In ENGLISH - Visitors Corner - for everyone who don't know Chinese

Hello everyone,

for all you guys out there who don’t speak Chinese but wanna take part in some discussions with the Chinese Postcrossing community.

Requests for swaps, penpals, notebooks etc. can be posted here as well as off-topic chats .
Or even you just have any Chinese related questions, feel free to ask.

Also if you have a card with Chinese characters or phrases on it, and you want to know what it means, you can attach the Chinese characters image here.
But please don’t make backsides of a card public - for that please use this topic Need help translating a postcard you've received?

This is an everyone helping everyone’s post.

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Hello and Happy Postcrossing to everyone!

I’d like to try writing addresses in Chinese instead of printing them but noticed that their appearance is slightly different at the website Postcard ID page and in e-mail with Postcard ID. Could you please recommend which font is better to copy (which would be easier to avoid mistakes and more readable)? Not necessarily from these two options, I can choose a different font in a text editor.

Thanks in advance!


@meiadeleite, do you know the answer?

for me, I can’t tell the different either from the website or in email. all Chinese address looks same tome.


I meant these two versions:
Surprisingly, there’s no difference on smartphone, so it seems like something is wrong with fonts on my computer. Sorry for the confusion!

You can use either of those — whichever you feel more comfortable enlarging and copying. :slight_smile:

The address on the website is shown through an image, but on the email it’s typed with characters (with the image provided as an attachment). The characters shown on the email depend on the fonts that your computer has which support different scripts, hence the slight differences sometimes.


Thanks a lot!

CN3019111 tekst

who wants to translate this text for me? Thanks!


little ally in memeories (series)
author: Zhao Chun / Huo Guangcheng
China art institute publisher

Thank you, now I can search for more information about the postcard.


sorry typo, should be alley

Hi to all!

I’m searching for Demon Slayer anime dubbed in Cantonese and Chinese Mandarin. Both languages are fine. I cannot read Chinese but I would like to experience watching Demon Slayer in Cantonese or Mandarin. I can listen to both languages well.

Can someone recommend an online streaming websites to me? Thank you in advance! :smiley:

you can try searching it on bilibili


I’ll try! Thank you! :smiley:

I suspect that some China websites are unavailable to Malaysia viewers. They placed restriction on viewer from Malaysia. But thank you for the helps.

@nisnoopy3 You can try VPN if you want,
Also the link鬼灭之刃%20&from_source=nav_suggest_new

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Thank you! I will try it using VPN! I didn’t thought of that! Ooo… I’m so silly! :sweat_smile:

Hi! I’ve just opened a topic in Chinese: click here!

It’s a question mainly for Hong Kongers, but if you’re from Mainland China and you know the answer, please make sure to go over there and write a reply!

Summary: I’ll be in a country from which I won’t be able to send mail to Hong Kong. Would it work if I addressed it to Mainland China, and then added “Hong Kong” in Chinese? Then it’ll be like sending mail to Hong Kong via China.

Is there anyone around from Taiwan who would like to participate in this Tag and thus unlock it? :slight_smile:

Hi @RainWang!
I’d love to know what’s written on this postcard, I have the knowledge of HSK 1 but it’s not enough much I don’t understand))Can you help me ^ω^