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Country Name, Flag
:office:” icon for postal service website
:love_letter:” icon for philatelic page/site
For websites with multiple language editions: Local languages are listed first, but English, being the official language of this forum, is always listed at the end, to be consistent.

:pushpin: Use / for one URL for multiple languages

:office: Official Site URL, Name in the native / official / multiple language(s)
:love_letter: Official philatelic site in the / official / multiple language(s)
:office: 澳門郵政/Correios de Macau/Macau Post (One website URL for 3 languages)
:love_letter: 集郵/Filatelia/Philately

:pushpin: Use , for different URLs for each language

:office: Official sites in a language , another , yet another language
:love_letter: Official philatelic site in a language , another , yet another language
:office: Postes Canada, Canada Post (2 different website URLs for French and English)
:love_letter: Timbres, Stamps

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Afghanistan :afghanistan:

:office: Persian افغان پست, Pashto افغان پست, Afgan Post

Åland :aland_islands:

:office: Posten Åland Ab, Aland Post
:love_letter: Åland Stamps Swedish, Finnish, German, English

Albania :albania: :

:office: Posta Shqiptare
:love_letter: Filatelia

Algeria :algeria:

:office: Algérie Poste / بريد الجزائر
:love_letter: Philatélie / الطوابعية

American Samoa :american_samoa: (see USA)

Andorra :andorra: (see France and Spain)

Angola :angola:

:office: Correios de Angola
:love_letter: Filatelia

Anguilla :anguilla:

:office: Anguilla Postal Service
:love_letter: Philatelic


:love_letter: Australian Antarctic Territory Stamps
:love_letter: British Antarctic Territory Stamps
:love_letter: Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises Philatélie, French Southern and Antarctic Lands Phillately
:love_letter: New Zealand Ross Dependency Stamps

Antigua and Babuda :antigua_barbuda:

fbs General Post Office Antigua

Argentina :argentina:

:office: Correo Argentino
:love_letter: Filatelia

Armenia :armenia:

:office: ՀայՓոստն, Айпост, Haypost
:love_letter: Նամականիշեր, Филателия, Philately

Aruba :aruba:

:office: Post Aruba N.V.
:love_letter: Stamp Shop

Australia :australia:

:office: Australia Post
:love_letter: Stamps
:package: International with some items excluded (i.e. licensed stamps usually can’t be shipped outside Australia)

Austria :austria:

:office: Österreichische PostAG, Post AG English
:love_letter: Philatelie, Philately
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

Azerbaijan :azerbaijan:

:office: Azərpoçt, Азерпочта, Azerpost
:love_letter: Azərmarka, Azermarka

B : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Bahamas :bahamas:

:office: Bahamas Postal Service
:love_letter: Philatelic Bureau

Bahrain :bahrain:

:office: barid albahrayn بريد البحرين, Bahrain Post

Bangladesh :bangladesh:

:office: ডাক অধিদপ্তর / Directorate of Posts
:love_letter: ফিলোসলি / Philately

Barbados :barbados:

:office: Barbados Government

Belarus :belarus:

:office: Белпочта, Белпошта, Belpochta
:love_letter: Филателия, Філатэлія, Philately

Belgium :belgium:

:office: bpost Dutch, bpost French, bpost German, bpost English
:love_letter: Postzegels, Timbres, Briefmarken, Stamps

Belize :belize:

:office: Belize Postal Service
:love_letter: Stamps

Benin :benin:

:office: La Poste du Bénin
:love_letter: Philatélie

Bermuda :bermuda:

:office: Bermuda Post Office
:love_letter: Philatelic

Bhutan :bhutan:

:office: Bhutan Post

Bolivia :bolivia:

:office: Agencia Boliviana de Correos

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba :netherlands: (see Netherlands also)

:office: FXDC Post
:love_letter: WOPA+ Caribbean Netherlands

Bosnia-Herzegovina :bosnia_herzegovina:

:office: BH Pošta Sarajevo Bosnian, Bosnian Post Sarajevo English
:love_letter: Filatelija, Filately
:office: Hrvatska Pošta Mostar, Croatian Post Mostar
:love_letter: Filatelija / Philately
:office: Поште Српске, Serbian Poste Sparske
:love_letter: Филателија / Philately

