Food & Drink RR

Welcome to the Food & Drink Round Robin. I’m your host coleandjojo (Nicole). There is one thing we ALL have in common, FOOD! This round robin shares postcards related to food & drinks.

:cake: :crab: :lollipop: :beverage_box: :pretzel: :broccoli: :apple: :bacon: :hamburger: :fried_egg: :popcorn: :green_salad:

It’s easy to join:

  • Sign up for a group that interests you by posting a reply below.
  • If this is your first time signing up in this RR, please send me a message with your address. When I receive your address I will sign you up for the group.

This is how it works:

  • When the group is filled I will send a message with the addressses of the participants you will be swapping with.
  • We ask that you send your cards within 2 weeks of receipt of the address list. If there is a delay in sending, please let us know to expect the cards late.
  • Write the name of this round robin (Food & Drink RR), group number, and your username on the cards which you send!
    Food & Drink RR Group #111
    From: your username
  • Post on this thread when you send your cards and when you receive any cards.
  • If you don’t receive a card within 2 - 3 months, you can request a resend (or possibly a bit longer for international mail with the current mail delays). Please let me know if you are missing a card and I can try to follow up with the sender. If you have any problems within this RR, reach out to me and we can work through it together.
  • After 3 months, the group will move to the closed group section. Please report any received cards even after the group has closed.

Most groups have a theme, try to stay within that groups theme but feel free to be creative!

  • If you are considering sending vintage or handmade, it is best to check your partners profile to see if this is acceptable to them. We do have specific groups for vintage and handmade and for those you do not have to check profiles.

  • Cards should be sent written and stamped unless the receiver requests otherwise. You can grant their wish if you like.

  • If you have an idea for a topic please mention it and we can open that group up. This is a community experience and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

You are welcome to upload photos of the cards you receive in this group, but only the front of the cards are allowed.

I have started a Flickr account so we can post photos that we send and receive in this RR. Please feel free to join! Here is the link :

Remember this is a FUN thing, so everyone be KIND! And send your postcards if you sign up for a group!

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Food and Drink Open Groups

Open Groups:

90: Romantic food or drinks (ex: champagne, chocolates, anything you may eat on a Valentine’s Day event!) If you would like, you can share your a fond memory of a romantic dining experience!

  1. SiM_

#98. Cards made out of grocery lists / receipts / coupons (I saw this on the handmade rr and thought it sounded fun)

  1. coleandjojo
  2. GanleyBraided


#108 national food or drink cards

#109. Handmade food & drink cards

  1. ellistrations

#110. Vintage or retro food & drink (since this is a vintage group, you can send cards that are already written and stamped. It’s your choice depending on what you have in your postcards)

  1. Coleandjojo

#111 Advertising: Any Ad cards featuring food & drink (food / drink product advertisements postcards of any kind)

  1. Coleandjojo
  2. sandramr

#112. Food & drink in art

  1. scooby39

#114 farm to table (any part of the food process, seed packets, growing, farm markets, etc.)
1 monkeybrain

#116 Any food or drink card

  1. Scooby39
  2. theosprey247

#118. Topic: list the 5 ingredients you could not live without (Example for me: sugar!)

  1. farmdau56
  2. Coleandjojo

#119 Topic: list the 5 kitchen tools or gadgets you could not live without (example: cast iron skillet, wok, cheese grater, etc.)

  1. farmdau56
  2. Coleandjojo

#120. Sweet and savory (2 people send sweet, 2 people send savory) specify which one you want when you sign up)
Sweet 1. SamB23
Sweet 2. Ellistrations

Savory 1. sandramr
Savory 2.

#122 Northern Hemisphere / southern Hemisphere (2 members from each exchange with the other, please specify which group)

  1. Northern cmleanord630

  2. Northern

  3. Southern

  4. Southern

#123. FOODIES CHOICE. any food or drink card

  1. Cmleonard630


#124 food & drink surprise partners swap! Send me a private message to sign up for this group since it will be a surprise who you are swapping with. You will be sending to 2 people from the list and receiving 2 in exchange

#125 food & drink postcard swap - send 2 blank cards in an envelope to 2 other people, receive 2 back from each

#126 restaurants or diners (inside or outside) (inspired by the recent postcard picture of a diner that was uploaded and I thought this seemed like a great category!!)

