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I think you find the right person :D! The card I received had a very similar style :D!

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Hi, I need help translating the text on this postcard.

I tried google lense to help me with the translation but I couldn’t figure out much. I think it might be a poem.

Yes. It is a poem from a network novel.

“尘缘从来都如水,罕须泪,何尽一生情?莫多情,情伤己。The fate of the Earth is always like water, and you must shed tears. How can you enjoy your life? Do not love, love hurts yourself.”

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Thank you so much :smiley: it’s beautiful! <3

Greetings! I would appreciate if anyone would translate the text on this card:

Many thanks!

Hi, @Heartlover1717
德国牧羊犬 means German shepherd

德国 Germany + 牧羊 shepherd + 犬 dog

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Hi y’all!

I received this poem on a card, but Google Translate isn’t up to a really good translation. Can anyone tell me, what it is about? I’d like to make sure that it is kosher.

Attempts to sell Jewish happiness (Jewish luck?).

Hey there,

can someone please translate the Spanish postcard, which I received today?
It would be very great! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Greetings Simon

Hola Simón.
Soy anibal y te mando una postal vintage de mi excursión a betanzos.
cuídate mucho.

How about this?

Hola Simon,
Soy Anibal y te mando una postal vintage de mi excursion a Betanzos. Cuidate mucho. Simon :slight_smile: Anibal :slight_smile:

La Opinión
A Coruña


Hello Simon,
I am Hannibal and I send you a vintage postcard from my field trip to Betanzos. Take care of yourself a lot. Simon :slight_smile: Anibal :slight_smile:

The Opinion
A Coruña (La Coruña)


Anibal is Spanish for Hannibal

Betanzos is a municipality outside of A Coruña (La Coruña) in the Coruña Province in the Galicia region.

La Opinion is likely the publisher of the postcard.

Simon in Spanish would be written as Simón.

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Thank you!!!

I received my first post card in postcrossing today, but i cannot tell where it came from. How can i tell? The postcard is a french picture on front, but using usa postage and has a P.O. line across the top that says San Jose, CA. i thought the system would show me where my card came from. In profile, the sender says she is a native of Phillipines, but I’m not sure where my card came from?

So there’s no ID number?
You can contact Postcrossing team here:

I am sure they will know who sent the card, since you are a new member, there is not many cards travelling to you.

If you mean this card:

It came from the USA.
The ID tells where the card is sent from (most often).
And if it’s this card, the ID is “US”, and if the stamp as well, then it’s from USA.
From the map you can see where the sender lives (the town/area).

You can tell

  1. where the postcard was physically sent from
    by the postage. Your postcard has a USPS (United States) stamp, then It was sent from the USA.

  2. where the sender’s registered address for Postcrossing
    by the first 2 letter of the Postcrossing ID number on the postcard.
    “US-XXXXXX” for USA, “PH-XXXXXX” for Philippines, etc.

It doesn’t matter where the sender is originally from (a native of a certain country) or what kind of postcard they use.
Sometimes people send a postcard of the country they don’t live in. Also, some people send out cards during their vacation overseas.

Because your postcard was cancelled in San Jose, CA. It was sent from California.

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@uconn, first of all I’d ask to cover the two top lines of the written side, they’re sender’s private details.

Looks like an ad card of a beer restaurant with Soviet style name. The picture side: “Let us need only these automats”, it’s a word play avtomat as a gun and as a vending machine.

The message: “Hello! In Moscow it’s already cold autumn and is raining. Wish you strong health! 4th October, 2021. Larisa”


Appreciate your help

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