Botswana :botswana:

:office: Botswana Post
:love_letter: Philately

Brazil :brazil:

:office: Correios, Correios Spanish, Correios English
:love_letter: Filatelia

British Indian Ocean Territory :british_indian_ocean_territory:

:office: BIOT Post Office
:love_letter: Philatelic Bureau

British Virgin Islands :british_virgin_islands:

:office: BVI Post

Brunei :brunei:

:office: Brunei Postal Service
:love_letter: Philatelic Products

Bulgaria :bulgaria:

:office: Български пощи, Bulgarian Post
:love_letter: Филателия, Philately

Burkina Faso :burkina_faso:

:office: La Poste BF French / English
:love_letter: La Philatélie / Stamp Collecting

Burundi :burundi:

:office: Régie Nationale des Postes
:love_letter: Philatélie

C : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Cambodia :cambodia:

:office: បាលប្រៃសណីយ៍កម្ពុ, Cambodia Post
:love_letter: កម្រងតែមប្រិ៍, Stamp Collection

Cameroon :cameroon:

:office: Campost French, Campost English
:love_letter: Philatelie, Philately

Canada :canada:

:office: Poste Canada, Canada Post
:love_letter: Stamps French / English
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Canada and US

Cape Verde :cape_verde:

:office: Correios de Cabo Verde
:love_letter: Stamps

Cayman Islands :cayman_islands:

:office: Cayman Islands Postal Service
:love_letter: Stamp Collecting

Central African Republic :central_african_republic:

fbs La Poste Centrafricaine

Chad :chad:

:office: STPE La Poste
:love_letter: Philatelie

Chile :chile:

:office: Correos Chile
:love_letter: Filatelia

China :cn:

:office: 中国邮政, China Post
:love_letter: 邮票, 中国邮政网上营业厅, Stamps

Christmas Islands :christmas_island: (see Australia also)

fbs Christmas Island Post Office

Cocos Islands :cocos_islands: (see Australia)

Colombia :colombia:

:office: 4-72 El servicio de envíos de colombia
:love_letter: Filatelia

Comoros :comoros:

:office: Société Nationale des Postes et Services Financiers
:love_letter: Philatelie, Comoros Postage Stamps French / English

Congo (Brazzaville) :congo_brazzaville:

:office: La SOPECO

Congo (Dem Rep Kinshasa) :congo_kinshasa:

fbs La SCPT

Cook Islands :cook_islands: (see New Zealand also)

:office: Cook Islands Post

Costa Rica :costa_rica:

:office: Correos de Costa Rica
:love_letter: Catálogo Filatelia

Côte d’Ivoire :cote_divoire:

:office: La Poste de Côte d’Ivoire
:love_letter: Timbres

Croatia :croatia:

:office: Hrvatske pošta, Croatian Post
:love_letter: ePost Shop Croatian / English
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

Cuba :cuba:

:office: Correos de Cuba

Curaçao :curacao:

:office: CPost International N.V.
:love_letter: Philately

Cyprus :cyprus:

:office: Κυπριακά Ταχυδρομεία / Cyprus Post
:love_letter: Γραμματόσημα, Stamps

Czech Republic :czech_republic:

:office: Česká Pošta, Czech Post
:love_letter: Filatelie, Philately
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

D : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Denmark :denmark:

:office: PostNord Danmark, PosNord Denmark
:love_letter: Filateli, Stamp Collectibles

Djibouti :djibouti:

:office: La Post de djibouti

Dominica :dominica:

:office: General Post Office

Dominican Republic :dominican_republic:

:office: Instituto Postal Dominicano

E : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Ecuador :ecuador:

:office: Servicios postales del Ecudor

Egypt :egypt:

:office: Arabic البريد المصري,Egypt Post

El Salvador :el_salvador:

:office: Correos de El Salvador

Equatorial Guinea :equatorial_guinea:

:office: Ente autónomo de Guinea Ecuatorial de Correos y Telecomunicaciones

Eritrea :eritrea:

:office: Eritrean Postal Service
:love_letter: Philately

Estonia :estonia:

:office: Omniva Eesti Post, Почта Эстонии, Estonian Post
:love_letter: Margid, марки, Stamps
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

Eswatini :swaziland:

:office: Eswatini Posts and Telecommunication Corporation
:love_letter: Philately

Ethiopia :ethiopia:

:office: Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise
:love_letter: Philatelic

F : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Falkland Islands (Malvinas) :falkland_islands:

:office: Falkland Postal Service Limited
:love_letter: Philatelic service

Faroe Islands :faroe_islands:

:office: Posta FøroyaPostur, Posta Faroe Post
:love_letter: Frímerki, Frimærker, Briefmarken, Timbes, Sellos, 邮票, Stamps

Fiji :fiji:

:office: Post Fiji
:love_letter: Philatelic

Finland :finland:

:office: Posti Suomi, Posti Svenska, Posti English
:love_letter: Verkkokauppa

France :fr:

:office: La Poste
:love_letter: Timbres
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

French Guiana :fr: (see France)

French Polynesia :french_polynesia:

:office: Fare Rata
:love_letter: Centre Philatélique de Polynésie Française, Philatelic Center of French Polynesia

French Southern Territories :french_southern_territories:

:office: TAAF(Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises), TAAF English
:love_letter: La Poste Timbres TAAF

G : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Gabon :gabon:

La Poste SA Gabon

Gambia :gambia:

:office: Gambia Postal Services Corporation

Georgia :georgia:

:office: საქართველოს ფოსტა, Georgian Post
:love_letter: მარკები, Stamps

Germany :de:

:office: Deutsche Post , Deutsche Post English
:love_letter: Shop der Deutschen Post
:credit_card: No, but PayPal accepted.
:package: Germany

Ghana :ghana:

:office: Ghana Post Company Limited

Gibraltar :gibraltar:

:office: Royal Gibraltar Post
:love_letter: The Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau Ltd

Greece :greece:

:office: ΕΛΤΑ, Hellenic Post ELTA
:love_letter: Κατάστημα, e-Shop

Greenland :greenland:

:office: Tele Post Kalaallisut, Tele Post Dansk, Tele Post English
:love_letter: Frimærker, Briefmarken, Stamps

Grenada :grenada:

:office: Grenada Postal Corporation

Guadeloupe :guadeloupe: (see France)

Guam :guam: (see USA)

Guatemala :guatemala:

:office: Correos y Telegrafos de Guatemala
:love_letter: Filatelia

Guernsey :guernsey:

:office: Guernsey Post
:love_letter: Shop

Guinea :guinea:

:office: La Poste Guinéenne
:love_letter: Philatélie

Guinea-Bissau :guinea_bissau:

:office: Correios da Guiné-Bissau

Guyana :guyana:

:office: Guyana Post Office Corporation
:love_letter: Shop

H : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Haiti :haiti:

Office Des Postes d’Haiti

Honduras :honduras:

:office: Correo Nacional de Honduras
:love_letter: Filatelia

Hong Kong :hong_kong:

:office: 香港郵政, Hong Kong Post
:love_letter: 郵票及集郵, Stamps & Philately

Hungary :hungary:

:office: Magyar Posta, Magyar Post
:love_letter: Filatélia, Philately
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

I : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Iceland :iceland:

:office: Pósturinn, Iceland Post
:love_letter: Frímerkjasöfnun, Saml på frimærker, Briefmarken sammeln, Collectionner des timbres, Stamp Collection

India :india:

:office: भारतीय डाक विभाग , India Post
:love_letter: India Postage Stamps

Indonesia :indonesia:

:office: Pos Indonesia, Pos Indonesia English
:love_letter: Filateli

Iran :iran:

:office: Persian شرکت ملی پست ایران, Iran Post

Iraq :iraq:

Iraqi Post (The general post and savings company@Ministry of Communications)

Ireland :ireland:

:office: An Post
:love_letter: Shop

Isle of Man :isle_of_man:

:office: Isle of Man Post Office
:love_letter: Stamps & Coins

Israel :israel:

:office: Hebrew חברת דואר ישראל, Arabic شركة بريد إسرائيل, Israel Post
:love_letter: Hebrew חנות, Shop

Italy :it:

:office: Poste Italiane
:love_letter: Filatelia

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J : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Jamaica :jamaica:

