Can we still sent cards/letters to Ukraine?

Of course they shouldn’t be banned, but wouldn’t the problem be whether the cards actually arrive now that airports are closed? I have three addresses at the moment, but I think I’ll send the cards at a later date…


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We don’t know what is going to happen, but things are not looking great right now, and it’s heartbreaking. :disappointed: We’re going to continue monitoring the situation, and will update the Postal Monitor accordingly.

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“Can we still sent cards/letters to Ukraine?”

…from Japan, as @Ryuuen said already, now only seamails are available.

But on the other hand, today my postcard was delivered to my mailbox with a note “cannot deliver.”
I sent that to Ukraine on Feb5 as an airmail.
It was available at that time.
It had Japan Post’s postmark of Feb5, it means my postcard had stopped in Japan for 20days.

I suppose similar things can be happened to other mails, in other countries, though the postal monior says “available” now.
So, I recommend you if you have a plan/promise to send a mail to Ukraine, you should talk to your recipient what is the best way now.


Last month (or this month), Japan Post stopped the surface mail to Russia. But they stated at the meantime that they would use the remained transport capacity to deliver the already accepted mails to Russia.

However, as for Ukraine this time, Japan Post did not state about the remained transport capacity. I think this means all the accepted air mails to Ukraine will be returned to the sender.

I have an air mail to Ukraine 17 days ago, and I did not write my address on that postcard. Maybe my card will not arrive at the destination.


From NL, no. Since today.


If you have a source for that information, please post it on the :postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts topic, so that it can be quickly incorporated into the Postal Monitor.


I think we have to continue as normal until such point as we are advised not to having been in war with the UK military a card or letter always brought a smile to my face when it arrived. We were lucky we had the BFPO to deliver the mail. However the Ukrainan postal service may have some delays. Just remember those who receive postcards and letters when times are tough will bring happiness to them even for a moment during the dark times so, if you receive an address for ukraine remember your bringing a smile to a face which going trough hard times that many of us will never know or fully understand
Sending all my love and wishes of saftey to all in Ukraine and also Russia who’s families serve in their military and just doing their job


the mail road must have been broken

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As of yesterday, the mail route from China to Ukraine was open

P.S. : This is not an official announcement from China Post so I’m not 100% sure.


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I was exchanging mail on a RR with a lady in Ukraine a week or two ago. I will carry on sending unless it becomes impossible. It may just be a cheer thats needed


i just wanna say to everyone in ukraine right now reading this, i hope you will be okay and things get better soon. i can’t imagine what it must be like, please take care of yourself.

and while mail service is obviously not important at all this time, this is definitely true

also please lets be kind to russian postcrossers, i’m sure they are not the one who started this war.


Finnish post will return the mail sent to Ukraine to the sender, so maybe, if it’s unclear to some countries if they can send, put your return address, so it can be sent back if necessary.


Unless Putin is on Postcrossing and we got his address, I don’t see any reason to not keep on being kind.

If there was a time where Postcrossing’s mission is more important than never, that time is now.
There isn’t much more I can add to what was said. I just wish this wasn’t happening at all.

I bet all the routes there (and maybe Russia) will be impacted, so let’s please keep an eye on the postal monitor and hoping that our fellow postcrossers from both countries won’t be affected more than just missing some postcards. :white_heart:


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I for one think it awful that anyone person is being attacked for the country they live in. I hope you are well. Keep postcrossing. :slight_smile: Take care.


I was very sad to read some of the posts here. I woke up today and found out that the war had begun. I didn’t want this. Nobody around me wanted this. But it happened. I cried today when I saw a video of people fleeing Kiev. It wasn’t the Russian people who started this war, but the government. Russian and Ukrainian peoples have always been friendly. Conflicts between heads of state shouldn’t spoil relations between ordinary people.

Now Ukrainians are unlikely to answer you to answer about their mail. Wait a few days, I think after a while the situation will soften (I really hope :sweat:) and the Ukrainian Post will find a way to deliver postcards to their owners. It would be a great gesture of friendship between peoples.

I wish the Ukrainian people and everyone who suffers from this war to find a good shelter and survive this horror :ukraine: :ru:


Since internal postal routes in most of countries are open, how about sending postcards appealing for peace to local Russian diplomatic corps, and cards providing support to local Ukrainian ones? That can be a signature action of postcrossers and/or the postcrossing project.


Yes, it really works today for me.

I sent a pm to my Ukrainian friend, and just got a reply.
Sending pm is also nice.