#127. Share a Recipe! Write a recipe on the back for you to swap with your partners. Any food or drink related card on the front but why not try for a recipe card on the front too!


#128 June Happy Hour: as many people that sign up by the end of the month
Optional: We just celebrated the unofficial start to summer here in the USA. That usually means lots of Bar-B-Q get togethers. Write your go to Barb-B-Q menu or details about your Barb-B-Q routine that you would like to share. Again. this is optional. So don’t worry if you don’t want to follow the prompt!

  1. Coleandjojo
  2. Mickykitty

#129. Recipe cards

#130 Any card made out of food packaging

  1. coleandjojo

If you have an idea for a topic within this group please feel free to post a comment or a message to me.

Food and Drink Traveling Groups Please click Summary to see expanded version.


Note: I will include your own number on the list as being received, even though you aren’t sending a card to yourself. This makes it easier to look at it and see if you have received all cards. I started this with the bigger groups so I didn’t have to keep going back to check if anyone is missing a card. Now I include it as a received card even though technically it is not. I am available for questions, concerns, etc.

:heavy_check_mark: means that you have received all of your cards in that group
(side note: one of my favorite tasks is putting a check mark emoji, this means that cards are coming and going to their destinations and that makes me happy!) updated June 10, 2021

#107 Recipe cards add sent June 9th, 2021

  1. sleepyhippo1 sent
  2. GanleyBraided
  3. mickykitty sent
  4. salemhouse sent r1,4

#117 Any card made of food packaging! let your inner artist shine!

  1. Scooby39 sent 6/2/21 r1,4
  2. mickykitty
  3. Kushboo sent 6/2/21 r1,3

#121. May Happy Hour (as many people that sign up by the end of May)

  1. verooro sent 6/1/21
  2. mickykitty sent
  3. coleandjojo sent r1,2,3,4
  4. Jaqueposts sent 6/5/21 r2,3,4,5,
  5. Ellistrations sent 6/1/21 r3,4,5
  6. sandramr sent 6/1/21

#97 alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor, champagne, cocktails, etc.) address list sent May 15th, 2021

  1. JDAJDAH sent r1,
  2. Anny_Mark sent r1,2,4
  3. verooro sent r3,4
  4. Sandramr sent :heavy_check_mark:

#115 April Happy HourAddress sent 5/2/21

  1. Jaqueposts sent r1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9
  2. Coleandjojo sent r,1,2,3,4,6,7,8
  3. Farmdau56 sent r1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9
  4. ellistrations sent r1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9
  5. mickykitty sent
  6. verooro sent r1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9
  7. Theosprey247 :heavy_check_mark:
  8. Polachanka sent r1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9
  9. Argentea :heavy_check_mark:

Group 83: Restaurants Address sent 4/26/21

  1. LindaJ sent r1,4
  2. savagepink
  3. JDAJDAH sent
  4. Jaqueposts sent r1,3,4

#113 any food or drink card add sent 4/11/21

  1. scooby39 sent r1,2,4
  2. ellistrations :heavy_check_mark:
  3. jaqueposts sent :heavy_check_mark:
  4. NittanyLionRI :heavcheck_mark:

#95 Any food or drink card: Topic: memory of your first times baking or cooking. add. sent 4/8/21

  1. j_daine :heavy_check_mark:
  2. ellistations :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Kusboo :heavy_check_mark:
  4. jaqueposts :heavy_check_mark:

#105. March Happy Hour topic: You can choose 5 people to dine with (past or present). Who would you choose. Feel free to include why you made the choices you made if you want to! Add sent 4/1/21

  1. coleandjojo sent r1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9
  2. jaqueposts sent r1,2,3,4,6,8,9
  3. farmdau56 :heavy_check_mark:
  4. Mickykitty r2,3,4,5,6
  5. scooby39 R1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9
  6. Ellistrations sent R1,2,3,5,6,8,7,9
  7. verooro sent :heavy_check_mark:
  8. Frozenstorm44 sent 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9
  9. polachanka sent r1,2,3,5,6,8,9

#101. Any card made of food packaging

  1. mickykitty :heavy_check_mark:
  2. EttaHenry r2,3,4
  3. raichiaki :heavy_check_mark:
  4. scooby39 r2,3,4

