Deciding on handmade postcard size

I’ve decided to start making my own postcards, but was wondering if I should make them all the same size. For those in the US, do y’all just stick to the standard 4x6 or just cut a general shape as long as it meets the mail standards?


I always make my handmade cards of standard size (4x6 inches) mostly because it is easier to store that way. I feel like most people have difficulty with storing irregular sized cards, so I prefer to make them 4x6.


For me, it depends. Not usually a standard size though :woman_shrugging:t2:


Most often I stick to standard size (Din A6 = 105mm x 148mm), but sometimes I don’t. Not all designs look great on standard sizes.

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Now I also begun with making some own postcards, also shaped ones because I :heart: Gotochi cards, à la Véronique (in my way) and I take measure from standard envelopes, so I also cannot make mistakes with “how many stamps” on it. I always send handmade postcards in envelope.
To @redteapost : I would be very very glad to receive a handmade card (so much thouts, creativity, time etc in it :heart_eyes:) and would treasure it in a special box :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The USPS has stricter size standards for postcards sent internationally than for those sent domestically, so be sure you are looking at the right part of their site.

I always make handmade cards 4x6 because to me, there’s just something about that size that says “postcard” in a way that larger sizes don’t - but that’s just personal preference.

A helpful tip: You can get a neater rectangle more easily by tracing a store-bought postcard, than by using a ruler.


Thank you for the advice.

i made a video about using templates a while back.