Postcard returned to sender

I sent a card to US on May 9 - it got registered on June 1.

I’ve been actively getting Russian mail. Quickly too. So far none have gotten mine.

Thats because the US postal service is not accepting mail to Russia and hasnt since they invaded Ukraine. If mail has your address it will be returned, otherwise I think it gets tossed. Postcrossing is not giving any Russian addresses to US members per the postal restrictions


I’ve been getting Russian mail for the past few weeks (other platforms). We can GET I just do not believe we can SEND.


Thats correct

Hello! I am looking for some advice with a problem that is most likely just unlucky and won’t be resolved, but I thought I would ask for your thoughts.

I was assigned a post card to a country that I cannot send mail to (USA → Belarus) and just got the post card returned by the USPS telling me the mail service is suspended. I understand there might not have been a suspension at the time I mailed it, but now there is one.

It looks like I actually mailed the card three days after I was assigned the address (assigned May 6 and sent May 9). By now the card is expired; I received this return to sender message today.

I mostly feel bad that the other person is not receiving a post card from me. Is there anything that can be done or should I just call this one a loss?

Don’t worry.
As the card has already expired, the recipient will receive a card from another user.
If you still want to send the card, please wait until sending to Belarus is possible again. Your card can still be registered up to one year after you have drawn the address.
The postal monitor will tell you when you can send to Belarus again.


It must have been a fluke & a mistake on the part of the system to have given you the address at all because the suspension of mail by USPS to Belarus & Russia began on March 15th 2022.

Belarus is very recent, we could send to them until a week or so ago.

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Perhaps take a photo of the card and send it in a pm, along with the photo showing the return sticker you showed us, to the person in Belarus explaining, so they know why there was a big gap. Yes, they now will get someone else to send to them, but especially if they were new, they were waiting for something in their mailbox and for a new slot to open.


And I just found that in :postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

so it seems that your card came back for another reason.
Maybe there is an issue with the address itself.
Please contact the support and tell them what happened :arrow_right: contact

July 28 is roughly when the current Belarus suspension started.

Yes, but the card was send shortly after the suspension was canceled on 30th April - or it was lying around somewhere since nearly 90 days and then got into the new suspension again. Who knows?
In any case, it can’t hurt to contact support.

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I searched the www and found that it started on July 22nd. Unfortunately, I was assigned an address in Belarus on July 24th and sent my card without a return address. I do hope that the USPS has a way to store mail like my postcard until they can be sent to Belarus.

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Thank you all for your feedback! I actually ended up sending another card a few days before I got the return card thinking it had gotten lost and not realizing the suspension (it might have been sent around Jul 28) so I’ll probably be getting another return.

I will reach out to support and will see what they say.

You Fan send the Postcard to some other country (Germany most times) which Haß nö problems and some one from the other country cross the Postcard and send it to the owner

I had a postcard to Russia returned to me a few months ago and I just ended up bringing it with me on an overseas trip and sent it from the Netherlands. She had it within two weeks! Sending it to a willing postcrosser in another country seems like a great option as well. I put the whole thing in a new envelope, so she could still see the USA stamps and return to sender messages. :blush:


I wish I came upon these posts earlier. I learned my lesson today as well. I did a swap with someone in a country that has suspended service. When I sent the letter earlier in the month, I did not look at the postal monitor for countries that Canada does not send to. Today the letter was returned with a sticker label informing me of the suspension.

I don’t know how long to hold onto this for. The suspension could be for months or indefinitely. It also took the postal service 12 days to return it to me, which makes me wonder where it was sitting all that time. Will I also need to use new stamps if I try to send it again when the suspension is lifted? Does anyone know?

Here’s an article you might want to check out (only the “Return to sender” paragraph; looks like there is also a “Postage paid” mark underneath the label on your letter):

Here’s what the label says :smiley:

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Lol, thank you! I couldn’t see the small print without a magnifying glass and I did not have one. :mag: Ooh, I just pulled off the label and it leaves behind reddish marks and sticky residue. I think out of respect to the recipient I’ll try and repackage it nicely.

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