#106 any food or drink card address sent 4/1/21

  1. jaqueposts sent r1,2
  2. Ellistrations r1,2
  3. Sky-linn sent r1,2,3
  4. Frozenstorm44 r1,2,4

#93: Farm to table:
1.LindaJ sent 3/16/21r :heavy_check_mark:
2. mickykitty sent :heavy_check_mark:
3. ellistrations sent 3/15/21r1,3,4
4. coleandjojojo sent 3/15/21 r1,3,4

#94: National food and or drink3/6/21

  1. scooby39 3/7/21 r1,2,3
  2. raichiaki 3/10/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. zveroboy :heavy_check_mark:
  4. GanleyBraided 3/7/21 r2,3,4

Group 71: Vintage or Retro food or drink card

  1. Eremias sent :heavy_check_mark:
  2. scooby39 sent 3/5/21 r2,3
  3. esca0417 3/9/21 r2,3

68: Food or Drink in ART addresses sent 3/4/21

Examples: picnic scene, paintings of fruit bowl, painting with someone eating ice cream

  1. Mickykitty sent
  2. stacey77 mailed r1,2
  3. savagepink

#102 February Happy Hour: If someone offered to cook you any dinner what would you choose?

  1. scooby39 3/1/21 R1,2,3,4,6,7,9
  2. verooro 3/1/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Ellistrations 3/1/21 R2,3,4,6,7,9
  4. Coleandjojo 3/14/21 R1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9
  5. mickykitty R,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9
  6. frozenstorm44 3/7/21 R1,2,3,4,6,7,9
  7. jaqueposts 3/1/21 r1,2,3,4,6,7,9
  8. savagepink R8
  9. aussie007 R9

#96 Favorite food (the card should have something to do with your favorite food and also talk about your favorite food when you write on the postcard…why is it your favorite? Does it bring back fond memories? Is it unique to your area? Include Anything you want, those are just some ideas. Addresses 2/22/21

  1. verooro 2/24/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  2. ellistrations 2/22/21 R2,3,4
  3. Jewelldelis 3/1/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  4. aussie007 3/1/21 r4

#100. Group Milestone! 3/5/21

  1. Ellistrations 2/20/2 R1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10
  2. RuhRogRaggy 2/20/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Xiaomu330 sent :heavy_check_mark:
  4. scooby39 2/17/21 R1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10
  5. raichiaki 2/20/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  6. mickykitty :heavy_check_mark:
  7. coleandjojo 3/1/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  8. frozenstorm44 2/20/21 R 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10
  9. jaqueposts 2/17/21 r1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10
  10. bvdev234 2/22/21 r1,2,3,:4,5,7,8,9,10

Group 77: Handmade card featuring food and / or drink Addresses sent 2/16/21. Send by 3/15/21

  1. Savagepink
  2. coleandjojo sent 3/18/21 r3,4
  3. Eosynthia sent 2/22/21 r2,3,4
  4. ellistrations sent 2/20/21r2,3

Closed Groups or really old groups Click Summary for expanded text


:heavy_check_mark: = ALL CARDS RECEIVED

#92 January happy hour send any food or drink or restaurant card Address sent 2/1/21 send by 2/21/21

  1. ellistrations :heavy_check_mark:
  2. coleandjojo sent 2/4/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. mickykitty sent R1,2,3,4,5,6
  4. farmdau56 sent 2/4/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  5. verooro sent 2/1/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  6. Scooby92 sent 2/1/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  7. Polachanka :heavy_check_mark:

#76 Sugar Rush: Any card featuring sweet treats! Addresses sent 1/18/21

  1. LindaJ sent 1/19/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Ellistrations sent 1/19/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. figtrees sent 1/27/21 :heavy_check_mark:
  4. Mickykitty sent 1/23/21 R1, 3,4
    #99. The last thing I ate was? 4/25/21
  5. Ellistrations 2. jaqueposts 3. Kogotok7 4. Verooro sent :heavy_check_mark:

Group 84: Food packaging: Any card made from food packaging address list sent 1/22/21
1.Mickykitty :heavy_check_mark: 2. ennstalerin :heavy_check_mark:
3. Mommi sent 1/23/21 r3 4. xiaomu330 :heavy_check_mark:

Group 65: Hot beverages Address list sent :heavy_check_mark:1/2/2021

  1. Polachanka :heavy_check_mark: 2. Anactacia :heavy_check_mark:. 3. SiM_ :heavy_check_mark:

#103. Sweet & savory address sent 4/25/21
Sweet 1. Ellistrations sent 4/25/21 :heavy_check_mark:Sweet 2 Kogotok7 sent :heavy_check_mark:
Savory 1 jaqueposts sent :heavy_check_mark: Sandramr sent 4/25/21 :heavy_check_mark:
#104 snack time ! (Any snack type of food or drink…popcorn, chips, chocolate bar, soda, etc.)
address sent 4/11/21

  1. LindaJ 2. scooby39 3. ellistrations 4, Jaqueposts

Group 85: Foodies choice! Any food or drink card of senders choice! address list sent 1/18/21

  1. Ellistrations 2. yevannier 3. Mickykitty 4. Scooby39 5. Verooro

Group N81 October Happy Hour: any food or drink card address list sent 11/1/20

  1. LindaJ heavy_check_mark:
  2. coleandjojo :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Ellistrations :heavy_check_mark:
  4. MeaganMS R1, 3,4 , 6
  5. Verooro :heavy_check_mark:
  6. MickyFrisch :heavy_check_mark:
  7. Polachanka :heavy_check_mark:
  8. AprilHS r1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7,8

N89 December Happy Hour all cards sent

  1. LindaJ :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Ellistrations :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Mickykitty :heavy_check_mark:
  4. coleandjojo :heavy_check_mark:
  5. Ruhrohraggy R2, 4,5,6
  6. Verooro :heavy_check_mark:

Group 79: National food or drink: card featuring a dish from your local area

  1. Suir mailed 12/20/20 R1,2,3
  2. Serifluous sent :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Day_0523 sent 12/26/20 R2,3,4
  4. Tini2018 sent 12/21/20 :heavy_check_mark:

Group 87: November Happy Hour: Any food or drink card

  1. coleandjojo mailed 12/16/20 r1,2,3,4, 5,6,9
  2. Suirk sent 12/21/20 R1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9
  3. verooro :heavy_check_mark:
  4. LindaJ :heavy_check_mark:
  5. Ellistrations :heavy_check_mark:
  6. Polochanka :heavy_check_mark:
  7. Mickykitty r3, 4, 5,6, 7,8,9
  8. HokHok sent
  9. Cinpy sent 12/15/20 r4,5,9

88: Recipe :heavy_check_mark:

  1. Day_0523 2. IlluminatiD 3. bvdev234

Group :74 Any food or drink card

  1. Verooro sent 12/1/20 r2,
  2. savagepink sent 11/23/20 r1,2,4
  3. MeaganMS
  4. Lilpea sent 11/25/20

Group 86: First Food & Drink Group in the new forum!!

  1. coleandjojo sent :heavy_check_mark: 2!
  2. farmadau56 sent 12/1/20 R1,2,3
  3. verooro sent 11/21/20 :heavy_check_mark:
  4. Qingshun sent:heavy_check_mark: (2 from verooro)

Group N82: Any card made of food packing

  1. MeaganMS
  2. Eremias mailed 12/8/20 r2, 3,4
  3. Comtoise70 sent 11/21/20 any received cards?
  4. Mickykitty sent 11/20/20 R2,3,4
    Group N78: Recipes card
  5. Polachanka sent 11/16/20 R1, 4
  6. Comtoise70 sent 11/21/20 R1, 2
  7. Jill2t04 sent 11/16/20 R2,3,4
  8. Rotulio sent 11/11/20 R1, 2, 4

Group 72 Any card Addresses sent on 10/10/20
1.Janncady sent 10/13/20 R2
2 .Eremias sent 10/16/20 :heavy_check_mark:
3. xiaomu330 sent 10/18/20 :heavy_check_mark:

Group 58 - Alcohol Addresses sent on 10/9/20
Example: Beer, Wine, Mixed Cocktails

