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Hi everyone! Could someone help me with this snippet? The sender is from Belarus.
Thank you in advance! :smiley:

Надеюсь, что тебе понравится открытка! - I hope you’ll like the postcard!

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Thank youvery much! :smiley:

Can anyone help me with translation? (:

Hello Elisaveta! I am sending you my friendly thoughts from the Canton of Valais, located in the Swiss Alps. As you like pink (rose), I hope that this sunset glow will please you! Happy postcrossing, Carole

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Thank you!

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Hey postcrossers :blush:, can someone translate me this message:

The sender is from Taiwan.

Hello Postcrossers,

Can someone help me translate this card from Ukraine? I tried google translate with a photo but it didn’t help

Thank you!

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Can someone please help me translate the Hurray message from Czechia?

“děkuji za pšknou pohlednice je moc nádherná moc”

I tried Google translate, but only get more confused.

@ijsbeer9, hello!
it’s a part of poetry by Ліна Костенко, “Між іншим”

if it were my will,
I would write everywhere in italics:
"There’s so much sorrow in the world,
people, be mutually beautiful!


Oh wauw thank you for the translation! Sounds really nice

A Chinese Postcrosser decided to write me only in Chinese :crazy_face: I can’t understand anything. Also the postcard picture is Chinese text. Could somebody translate the message?

I think you got a mistake in the words, maybe it reads “děkuji za pěknou pohlednice…” That means “Thank you for the nice postcard.” For the rest I am not so sure, something like “it’s a very great thing.”

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Thank you, that makes more sense than Google translate :smiley:

Dear (name),

Wishing you the best of health, the best of luck in everything, a healthy and happy mind and spirit, and for everything to go smoothly.

From Hao You :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush:

the text:
Wish you and your partner all the best in the new year.
And wish you have a wonderful love!

the picture:
A full picture of Lake Taihu, Suzhou

(a beautiful lake in southeast China. Looks like this⬇️)

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Thank you :blush:

Hello at all,

I’ve got this card from Azerbaijan and would like to know what the words on the back mean.


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