Are you guys also interested in self-made (graphic design/ illustration)postcards?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, if any of you are also interested in self-made cards?
Since I have a friend who is a really talented illustrator, I thought it would be so nice to print some cards with his artwork on them.
Additionally, I’m a graphic designer myself and have some more motives I would love to print at some point!

For some references, here are some of my motives (I put a watermark on it, because it’s just to see what you think).

Do you guys think I should open a tread where I put all the motives I have (+ the ones of my friend) and start a swap postcards post?

Thank you all for your honest answers!!

Have a nice day,


I like your cards very much!

And there is already a Tag for such cards - I don’t have the time to look it up for you but have you checked on the Tags Directory? There may also be a Round Robin for such cards.

Keep it up!

Great cards! Simple design. Potential for multiple interpretations. Striking - and effective - colours. I’d swap. I’d buy. I’d mail.
Remember: if you are designing our own cards, the back is just as important. Don’t forget to put a title, your name/design info, postage/address delineation. Professionalize it. Market/promote your work/self.
Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your cards available!

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I really like those! Would like to receive one.

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Hi people,
I think hand made postcards are great. You can be as creative as you want and it really shows how much time and effort you put in.
Personally, I really like handmade ones. They show a lot about the person who made it for you.
Holly :two_hearts:

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Hi Alessia

I like your card alot and I am actually thinking of getting my own postcard design made and printed


i love the clean bold graphic style :two_hearts:

this definitely something i have been thinking of doing myself as a side hobby - just havent had the time to think things through haha.

following this thread for more updates! :eyes:


I think your designs are really well done!! The colours and bold graphics are great, I’m sure anyone interested in art cards would be glad to see them in their mailbox :slight_smile:


I know that at Staples (office supply store) you can design cards via Canva and have them printed… when I was working on a different project I noticed they have lots of cute mock-stamp design elements available! And they’re nice quality too.

If I was to design some cute “Happy Postcrossing!” or snail mail themed cards, is that something people would like? :thinking:


I would like Happy Postcrossing cards - any postal-related cards - designed and made in Canada. Not enough of them! Have you seen @thepaperglobetrotter shop on Etsy, AtelierPaperandOak?

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Love the design, great job!

I have yeah! I love their designs. It’s always nice to support local artists :slight_smile:

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