  1. verooro sent 10/12/20 r2,
  2. xiaomu330 sent 10/18/20 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. LindaJ sent 10/10/20 :heavy_check_mark:
    Group 63 Any postcard made of food packaging Address sent 9/8/20
  4. starway-bunny (Russia) NO SENT OR RECEIVED REPORTED?
  5. xiaomu330 (China) sent 9/21/20 r4
  6. Eremias (Russia) sent 9/15/20 r2
  7. nekelin (Netherlands) sent 9/21/20 R3, 2

Group 61 Breakfast addresses sent 9/7/20

  1. Annie_TJ (Thailand) Not Sent (?) No reports of received cards.
  2. Verooro (Russia) sent 9/8/20 R3, 4,
  3. tangyaya (china) sent 9/10/20 R-4 R2
  4. Linda J (Switzerland) sent 9/8/20 R2, 3

Group 34 Christmas food & drinks Addresses sent 8/27/20

  1. Sashel (Russia) sent 9/2/20 R1, 3,4
  2. comtoise70 (France) sent
  3. knit (Germany) sent 12/19/20 r2,4
  4. Verooro (Russia) sent 8/28/20 :heavy_check_mark:

Group 60 Any card made of Food packaging address sent 8/19/20

  1. Eremias (Russia) Sent 8/25/20 :heavy_check_mark:
  2. LilyPostKort (USA) Sent 8/20/20 NO REPORTS OF RECEIVED CARDS
  3. MeaganMS (USA) Sent 9/4/20, :heavy_check_mark:
  4. nekelin (Netherlands) Sent 9/4/20 R3, R1,

Group 57 - illustrated food or drinks card address sent 8/1/20

  1. verooro :heavy_check_mark:
  2. ysq8648 R.1,
  3. ellistrations :heavy_check_mark:
  4. Dear Christy :heavy_check_mark:

Group 37 Still-lifes with food (paintings, photos, drawings) (add sent 7/28/20)

  1. pigifly (China) sent 7/28/20
  2. verooro :heavy_check_mark:
    3.coleandjojo (USA) sent 7/29/30 R2, R1,
    4.teambearcat (USA)

Group 73 “Happy Hour” special group: addresses sent 10/1/20 :heavy_check_mark:

  1. coleandjojo :heavy_check_mark:2. LindaJ 3. Verooro4. MeaganMS 5. MickyFrisch 6. Ellistrations
  2. ennastalerin 8. savagepink 9. Polachanka 10. CaliSmiles11. Svetlana Savina :heavy_check_mark:

Group 44 Any warm drinks (coffee, tea, etc) addresses sent 7/18/20

  1. Eremias r1,3,4
  2. knit R1,2,4
  3. verooro R1,2,3,
  4. coleandjojo :heavy_check_mark:

Group 56 Recipes cards (with a text recipe on the front of the postcard)

  1. nelsy (France) Resent 9/17/20 - NO RECEIVEd CARDS REPORTED
  2. Cassisia :heavy_check_mark:3. verooro :heavy_check_mark: 4. CaliSmiles :heavy_check_mark:

Group 67 Restaurant / Pub / food truck / Picnic - RECEIVED ALL :heavy_check_mark:

  1. coleandjojo 2. LindaJ 3. Farmadau56

Group 36 Sugar & Spice & everything Nice :heavy_check_mark: RECEIVED ALL

  1. UniqueBeing 2. LindaJ 3. lilpea
    Group 70 Any food 1. coleandjojo 2. MeaganMS 3. JannCady 4. farmdau56 :heavy_check_mark:

Group 54 National Food and Drinks RECEIVED ALL :heavy_check_mark:

  1. verooro 2. Linda 3. Polochanka 4. Svetlana SAvina

Group #S-7 - Salt Fat Acid Heat Host MeaganmS :heavy_check_mark:

  1. verooro: fried egg :heavy_check_mark 2. verooro: fish :heavy_check_mark
  2. ennstalerin (austria) :heavy_check_mark:4. LindaJ (switzerland) :heavy_check_mark:

Group 66 Recipe cards : RECEIVED ALL :heavy_check_mark:
1.verooro 2. Polochanka 3. Eremias 4. Svetlana Savina

Group 59 Any FoodDrink card :heavy_check_mark:

  1. verooro 2. coleandjojo 3. MeaganMS 4. Polochanka

Group 62 Snacks :heavy_check_mark:

  1. Linda J 2. coleandjojo 3. Verooro 4. MeaganMS

#S-2: Northern Hemisphere X Southern Hemisphere (any Northern Hemisphere country-above the equator- will send any type of FOOD card to Southern Hemisphere participants). Participants only need to send 2 cards. ADDRESSES SENT 20.09

  1. Duesseljin (Germany) sent 03.10 R1 2. nofrodelius (Germany) sent 20.09 R1

Group 35 Recipes cards ADDRESSES SENT 01.08

  1. nelsy (France) sent 06.08 R3,4 2. Duesseljin (Germany) Collection :heavy_check_mark:
  2. yunshui (China) sent 09.08 :heavy_check_mark: 4. Tini2018 (Germany) Collection sent 02.08 R2,3

Group 38 Any card made of Food packaging ADDRESSES SENT 01.09

  1. Gudanova_Irina (Russia) :heavy_check_mark: 2. nekelin (Netherlands) :heavy_check_mark:
  2. knit (Germany) sent 02.09 R1,2 4. kentng911020 (Singapore)

Group 40 Recipes cards ADDRESSES SENT 15.10

  1. knit sent 08.11 (Germany) :heavy_check_mark: 2. nelsy (France) :heavy_check_mark:
  2. austen777 (USA) sent 15.10 R1,2 4. comtoise70 (France) sent 17.10 :heavy_check_mark:

Group 41 National Food and Drinks ADDRESSES SENT 27.10

  1. knit (Germany) sent 20.12 :heavy_check_mark: 2. jennifermuliadi (Indonesia) :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Ichigo-Wang (China) sent 29.10 R2,4 4. Eremias (Russia) sent 31.10 :heavy_check_mark:

Group 42 - illustrated food or drinks card ADDRESSES SENT 06.04

  1. pigifly (China) sent 08.04 to 2,4; 10.04 to 3 R. ALL 2. Layali (Canada) sent 12.04 R4, R1,
  2. papercranes (Indonesia) sent 20.04 to 1 4. verooro (Russia) sent 09.04 R1, 2

Group 43 Any card made of Food packaging ADDRESSES SENT 24.09

  1. Gudanova_Irina (Russia) sent 24.09 R2,4 2. knit (Germany) :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Eremias (Russia) sent 27.09 R2,4 4. nekelin (Netherlands) :heavy_check_mark:

Group 50 Any card made of Food packaging ADDRESSES SENT 22.11

  1. comtoise70 (France) R2,4 2. ginzanow (JAPAN) :heavy_check_mark:
  2. nekelin (Netherlands) :heavy_check_mark: 4. Feuerstuhl (Germany) :heavy_check_mark:

Group 53 Recipes cards ADDRESSES SENT 22.01

  1. knit (Germany) R3 Sent 8/26/20 2. nelsy (France) R3,4 r1, :heavy_check_mark:
  2. smooth (Belarus) sent 27.01 R2,4 4. austen777 (USA) sent 08.02 R3

Group 55 Recipes cards ADDRESSES SENT 23.02

  1. knit (Germany) :heavy_check_mark:2. nelsy (France) sent 27.02 R3
  2. sky-linn (Russia) sent 05.03 R2 4. TinniSur (India) :heavy_check_mark:

Group 52 Any card made of Food packaging ADDRESSES SENT 12.06

  1. knit (Germany) :heavy_check_mark: 2. ginzanow (JAPAN) :heavy_check_mark:
  2. nekelin (Netherlands) sent 8/2/20 R1, R4 4. xiaomu330 (China) sent 24.06 R2,

Group 49 National Food and Drinks ADDRESSES SENT 07.01

  1. pelike (Hungary) 2. Tini2018 (Germany) sent 09.01 R3,4
  2. xiaomu330 (China) sent 14.01 R2,4 4. aomiya (JAPAN) sent 09.01 R2,3

Group 48 Any Food or Drink card ADDRESSES SENT 06.05

  1. Duesseljin :heavy_check_mark: 2. verooro :heavy_check_mark: 3. zhuoqi_wang sent R1, R2,
  2. TeamBearCat 20.05 R1, R3,
    Group 46 Recipes cards ADDRESSES SENT 07.01
  3. austen777 R2,3 2. nelsy 10.01 R43. knit :heavy_check_mark: 4. aomiya :heavy_check_mark:

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Food & Drink RR in the new forum! I have opened a new group to celebrate this occassion. Please let me know if you notice any errors on my part during this transition. Thanks and can’t wait to see you all here! Your host, Nicole (coleandjojo)
:watermelon: :hamburger: :bacon: :popcorn: :pretzel: :avocado: :spoon: :hocho: :plate_with_cutlery: :lobster: :lobster: :cookie:

#73 received from verooro, a recipe for mojitos, thank you (I’m CaliSmiles on old forum, to help lessen the confusion)

Group 72 - received lovely card with ice cream from Janncady. Yes, I like ice cream! I usually make it with milk cream, sugar and egg yolk. But it’s not a good idea to eat ice cream in cold Russian autumn :laughing:


@RuhRohRaggy Thank you, I said to myself now wait a minute, that doesn’t sound familiar…then I continued reading and was like awesome…thanks for the heads up, I thought I would be able to figure it with a little sleuthing…but kind of awesome that I didn’t have to!

Hi and welcome to the new forum! Glad you are here and posted your first time in the food & drink RR!! that’s awesome!! :grin:

Received cards:
Group 67 @farmdau56 I love this vintage restaurant card from Italy. You got lucky to get ahold of your Mother In Laws postcard collection. Going thru postcard collections is so much fun! So glad you have joined this round robin!

Group 67: @LindaJ thank you for the cool Swiss mountain restaurant postcard. That does look like a mighty fine place to enjoy some ice cream. What a great view…maybe some day I will see it in person! I love the card and the stamps too! Thanks so much!

Group 70 @MeaganMS Sounds like a great time was had for your 21st birthday! Ahh, the good ol’ days! Love the cookies and flowers and tea on this card too! Glad to see you are back around on the forum!!!

Group 73: @LindaJ I am glad you are enjoying this RR, and the Happy Hour, I am glad you are here to have fun in this RR with us too! I agree, this was a fun group and glad to do it again this month! Thanks for the watermelon pc and the cool stickers too!

I received the cards for the group #73 from:

@Polochanka: thank you very much for the card with the traditional kitchen recipe and the great design. The stamps with vegetables are wonderful

@Verooro: thanks for the coctail card, I’ll make sure I get it

@MickyFrisch: thanks for that nice pumpkin with ice cream. It’s great combination on Halloween

@Ennstalerin: the schnitzel looks so delicius. Thanks for the mushroom stamps. It’s my favorite mushrooms

@LindaJ: I like to eat soup, too. so happy to like something that’s good. Chocolate stamps are fantastic

@CaliSmiles: thanks for the dessert card and the great stamps. I’ve been looking at stamps longer than a card.

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May I join groups 65, 81 please :slightly_smiling_face:

I received the cards for the group #73 from:

@coleandjojo: thank you very much

I wanted to apologize for not sending my cards for #73 yet. I am working on them now and will confirm when done!

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Hi Nicole,
I’d like to sign up for Group N86. This has been a lot of fun!


Group #73
@MeaganMS - radish, thank you! I am well, I decided to narrow down the groups I joined until I get used to the new forum, but I do miss keeping busy with it! I’m glad things are better with your family. I have never cooked radishes, are they good?

I received a post card from lilipea for group 36. Thank you. I do love desserts, and the ice cream looks so delicious.

I’ve never cooked them, either!

Group 73
received from coleandjojo a card with cookie
It look so delicious!

I’m so happy I found this RR! I’ve received so many wonderful cards!
Thank you all!
And thank you dear Nicole @coleandjojo for your huge job!

Hello, food lovers! I have received some great cards recently!

Group #73

Sventlana Savina sent a card with baked goods resting in a field of wheat! Thank you! I also love the pear postage stamp and snail mail ink stamp. I love to drink milk at night. :wink:

MickyFrisch sent a card with a pumpkin eating an ice cream cone with the German words “Furchtbar lecker!” which mean “honorably yummy!” Thank you! It’s a little cold here to eat ice cream… I still crave it, though. :wink:

verooro sent a card with a recipe for the cocktail Negroni! Thank you! You really fit the “Happy Hour” perfectly! I don’t drink hard liquor, but I might try this recipe with some substitutions. :slight_smile: