helpful.

It will be interesting to know how Zazzle works for you!

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