Typical Hong Kong Postcard and self-printing postcard Ideas

Hello, fellow postcrossers!

I am here seeking opinions about postcard ideas as most of the forum members may have already received quite some cards from Hong Kong.

View cards that can be brought easily here are mainly about the skyscrapers and the Victoria Harbour, with some Leon light streetscapes. I am not sure whether how foreign postcrossers think about these but personally, I find it quite boring to send them out…

At the same time, I am thinking of turning my own wildlife photos into postcards, like those below. It’s nearly impossible to find beautifully published wildlife cards in the city.

I am looking for advice and opinions from everyone, on

  1. what you have received from Hong Kong users, 2. whether you will love the cards made by my photos or not
  2. all kinds of suggestions and opinions are welcome!

Many thanks :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


I love your photographs! :heart:

I haven’t received many postcards from Hong Kong yet, but seeing the wildlife of other countries is always interesting :smiley:


Those photographs are super pretty! I would definitely love receiving a postcard like that, and I’m sure other people would love to as well. Nature is something that many people like on a postcard, especially nature native to where the card was sent from.


Good idea! I’d not keen on snakes, but the hummingbird & flowers photo is amazing! Good Luck!


I think it depends on the recipient‘s interests- if they like animal and nature themed cards, they will probably like yours.

If they enjoy touristic viewcards, buildings/architecture more, I‘d go with a more typical card.


Great photos! Though I do not like snakes much at all, it is still a great photo of one. Animal postcards are widely accepted, but as @Nadjafee stated, also depends upon the recipient’s interests.


The one with the snake is imho too dark.
I’d like the one with the hummingbird, but that could be any place where thos birds live, not necessarily Hong Kong.
Why not take your own photos of Hong Kong - statues, temples, food sellers…

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I concur with @Nadjafee. That being said, I personally prefer nature scenes over city views and I would love to receive your flower & hummingbird photocard. I would reserve the snake for people who specifically ask for this.

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I see it like Nadjafee. It is all about interessts. I love Nature and animals. I most love the card of birds and whale you posted at the bird watcher thread. and I’m sure others will love too. But like RalfH other might love buildings, historical sites or daily life more. I think if you print own images a mixtur of different things would be perfect :slight_smile:


Because the forum doesn’t let me upload large size pictures so I just randomly upload 2 out of my thousands pictures taken. I do wildlife photography only so I’m not comfortable to take photos of other topic yet. But still thanks for the opinion!

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I love the snake :star_struck:
Also its darkness, by the way. It gives the picture a fantastic touch of mystery :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That is not a hummingbird, but I like that picture over the snake since I don’t like snakes. I think if you have Zazzle.com print them they come out nice. I did one of my cat Roxy which people really liked.


Very nice photos. I like all nature photos, but would suggest you also add a brief note about each particular photo. I like snakes, but would find it much more interesting to know what species is in your pic.

Roxy looks good!

I guess zazzle isn’t popular here in Hong Kong. I have done a little research on several local printing shops, but I am afraid the paper may turn out too “soft” as I am not familiar with the papers out there; and the printing quality (I hate seeing large pixel dots 🥲)

But I won’t know how the outcome will be unless I give it a try!

This is a really nice suggestion Peter!

I will probably add the species name plus a short description at the back, just like those published by publishers. If I’m the receiver, I’d love to read it too!


Thank you Patricia, I’m glad that you love it! This one is called the Anderson’s Stream Snake, not a venomous one but very hard to handle - very slippery!