what to do?

What to do in case I have to send a postcard to a country where for political reasons I can’t send it?


As long as your country sends to the other country, you have to send the postcard.


We’ve got the Postal Monitor. It’s a list that tells which countries can’t exchange postcards. When we request an address on the mainsite, the postal monitor is checked. This means that you won’t get an address in a country you can’t send to from your country.

If you know that your country has blocked mail to a certain country, and it isn’t listed in the postal monitor, please post in the thread :postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts.

When sending a postcard for a tag, RR, swap etc, it’s a good idea to check the postal monitor first. If you’ve agreed to send a postcard somewhere and you can’t, you might want to hold on to the postcard until you can send it. Or you might have to cancel the swap.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll do it

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Thanks for the reply!

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You didn’t mean, it would be dangerous for you to send that card???

what do you mean?

Because you wrote

I wasn’t sure what that meant, sounds a little bit dangerous to me. Wanted to be sure it’s not meant like that.

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There is nothing dangerous​:relaxed::sweat_smile:
Many things have changed because of the war. From my country to Russia, it used to be impossible to send letters, now I don’t know.

The Postal Monitor says it’s possible to send postcards from Moldova to Russia.
I’ve looked at the sent list of the Moldivian members with most sent cards, according to this list. They’ve all sent postcards to Russia, which have been registered.
In the postal monitor, this source is given. If it says that they don’t accept postcards to Russia, please mention so in the suspention thead I mentioned in my last post. If mail to Russia is accepted, everything is fine, and you can send the postcard.


Thank you for the information