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Hello! May some one help me please with translation?


Du Mountain(title),Su Shi(author:A famous writer and politician in the Song Dynasty of China.)
(This should be read from right to left.)
Standing on the mountain of Pingdu, I feel like I am in the cloud.Looking around, I feel the world is wide. I seem to be able to climb the time at will.Many famous mountains are in Pingdu. I believe that my time in the mountains is very leisurely.When you wake up at noon, you can sleep freely until you are awakened by the dove.I can hear deer urging me to go to work again in the morning.

This poem was originally called One of two poems without title(失题二首).It is difficult to translate English.



Thank you so much!! That is so beautiful…:star_struck:

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Please translate what you can understand, thank you🌺

Your post was flagged by the community because it showes the address of the receiver.
Although it seems to me that this is an old card (1945?), I have removed the picture and would ask you to cover up the address so as not to give the impression that it is permitted to publish addresses.
Thank you.

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Sorry, I forgot this rule, thank you.

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I’ll TRY:

Hi Kathleen (Veddy formal eh wat???). This is the main drag by day. Supposed to be the wildest strud in the world. Try crossing it over red light you’ll find out. Always get caught in the celter?
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Thank you very much~😉

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Maybe “widest street” and “caught in the center”?

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yes, you’re right!

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Need help.I can’t read the number, It looks different what I use.

And this one also please

DE-12636474 and DE-12301734

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I would say:

1st card: DE-12301734
2nd card: DE-12636474

Thank you so much​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

Thank you​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Hello, friends!
This is only my second recieved postcard (and first forum post :grimacing:), so i hope this is the correct way to do this.
I am having trouble reading the highlighted portion that is the name of my German postcrosser. I would hate to get it wrong in my hurray message. Ive tried googling it, but no luck; i tried “Waijc” and “Alaijc” but couldnt find anything.
TIA, guys!

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I would say the name is “Wanja”.



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