Where to print your own postcard-books and calendar? (and offer them online)

Hi, I would like to create my own postcard-books and postcard-calendar.
Preferably in Europe/Germany and with a poissibility to offer them online.
Does someone know which platform offers it?

I know places like zazzle, but there are no options for calendar/book, and the size of the cards is not my preffered standard size. And on other platforms I know you can produce and offer single cards or poster-calendars, but not as postcard-calendar or -book.

So I’m curious whether there is an internet place to get and print own books/alendars in postcard-size?


You can get calendars made on Zazzle for sure using images of postcards - they’d just need to be images you have the rights to use though.

Not sure exactly what a postcard book is though as you mean it. Postcard books to me are like 20 cards of one artist in a book that you use up. I’ve not seen anywhere online that let’s you produce those on your own.

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Postcard book: Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for, but I’ve never found an online shop where you can produce you’re own, too.

And with zazzle - the postcards there are too small for wha I consider standard size.
Didn’t see the opton to make postcard size-calendar there … gonna try again.

Thanks for answering!

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Approx 5 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches on the Cdn site - I searched for small calendars

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The size should fit, but still you would have no postcards, because of the backside.

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Sorry, I’m confused - are you saying you want to be able to use the postcards as well as it being a calendar?


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Don’t know how that would be physically possible.