Feedback on profile texts

Here you can ask for a friendly feedback and comments for your own profile texts, as some people (inculding me!) are struggeling to write them.
I remember this topic from the sandbox (the test-forum), but forgot who had opened it. Edit: It was Cassiopheia, who had the idea, thanks to her!

Please use the reply button next to a person or @name to indicate to whom you give feedback.

On @jewelldelis suggestion, this opening post is now a wiki, where you can easily put poll and feedback a little tighter together.

If you find mistakes with the links or don’t want to be listed in a wiki, feel free to correct it or remove yourself, this wiki is editable for everyone

Feedbacks for


Short and precise. I like it :slight_smile:

And thanks for opening this topic over here, I started it at the sandbox :wink:


I’ve read this twice and still don’t understand the concept. Are you asking people to critique other people’s profiles? If yes, how do you know who has critiqued which one? :puzzled:


No you can give feedback to my profile.
And you can ask others via poll to give feedback to your profile.

Should I add a more detailed introduction at the frist post?

My poll as photo - I moved it because of the wiki

@SailingBy I have change a little bit in the first post. Is it now easier to understand, how this topic works?
Thanks for making me aware of the unclear explained topic :slight_smile:


If you want to receive a feedback on your profile you can ask in this topic. But only for your own profile! Including a poll is an easy option to receive it. When people want to add something they can do so when they use the reply button next to the person’s post. So they know the feedback is for them :slight_smile:


@Jarana your profile is very nice, not too long or short -and most importantly, it is friendly :star:

some profiles just have list of wants and hates, some are picky and appear rude :disappointed:


What a great thread idea! I’d love some feedback on my profile, if possible.

I’m new to Postcrossing so I’m still figuring out my preferences and have been making minor adjustments. Please let me know if I should include more/less information, thanks in advance!


It’s better if you make a poll

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Oh, I’m not sure how to make a poll. Sorry, still learning about the forum.

Edit: I think I figured it out

  • More personal info needed
  • Just enough personal info
  • More ideas on writing prompts needed
  • Just enough ideas on writing prompts
  • Wishes for cards are easy to fulfill
  • Wishes for cards are hard to fulfill
  • Other (please comment)

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Wellcom to postcrossing @anbai9! I like ypur profile (and it’s okay to change it later when you have more experience in postcrossing, or whenever you want to change it)

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Ok, Let’s try this! Feedback is always good! :slight_smile:

  • Wishes for cards are easy to fulfill
  • Wishes for cards are hard to fulfill
  • Writting ideas are helpful
  • I don’t need ideas for writting
  • Personal Info is enough
  • Need more personal Info
  • Bad English (Please tell me how to write it better)
  • It’s too long
  • it’s long enough
  • Other (Please comment)
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You have a good amount of info in your profile, but I would have a different introduction. It is fine to be honest about life being tough at the moment, but you don’t have to apologize about being absent to someone who has just drawn your address. also, I would put the whole flickr-thing and links to external albums at the bottom of the profile, not the top.
You ask people about their likes and interests, and I would like you to open your profile by sharing yours. just a short traditional “I’m […] and I like […]” would be really nice, so we can get to know you from the first line :slight_smile:


@metlodyt Hi! Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:


In addition to @metlodyt comments about the introduction, I would recommend you to write in less paragraphs. That means not every new sentences has to start at a new line.
This just a suggestion to make it reader-friendlier, your writing style seems okay for me. :slight_smile:

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@metlodyt @Jarana Hi!

I’ve re-wrote an introduction, made several changes in the text and locations and tried to make it more reader-friendly based on your feedbacks!

If possible, please take another look and see if it has improved a bit or not! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


It’s really good @Levitan17. great changes. I would have a much easier time picking out a card and knowing what to write to you now. not only because you directly give suggestions, but also because I have a clearer image of who you are :slight_smile:


Yes, it’d better now. :+1:t2:
I only have on little point
I would put this sentence

I have no problems in receiving AD cards or Handmade ones, especially if you make FOOD PACKAGES cards!! I simply LOVE them!!

directly under your wishes of cards and then followed by writing prompts.

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Here goes, other feedback is also welcome.

  • not enough information
  • too much information
  • rude
  • friendly
  • carrot cake
  • easy to read
  • confusing
  • I would know what to send
  • I would not know what to send

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@elanlei, I started wondering what is an Erasmus baby?
I only think of sports and studying programme with this word, but it’s more/different thing?
Sorry if this is too personal.

Your profile is short, but still gives information about you.