:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

This topic is for reporting updates only. (For questions and comments, please use other topics.)

Refer to Postal Monitor for the individual list of suspended destinations.

Please use this topic to report updates regarding suspended (not delayed) destinations for regular letter post (not EMS/urgent/express mail).

Please include the post office site URL for the source of the information.

Click the blue reply square test at the bottom to post your message.
We appreciate your contributions to the list. Thank you!

How to/What to report on this topic
  1. Suspension, not delays.

  2. Outbound, not inbound.
    Outbound=countries that your county is not sending to =Destinations your post office is not accepting. (Not inbound, countries that are not sending to your country).

  3. Letters/postcards, not EMS, express, registered, or parcels.

  4. Please provide a link to the reliable source of information (postal website URL).
    It doesn’t have to be in English, but we appreciate your English translation for the announcement or what had changed in the new update.
    (You do not need to copy & paste the entire list, as it could change since you had posted it .)

*In addition to the official announcement from the postal agency, our Postal monitor is based on the actual reports from Postcrossing members on their returned/unaccepted postcards.
e.g. Japan (surface only = suspended)

please scroll down and click the blue reply square Reply to post your message.
Thank you!

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:uk: UK Royal Mail June 8, 2021

:ukraine: UKRAINE [source unknown]

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:us: USA USPS June 18, 2021

:uzbekistan: UZBEKISTAN O’zbеkiston pochtasi September 28, 2020


:vanuatu: VANUATU Vanuatu Post [via email] March 10, 2021 / Facebook June 28 & June 29, 2020

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:yemen: YEMEN Wikipeida البريد اليمني


reserved space

Thank you, I fixed it.

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I saw this one for Bhutan


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@Tutubi, I have added Bhutan. Great find!

Poland update 13.11.

We can again send to: Egypt

Source: https://www.poczta-polska.pl/poczta-polska-ponownie-rozszerza-mozliwosc-wysylania-przesylek-zagranicznych/


:white_check_mark: updated!

Macedonian Post has temporarily suspended mail delivery to the following countries:

  • Belarus
  • South Africa
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Ukraine

the updated list is in the excel file linked in this page


Turkey Update
:heavy_check_mark: Yes we can send there
:heavy_multiplication_x:No we can’t send here
:question:No idea

Source : https://www.ptt.gov.tr/Sayfalar/Gonderi/Gonderi.aspx#
https://www.ptt.gov.tr/Sayfalar/EN/Homepage.aspx (This is English website)
There isn’t a full list so I have to check by one by.I marked on the pictures

International postal mail is restored in #Cuba


I’m receiving this message from Kazpost shop. Maybe it’s time to update Kazakhstan?


@bayankod: We have been trying to get an update for Turkey for quite a while now.

That link seems to be to the postage calculator. Are you sure that if it works in the calculator that the route is working?

And are you just checking if the destination is on the dropdown, or if the country doesn’t work for both surface and airmail options?

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I’m just checked that our postal service can send which countries.In that page you can choose where you can send postcards.I made that list by looking that page.For a better list I’ll contact with our postal service and I’ll update my list after that.And thanks for Postcrossing :innocent: :innocent:

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Are there any countries on that postage calculator page that clearly return a message that the route is not available when you try to calculate?

In any case, the ideal would be to get a list of suspended routes from PTT itself. If you are able to get that, it would be great as the current list we have is probably not up to date since it’s already from April.


There is a link to the newest postal information on Finland (updated 27 Oct. 2020, a downloadable PDF).

The Postal Monitor and the first post on this thread already link to that page. Unfortunately, the URL of the PDF changes every time Posti updates the file (and the previous stops working), so we link to that page instead.

Curiosity: they are the only postal operator that generates PDFs that can’t be parsed — just try copy&pasting something from it. :man_shrugging:

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None of them seem to return a message like “not able to send” (actually by the end of this post I discovered one that does), although some of them instead of estimating the length of time to arrive, just have a dash in that field.

For example, if you put in the US, it returns “10-14” in the number of days field. If you put in (Western) Samoa, it returns “undefined.” American Samoa returns “-”.

Of the countries marked with question marks in @bayankod’s post, (North) Macedonia says 7-10 days, Mauritania says “-”, Cayman Islands says “-”, Georgia says “yok” (which means no - so apparently I’ve just discovered a definite negative), and Yemen is not even on the list (sounds like a nope).

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I will post it when I have an answer from our postal service :innocent:


I notice there’s no Vietnam here


Here’s the official list from our postal service.It’s in Turkish but Google Chrome can translate it to English.
I couldn’t find the English version of this but I’ll ad translated versions as a screenshot.