Panel Canvas Postcards

I’m not sure if anyone else has posted about this, so sorry if they have.

My aunt originally did this but I decided to try it. Basically, you send a painted canvas panel as a postcard. It’s kind of fun. It requires more postage of course but it’s a fun surprise to receive one.

You would pretty much paint it, address it like and normal postcard and mail it. I did finish one but I mailed it to one of my pen pals and I want it to be a surprise so I can’t show a completed one. But here’s one I have in progress…

Here’s the empty ones…

They would need to be fairly small so they fit in a mailbox. I’ve found ones that are closer to postcard size but the ones shown above work for me also. I wouldn’t recommend sending them officially because I’m not sure what people would think if they didn’t know. I’m not sure what do you think of all this?


I’d really like to receive something like this and I’ve already received one canvas before. I think it’s great :slight_smile:

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I think that’s awesome and would be super happy to recieve such a canvas as a postcard :smiley:

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Given that you’d be spending hours on each one, I think any Postcrosser recipient who didn’t treasure it has a serious problem!

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@ZooDawg Hello Zoe!! I received the painted canvas from you!!! I love it so much! I just wanted to share it on here if anyone else was curious as to how it held up in the mail.

It held up perfectly! No damage at all. It might be different if you were to send it to another country though.

(The stamps didn’t get canceled)

Thank you so much!!


Wow. What a special postcard to receive :star_struck: great idea

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I’m glad you liked it! I was at summer camp for boy scouts so I didn’t know it arrived. I’m glad it held up well! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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To anyone who cares, here’s the complete picture of the one I was working on above.


Zoë, you’re an amazing artist! These canvases are so pretty! I’m amazed!

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Oh thank you!

Your paintings are really great! Hope you continue with it :paintbrush: :art: :+1:t2:

At my favourite art store they have panel canvas in postcard size with special postcard back.
I have only sent it once within Austria, I haven’t tried sending international yet - but definitely will give it a try soon.
And the artist with acrylic paint is my husband, I am hopeless with this (but I am very good at cleaning the brushes and :art:) :wink:


Zoe , it’s amazing! I think everyone would love to receive this card :love_letter: ! Really fantastic beautiful! Brava !!! :clap::blush:

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I used this type of canvas you mentioned for New Years cards I sent in the handmade RR for the start of 2021. I used glow in the dark paint on some of the fireworks also to try to tie in the lights of the fireworks. I used black light on them and they lit up well but I didn’t try it in the actual sun so hopefully they worked that way too.
It was a fun project and I feel inspired to make another one soon!


I’m going to revive this post. When I googled my question this thread was the first result, ironic, as I was asking for my new postcrossing hobby. :joy:

I have some 5x7 inch panels, is that acceptable, or should I only use 4x6 inch to assure it will fit in a mailbox? As well as fitting into the space the recipient likes to store their cards. I am probably overthinking the one inch difference though, let me know what y’all think.

Also, how did you know how much postage to use? Thanks! :blush: