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There’s a children’s tale called Doctor Aibolit (sounds like “ay it hurts”), he cures various animals. But on the card above he is called Doctor Aicovid.


The first one is
“together against Corona
protect yourself and others”

The second one is the Munich Marienplatz station.

The third one is a crocus flower.

The fourth one is “Gliding on the Wasserkuppe”. The Wasserkuppe is a mountain in Hesse, Germany where great advances in sailplane development took place and which is still commonly used for gliding.

The fifth one
“We Friedrich Wilhelm
by God’s grace
King of Prussia
announce (?)” ← I’m not sure about his line because I can’t read all the words

“200 Years of Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University Bonn”

The postcard is of different German food:
(some don’t have English translations/the English name is just the German word)

  • Schnitzel, fries and lettuce
  • currywurst with fries (it’s sausage with curry sauce)
  • roast with dumplings and red cabbage
  • Käsespätzle (I guess you could compare them to Mac and Cheese but not really)
  • German fries/German fried potatoes (sliced potato that is fried in a pan)
  • Kale
  • Sauerkraut
  • Maultaschen (pasta filled with meet and/or vegetables, can be eaten in a soup or on its own)
  • I never heard about Finkenwerder Speckscholle before and it seems too niche to have an English translation
  • Beef roulade (sliced beef gets filled and rolled together)
  • Dampfnudel (again no translation)
  • Dumplings with sauce
  • Hering sandwich




*Palatinate Saumagen


*roasted ham hock


I decided to look for the history of this postcard :face_with_monocle:

This is one of three postcards issued in Kaluga (Russia) in 2018 to mark the 180th anniversary of the newspaper ‘Kaluga Gubernskie Vedomosti’ (Kaluga Governorate Times). They present a reprint of a newspaper from 1903. The postcards are quite rare and reflect the main architectural monuments of the city of Kaluga: the Trinity Cathedral, the Korobov Chambers and the Noble Assembly.

Your picture shows the house of the Noble Assembly (built in 1848-1850), which used to be one of the centers of the secular, social and cultural life of the city and the governorate.


I received a postcard with a very interesting stamp, but I don’t speak German. Can anybody help me understand what it is saying?

Here’s the quote in English:


Thank you so much!

I need some help from our Russian speaking friends. I received this card a long time ago and now I want to post it on my zonerama arts account.
The painting is from A. Larinova butbthe title was not translated. The first word I know means girl but I cann’t read the rest.

Thank you in advance

девушка в венке
girl in a wreath

Thank you. Now I can upload the picture on Zonerama.

I received a postcard from Australia.
I’m not good at cursive, so I decided to ask a friend.
But my friend didn’t even know.
Can you tell me what’s on this card.

This cat looks like it would be very soft to stroke.
I don’t have a cat as it would not be fair to my fish.
They are happy living in a pond.
I managed to teach the cat next door not to come in to the garden.
He wanted to do some fishing!

And welcome to the forum @Black_Pig !

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I was really in trouble, so it was very helpful!
Thank you very much!

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From Belarus

From Germany

From Finland

From Russia

From France

French Southern Territories 1

From Ukraine

Ukraine 2

I cannot read the handwriting for this one either…

Thanks in advance :D!

My name is Markus. I like to hear music from Heiko Bräuning and David (Plein? Surname unclear). God bless you and please stay healthy. Markus”

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Karoliina Korhonen is the artist’s name. Korttien tarinat (literally Tales of Cards) is an annual postcard event. Postikorttifestivaali= postcard festival

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Thanks so much :D! Your reply is really fast!

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And the French ones: Little Prince 75 years and Amethyst, French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

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It’s David Plüss :blush:

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It says The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus

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