Crafting supplies USA

I don’t have a lot of money but I do have time…my collage clippings are getting out of hand… So if you would like Craft clippings. Pm me I send mail out once a month most of the time or you can
Send a self address and stamped envelope and I will send the envelope back full. I don’t want anything in return just to know if you got it back PM if interested.

Some envelopes will have washed tape or business cards as well some stickers you will have to ask for real stamps while they last.

I make Christmas ornaments sometimes. With my clippings or postcards

How to make stickers

Maybe :thinking: someone can make stickers from the clippings



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I’d love some! I’ll send you a decorated postcard back too!


If some one need more stuff i have more than 1 million digital stuff. Stationery Scraapbooking paper and much more. Its for free


wow that is so nice of you…thank you, I only checked it out for a minute, but seems like quite a bit to chose from. That is really super kind of you thanks again!!!

No problem it changes often :slight_smile: so if you come back it could be that you find new things. And if you have some nice stuff you can make a scan please if not it is ok. Yes it is big. 1.5 million files actual