:office: Jamaica Post
:love_letter: Jamaica Philatelic Bureau

Japan :jp:

:office: 日本郵便, Japan Post
:love_letter: 切手・はがきストア
:credit_card: No, Japanese payment methods only
:package: Japan

Jersey :jersey:

:office: Jersey Post
:love_letter: Philatelic

Jordan :jordan:

:office: Arabic البريد الأردني, Jordan Post

K : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Kazakhstan :kazakhstan:

:office: Қазпошта Пошта қызметтері / Почтовые услуги / Kazpost Postal Services
:love_letter: маркаларының / марок / Stamps

Kenya :kenya:

:office: Posta Kenya
:love_letter: Philately

Kiribati :kiribati:

:office: Kiribati Post Office

Korea (North) :north_korea:

:office: 조선우편 Chosun Post

Korea (South) :kr:

:office: 우정사업본부, Korea Post
:love_letter: 우표, Stamp Collecting

Kosovo :kosovo:

:office: Posta e Kosovës, Pošta Kosova, Kosovo Post
:love_letter: Filatelia, Filatelija, Philately

Kuwait :kuwait:

:office: Arabic قطاع البريد, Postal Services

Kyrgyzstan :kyrgyzstan:

:office: Кыргыз Почтасы / Почта Кыргызстана,

L : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Laos :laos:

:office: ຕະພັນໄປສະນີລາວ

Latvia :latvia:

:office: Latvijas Pasts, Latvian Post
:love_letter: Veikals, Philately

Lebanon :lebanon:

:office: Arabic كة ليبان بوست, Liban Post
:love_letter: Arabic عالم الطوابع, Philatelic World

Lesotho :lesotho:

fbs Lesotho Post

Liberia :liberia:

fbs Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications

Libya :libya:

:office: Arabic كة بريد ليبيا, Libya Post
:love_letter: Arabic معرض الطوابع البريدية, Postage Stamps Gallery

Liechtenstein :liechtenstein:

:office: die Liechtensteinische Post
:love_letter: Philatelie Liechtenstein, La Philatélie Liechtenstein, 列支敦士登 集邮中心, Philately Liechtenstein

Lithuania :lithuania:

:office: Lietuvos paštas
:love_letter: Filatelija
:credit_card: No
:package: Lithuania

Luxembourg :luxembourg:

:office: Post Luxembourg Français, Deutsche, English
:love_letter: Collectionneurs, Briefmarkensammler, Collectors
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

M : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Macao :macau:

:office: 澳門郵政/Correios de Macau/Macau Post
:love_letter: 集郵/Filatelia/Philately

Madagascar :madagascar:

:office: Paositra Malagasy
:love_letter: Philatélie

Malawi :malawi:

:office: Malawi Posts Corporation
:love_letter: Philately

Malaysia :malaysia:

:office: Pos Malaysia
:love_letter: Shop

Maldives :maldives:

:office: Maldives Post
:love_letter: Philately

Mali :mali:

:office: La Poste du Mali
:love_letter: Boutique

Malta :malta:

:office: Malta Post
:love_letter: Philately

Marshall Islands :marshall_islands: (see USA)

Martinique :martinique: (see France)

Mauritania :mauritania:

:office: Arabic موريبوست, Mauri Post La Société Mauritanienne des Postes
:love_letter: Arabic الطوابعية, Philatélie

Mauritius :mauritius:

:office: Mauritius Post
:love_letter: Philately

Mayotte :mayotte: (see France)

Mexico :mexico:

:office: Correos de México
:love_letter: Filatelia

Micronesia :micronesia: (see USA also)

:office: Federated States of Micronesia Postal Services
:love_letter: Philatelic Bureau

Moldova :moldova:

:office: Poșta Moldovei , Почта Молдовы, Post of Moldova
:love_letter: Filatelie, Филателия, Philately

Monaco :monaco:

:office: La Poste Monaco

Mongolia :mongolia:

:office: Монгол Шуудан / Монгольская почта / Mongol Post
:love_letter: ийн маркийн хэлтэс / Stamp Department

Montenegro :montenegro:

:office: Pošta Crne Gore
:love_letter: Filatelija

Montserrat :montserrat:

:office: Montserrat Postal Services
:love_letter: Montserrat Philatelic Bureau

Morocco :morocco:

:office: Arabic بريد المغرب / Poste Maroc
:love_letter: La Philatélie/ Philately

Mozambique :mozambique:

:office: Correios de Moçambique

Myanmar :myanmar:

:office: မြန်မာ့စာတိုက်လုပ်ငန်း / Myanmar Post
:love_letter: တံဆိပ်ခေါင်းများ / Stamps

N : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Namibia :namibia:

:office: Nam Post
:love_letter: Philately Shop

Nauru :nauru:

:office: Nauru Post
:love_letter: Philatelic Sales

Nepal :nepal:

:office: गोश्वारा हुलाक कार्यालय / Nepal Post

Netherlands :netherlands:

:office: PostNL - English
:love_letter: PostNL - webshop
:love_letter: PostNL - Collectclub - webshop

New Caledonia :new_caledonia:

:office: OPT Nouvelle-Calédonie
:love_letter: Caledoscope Timbres et philatélie

New Zealand :new_zealand:

:office: New Zealand Post
:love_letter: Stamps
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

Nicaragua :nicaragua:

fbs Correos de Nicaragua

Niger :niger:

:office: Niger Poste

Nigeria :nigeria:

:office: Nigerian Postal Service

Niue :niue: (see New Zealand)

:love_letter: New Zeland Post

Norfolk Island :norfolk_island: (see Australia)

North Macedonia :macedonia:

:office: Пошта на Северна Македонија, Posta e Maqedonisë së Veriut, Post of North Macedonia
:love_letter: Филателија, Filatelia, Postage Stamps

Northern Cyprus image

:office: KKTC Posta Dairesi
:love_letter: Filateli Servisi, Philatelic Service

Northern Mariana Islands :northern_mariana_islands: (see USA)

Norway :norway:

:office: Posten Norge, Norwegian Post
:love_letter: Frimerker til Samling, Stamp Collecting

O : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Oman :oman:

:office: Arabic بريد عمان, Oman Post
:love_letter: Arabic الطابع-البريدي, Postage Stamp

P : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Pakistan :pakistan:

:office: Urdu پاکستان ڈاک‎ / Pakistan post
:love_letter: ڈاک ٹکٹ / Stamps

Palau :palau: (see USA also)

:office: Palau Post
:love_letter: Shopping

Palestine :palestinian_territories:

:office: Arabic قطاع البريد
:love_letter: Arabic خدمات هواة الطوابع

Panama :panama:

:office: Correos de Panama
:love_letter: Filatelia

Papua New Guinea :papua_new_guinea:

:office: Post PNG
:love_letter: Stamp News

Paraguay :paraguay:

:office: Correo Nacional Paraguayo
:love_letter: Filatelia

Peru :peru:

:office: Serpost El Correo del Perú
:love_letter: Filatelia, Philately

Philippines :philippines:

:office: Phlpost
:love_letter: Philately

Pitcairn :pitcairn_islands: (see New Zealand)

:love_letter: New Zealand Post

Poland :poland:

:office: Poczta Polska
:love_letter: Kolekcje Filatelistyczne
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

Portugal :portugal:

:office: CTT Correios de Portugal, Post of Portugal
:love_letter: Filatelia e Colecionismo, Philately Collecting
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Portugal and Spain

Puerto Rico :puerto_rico: (see USA)

Q : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Qatar :qatar:

:office: Arabic بريد قطر, Qatar Post
:love_letter: Arabic متجر / Store

R : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Réunion :fr: (see France)

Romania :romania:

:office: Poșta Română, Romanian Post
:love_letter: Evenimente Filatelice, Philatelic Events

Russia :ru:

:office: Почта России
:love_letter: Филателия

Rwanda :rwanda:

:office: National Post Office iPosita Rwanda

S : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Saint Barthélemy :fr: (see France)

Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha :st_helena:

:office: Saint Helena Post Office and Philatelic Bureau
:office: Ascension Post Office
:office: Tristan da Cunha Post Office
:love_letter: Saint Helena Post Office and Philatelic Bureau
:love_letter: Ascension Island Post Office & Philatelic Bureau
:love_letter: Tristan da Cunha Stamps

Saint Kitts and Nevis :st_kitts_nevis:

fbs Saint Kitts & Nevis Postal Services

Saint Lucia :st_lucia:

:office: Saint Lucia Postal Service
:love_letter: Stamps

Saint Martin (French part) :st_martin: (see France)

Saint Pierre and Miquelon :st_pierre_miquelon: (see France also)

:office: La Poste SPM
:love_letter: Philatélie Saint Pierre et Miquelon

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :st_vincent_grenadines:

:office: SVG Post

Samoa :samoa:

:office: Samoa Post
:love_letter: Philately Services

San Marino :san_marino:

:office: Poste San Marino
:love_letter: Ufficio Filatelico e Numismatico, Philatelic and Numismatic Office

Sao Tome and Principe :sao_tome_principe:

fbs Correios de São Tomé e Principe

Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:

:office: Arabic البريد السعودي, Saudi Post
:love_letter: Arabic معرض الطوابع, Philatelic Exhibition

Senegal :senegal:

:office: La Poste Senegal

Serbia :serbia:

:office: Пошта Србије, Pošta Srbije, Serbian Post
:love_letter: Филателија, Filatelija, Philately

Seychelles :seychelles:

:office: Seychelles Postal Servies
:love_letter: Philately

Sierra Leone :sierra_leone:

:office: Salpost
:love_letter: Philatelic Stamps Gallery

Singapore :singapore

:office: Sing Post
:love_letter: Shop

Sint Maarten (Dutch part) :sint_maarten:

fbs Postal Services St.Maarten NV

Slovakia :slovakia:

:office: Slovenská pošta, Slovak Post
:love_letter: Filatelia, Philately
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

Slovenia :slovenia:

:office: Pošta Slovenije, Post of Slovenia
:love_letter: Znamke in Filatelija, Stamps and Philately

Solomon Islands :solomon_islands:

:office: Solomon Islands Postal Corporation

Somalia :somalia:

fbs Somali Postal Service

South Africa :south_africa:

:office: South African Post Office
:love_letter: Philately

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands :south_georgia_south_sandwich_islands: (see Falkland islands and UK also)

:love_letter: Falklands Post Service Limited / SGSSI Stamps

South Sudan :south_sudan:

fbs Ministry of ICT & Postal Services-Republic of South Sudan

Spain :es:

:office: Correos Español, Català, Euskara, Galego, Valencià, English
:love_letter: Tienda Online
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Spain and Portugal

Sri Lanka :sri_lanka:

:office: ශ්‍රී ලංකා තැපැල්, இலங்கை அஞ்சல், Sri Lanka Post

Sudan :sudan:

:office: Arabic بريد السودان, Sudapost
:love_letter: Arabic معرض الطوابع, Stamp Gallery

Suriname :suriname:

:office: Surpost Nationale postbedrijf van Suriname

Svalbard and Jan Mayen :svalbard_and_jan_mayen: (see Norway)

Sweden :sweden:

:office: Postnord Svenska, English
:love_letter: Butiken, Shop

Switzerland :switzerland:

:office: Die Post, La Poste, La Posta, Swiss Post
:love_letter: Post Shop Deutsche / Français / Italiano / English
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

Syria :syria:

:office: Arabic المؤسسة السورية للبريد
:love_letter: Arabic نادي الطوابع

T : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Taiwan :taiwan:

:office: 中華郵政, Chungwa Post
:love_letter: 中華郵政集郵電子商城, Postal Stamps Mall
:credit_card: Yes (on the English site)
:package: Worldwide (on the English site)

Tajikistan :tajikistan:

:office: Почтаи тоҷик, Таджикская почта

Tanzania :tanzania:

:office: Tanzania Posts Corporation Swahili / English
:love_letter: Stamps

Thailand :thailand:

:office: ไปรษณีย์ไทย , Thailand Post
:love_letter: สิ่งสะสม, Collection

Timor-Leste :timor_leste:

fbs Correios De Timor-Leste

Togo :togo:

:office: Société des Postes du Togo

Tokelau :tokelau: (see New Zealand)

:love_letter: New Zealand Post

Tonga :tonga:

:office: Tonga Post

Trinidad and Tobago :trinidad_tobago:

:office: TT Post
:love_letter: Stamp Collecting

Tunisia :tunisia:

:office: Arabic البريد التونسي / La Poste Tunisienne
:love_letter: Philatélie

Turkey :tr:

:office: PTT Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı, Turkish Post
:love_letter: Pul ve Filateli, Stamp and Philately

Turkmenistan :turkmenistan:

:office: Türkmenpoçta / Туркменпочта / Turkmen Post

Turks and Caicos Islands :turks_caicos_islands: (see UK and USA also)

:office: Grand Turk Post Office / Ministry of Home Affairs
:love_letter: The philatelic Bureau

Tuvalu :tuvalu:

:office: Tuvalu Post
:love_letter: Stamps of Tuvalu

U : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Uganda :uganda:

:office: Posta Uganda
:love_letter: Philately

Ukraine :ukraine:

:office: Укрпошта, Укрпочта, Ukrainian Post
:love_letter: Поштовий міні-маркет / Postal mini-market

United Arab Emirates :united_arab_emirates:

:office: Arabic مجموعة بريد الإمارات, Emirates Post Group
:love_letter: Arabic السوق, Shop

UK :uk:

:office: Royal Mail
:love_letter: Stamps
:credit_card: Yes
:package: Worldwide

US Minor Outlying Islands :us_outlying_islands: (see USA)

USA :us:

:office: USPS
:love_letter: Stamps
:credit_card: Yes
:package: US

Uruguay :uruguay:

:office: Correo Uruguayo
:love_letter: Filatelia

Uzbekistan :uzbekistan:

:office: O′zbekiston Pochtasi, Узбекистон Почтаси, Uzbekistan Post
:love_letter: Markalar, Почтовые марки, Stamps

V : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Vanuatu :vanuatu:

:office: Vanuatu post
:love_letter: Philately

Vatican :vatican_city:

:office: Poste Vaticane
:love_letter: Filatelia, Philately

Venezuela :venezuela:

:office: Ipostel Correo de Venezuela
:love_letter: Filatelia

Vietnam :vietnam:

:office: Bưu điện Việt Nam, Vietnam Post
:love_letter: Công Ty Tem Việt Nam, Vietnam Stamp Company

Virgin Islands of the USA :us_virgin_islands: (see USA)

W : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Wallis and Futuna :wallis_futuna:

:office: Service des Postes et des Télécommunications
:love_letter: Philatélie

Western Sahara :western_sahara: (see Morocco)

Y : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Yemen :yemen:

:office: Arabic البريد اليمني
:love_letter: Arabic طــوابع الهواة

Z : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Zambia :zambia:

:office: Zampost

Zimbabwe :zimbabwe:

:office: Zimpost
:love_letter: Stamps


This is such a wonderful resource! Thank you for putting it together!

Not sure if you’re done editing and ready for others to add their information, but if so, don’t forget to change the comments to wikis for others to edit (I’ve forgotten to do so myself).


I’m still in the middle of editing/double-checking. Thanks for the reminder!

[edited] done! Now they are in the Wiki format :wink:


Fabulous work @Chieusa - thanks so much for this!


after some research, I have found out that Ecuador :ecuador: has a new mail operator, which has replaced Correos del Ecuador.
The new operator is called Servicios postales del Ecuador. Its website looks quite up-to-date, has a page with shipment fares worldwide and some recent news.
Maybe Ecuadorian postcrossers are now able to join the project again? :crossed_fingers:


@mikeboond This topic is in a wiki format.
Please go ahead and edit
by clicking ↓ on the post
Thank you.

I’ve added the link to Servicios postales del Ecuador. :slight_smile:

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:greece: Updated web links for Greece (Hellenic Post & On-line shop).

I discussed with @Chieusa for merging 2 pieces of information I am gathering in the topic Sending Postmarking Request from Oversea I started: namely, whether the shop administrated by the official postal agency of a given country accepts foreign credit cards and ships to oversea addresses.

For simplicity, I am using icons to help reducing the number of characters in a post.

  • :credit_card: denotes foreign credit card unless otherwise specify (see for example, Japan).
  • :package: denotes shipping destination (e.g. ‘Japan’ would means delivery within Japan only; ‘Worldwide’ means most parts of the world barring a few exceptions).