Where to print your own postcard-books and calendar? (and offer them online)

Hi, I would like to create my own postcard-books and postcard-calendar.
Preferably in Europe/Germany and with a poissibility to offer them online.
Does someone know which platform offers it?

I know places like zazzle, but there are no options for calendar/book, and the size of the cards is not my preffered standard size. And on other platforms I know you can produce and offer single cards or poster-calendars, but not as postcard-calendar or -book.

So I’m curious whether there is an internet place to get and print own books/alendars in postcard-size?


You can get calendars made on Zazzle for sure using images of postcards - they’d just need to be images you have the rights to use though.

Not sure exactly what a postcard book is though as you mean it. Postcard books to me are like 20 cards of one artist in a book that you use up. I’ve not seen anywhere online that let’s you produce those on your own.

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Postcard book: Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for, but I’ve never found an online shop where you can produce you’re own, too.

And with zazzle - the postcards there are too small for wha I consider standard size.
Didn’t see the opton to make postcard size-calendar there … gonna try again.

Thanks for answering!

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Approx 5 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches on the Cdn site - I searched for small calendars

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The size should fit, but still you would have no postcards, because of the backside.

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Sorry, I’m confused - are you saying you want to be able to use the postcards as well as it being a calendar?


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Don’t know how that would be physically possible.

I am also interested in printing a postcard book! Maybe it would help to reach out to postcard book publishers for info on suppliers and resources? :thinking:

Yes, maybe. But I think that those suppliers of professional publishers might not be interested in private persons who just want to create one or two postcard books?
Please keep us posted, if you succeed!

Meanwhile I discovered a few possibilities to create my own postcard calendar, all in Germany.
Prices are between 8 Euro and 16 Euro plus cost of sending.

Yes, Moo is good or you may try Blurb for photography books.

Thank you, @Rendeane and @eugeniarussell !
I’ll check moo and blurb. :grinning: