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“中华鲟” is the name of Chinese sturgeon :shark:, an anadromous species native to China :cn:.
“长江” means Yangtze River, “梦” means dream :zzz: and “鱼” stands for fish :fish: in Chinese.

Because the pronunciation of sturgeon is similar with “finding” in Chinese, the upper phrase could be interpreted into “Chinese sturgeons pursue their dream”. The lower one literally means “Fish live in the Yangtze River”.

Generally, it is a piece of Chinese slogan on endangered species act :fishing_pole_and_fish: to raise public environmental awareness. :national_park:


Привет из Великой и самой большой страны на планете - Земля - России.

Greetings from the Great and largest country on the planet - Earth - Russia.

Below this text is address.

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