Please give your thoughts on my homemade cards

I had a couple of folding cards lying around, and I decided to make them into postcards. I found some vintage/art papers and pasted them onto the card to make a collage. Do you think people will like them? If so, I’ll make more of them.


I like 1st one :slight_smile: PM on its way

I would like No. 3!

:green_heart: :fox_face:

So cute! :blush:


Personally I think they look great. People who are into handmade cards would most likely love to receive these. :blush:

Feel free to share your cards in the following topic:


They are very nice! And there are several Round Robins and Tags that are all about sharing homemade art - check them out!


I really think people will like them! I like 2 the most. But they are all very cute!.

Those are very cool! Nicely done! And such a great way to repurpose folding cards too!

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They are stunning. :heart_eyes:

I love the vintage look. What size are these? Will you mail them as post cards or in an envelope?

These are fantastic! I’d be happy to receive one of these cards, and I’m sure there are tons of people who feel the same way.

165mm ( length ) 115mm ( width )
Since it’s under the maximum dimensions of postcard I can mail through SingPost, I’ll mail it as a postcard.

I like them,there all different and unique.

Beautiful composition on all of these! Well done! :raised_hands:

I like them very much! :blush:
Be sure to send them to people who say they like handmade postcards or don’t say anything about them. If someone writes “no handmade cards” on their profile, they may not appreciate them.

These postcards are really nice - I would like to receive them (No 1 and 3 are especially beautiful) and I am sure there will be others who would like to get them as well. You can also participate in the Handmade Offer Tag - there you will be always sure, that the recipient or the card really likes it otherwise the person would not have tagged you - I usually offer my handmades there. Keep on going!

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Thank you for the advice, I will participate in the Handmade Offer Tag!

Thank you for all your kind words and tips, I’ve opened a topic on swapping these postcards if you’re interested, I have 6 in total ( I made new ones/mailed away some )

so beautiful!

Wow, really lovely. I like the way you combined all the different patterns. Did it take you a long time to make these?

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