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I recognize a couple of words and I can guess this stamp celebrates second place (silver :2nd_place_medal:) team Slovakia won in Men’s Ice Hockey World Championship in 2012.


祝 wish you
身体健康 good health
万事如意 good luck
精神愉快 happy everyday
事事顺心 everything goes well

弟 your brother,
浩佑 Haoyou (seems to be sender’s name)
敬上 (an honorific at the end of the letter to show respect to the receiver)


Someone could help me with this cursive writing?Thanks so much

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@CYAN_Y The writing between [ ] are my guesses. The card reads:

Hi…I’m [unknown name…maybe Heidy], a retiree in Calgary having work as a cost acct [accountant] for govt [government] infrastructure projects at a medical facility.
N.A. Indians (now the “indigenous”) maybe a minority group BUT hardly poor & hard done by. The First Nation people are well gov’t re-imbursed (that’s why the former PM Harper went after their mismanagement and disappearance of some $90M) by Treaty “rights”, capitalist ventures w/in [within] reservation boundaries only, & tax-free status. So all their “poverty” protests are absurd political drama.


Thank you so much.
It helps a lot! :grinning:


Нужна помощь в том, чтоб понять почерк отправителя

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Here’s the translation :slight_smile:

“Hello Margarita, I am following your wish to use my mother tongue and I hope the translation software will not create nonsense. The picture is now 130 years old but the place still looks the same today. Greetings, … (I can’t decipher the sender’s name)”


Большое вам спасибо, вы очень мне помогли :slight_smile: хорошего дня, а если у вас сейчас ночь, то хорошего дня на завтра


You’re welcome and thank you for the kind wishes, the same to you :slight_smile:


Good afternoon. A few days ago I received this postcard from China. Unfortunately, it is badly damaged, but I still like it. As far as I understand, here is a recipe for “Peking duck”. It is written in hieroglyphs. I am very interested to learn the original Chinese recipe, I will be very grateful for help with translation.


Unfortunately that is not the recipe for Peking duck ;w;
It’s a description on how to eat Peking duck:
“Peking duck is known for its reddish-brown color, crispy skin and rich flavour. Dip a slice of roasted duck in sweet bean sauce and place it on the lotus leaf cake. Add some green onion and cucumber, warp it up, and it’s ready to eat.”


Oh, thank you so much! Yes, it’s a pity that it wasn’t a recipe, but at least I know what it says. It sounds very appetizing.


Hello Postcrossers!
Please help translate the text into readable English or Russian.
With best wishes, Aleksandr.

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Hi Alelsandr,
I great you from Frankfurt (Oder), which is in Berlin and on the border with Poland. I’m studying German law there and I am now looking for a little change with Postcrossing. I am curious to see how long my cards will take to get to different countries, and, of course, what cards I will receive. I hope this brings a little variety into my daily life. I also hope you are well, healthy and able to make your dreams come true. Greetings, Phillip.


Thanks a lot. Best of luck to you!


A card for poetry TAG but I hardly know the writing.Anyone help?
Thanks a lots.

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Hallo @CYAN_Y
Greetings from Saarbrücken

It‘s a poem from Eduard Mörike. I can‘t read everything, but I found the original and translated it with Google:

He is it

Spring lets its blue ribbon
Flutter through the air again;
Sweet, well-known scents
Forebodingly roam the land.
violets are already dreaming
Want to come soon.
Listen, a soft harp sound from afar!
Spring, yes it’s you!
I heard you!


if its from a tag, isn’t just best to ask the sender? so in this case i believe is @TAENZER


It’s a translation of the poem:
“Frühling läßt sein blaues Band”

You can find the german and english version here: