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Hello dear friends.
Today I received a postcard from Moscow with a great modernism design from the 1920s that I really like.
May I ask you for translating me the picture and tell me what it is about?


Hello, Claas!

Translation is:
Better nipple
was not and no.
Ready to suck until old age.
Sold everywhere.
Rezinotrest (manufacturer)

This is a poster soviet advertising rubber baby pacifiers.
Poems by Mayakovsky on the poster, drawing by Rodchenko.

More examples can be found for example here

People usually think that only rubbish should be advertised - a good thing and so it goes. This is the most incorrect opinion, - wrote the poet, actor and illustrator Vladimir Mayakovsky in 1923. - Advertising is the name of a thing. As a good artist creates a name for himself, so he creates a name and a thing for himself. Advertising should remind endlessly of every, even wonderful thing.


Wonderful, thank you very much @Mapks for your translation and the splendid explanations! :slight_smile: :+1:


Hello, dear Russian members,
Can anyone help me with this Russian cursive text, please? I guess the first word means Привет, and the last word on the right side probably Австрия. But that is all I can decipher :grinning: :woozy_face:
Thank you in advance!


Hi Margit!
With all my heart I wish you good luck in everything! Your country is beautiful with talents. Take care of yourself. signature. Austria.

Привет маргит. От всей души желаю удачи во всем! Твоя страна прекрасна талантами. Берегите себя. Подпись. Австрия.


Thank you so much! :smiley:
You wrote the text in Russian too, that is great! So I can compare the letters of the cursive and the print writing, maybe I will learn something for the next card in Russian cursive. :laughing:



Could somebody send me this magazine please Imgur: The magic of the Internet Big please :slight_smile:
In return I can send something you like from Estonia.

Dear Marju,
Please tell me if you need printed version of this magazine?
If yes, please write me your postal address and I will do my best to find this issue and send it to you.
Best regards,
Boris Petrov aka bobdog, the brave postcrosser)))


Проблема в том, что нас обучают сразу писать прописными с детства(99% советских людей и их потомков, не умеют писать печатными буквами), наши первые тетради так и называются, пропись…


Это англоязычная тема. Общение с людьми не понимающими русский. Надо писать на английском.

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Проблема… Вас не затруднит перевести, я владею только немецким, а жена французским…

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А как Вы открытки посылаете?
Есть ещё гугл-переводчик. Переводит сносно, если не строить больших сложных конструкций.



I’m looking through my postcards, as I love to do from time to time, and I found this one. Can anyone tell me what it says and/or what the story behind the picture is? I think it’s a myth or a legend of some sort



This is a fragment from the famous Russian fairy tale by Alexander Pushkin “The Golden Cockerel”. I can translate it this way: “Plant this bird, - he said to the king, - on a needle; My golden cockerel. Your faithful watchman will be ".
Needle in the meaning of a spire. Cockerel as a weather vane.


I was the host of the Russian countdown in the old forum.

Now the countdowns only can be opend in the language section of the new forum.
Is there someone who wants to overtake the countdown?

Привет :wave:
I was hoping to translate this message to me on my own, but I’m stumped by the cursive!

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@valdavid do you want translation or transferring to printed letters?

Either or both would be great! :raised_hands:

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