Show us your World Postcard Day 2023 designs!

The winner of this year’s World Postcard Day design contest has been announced! The blog stated that they had received 146 entries to choose from, and now that the competition is over, I would love to see the rest.

So this thread is for uploading your designs and (if you remember) the description. No need for your World Peace to remain in the dark!


"With this design I tried to capture the joyful, free-spirited nature of postcards: without the weight of a parcel, the formality of a letter or an envelope to protect them from the elements, all they need is a stamp and away they go! Fluttering all over the world between people who, through these colourful little gifts, can share a connection with each other no matter where they both are.

By the way, do you have any idea how hard it is to make two rectangles look like they are hugging?"


Hi everybody! My design did not win, I get it, It is an original pastel done on pastelmat, not in the correct size, but I am printing it with an added sea blue stretch on both sides and it comes out lovely. I am a bird lover and both last year and this year, I made a pastel with… postal doves, of course! They rrookoo rrookoo in ALL the countries of this world, sometimes in a slightly different accent, but hugging is the same everywhere! I thought my wordplay, calling it World PostHug Day was fun :slight_smile: I am from Netherlands and not from UK, but I found it very funny and cute that the UK came out mid-center in the sea. There is no other deep thought here, just world wide colourful hugging!

I do not give this file for printing here, but you can DM me.


Hello everyone. I wanted, with this design, to indicate everything a postcard needs to reach the addressee and give him that postcard hug. the path is important, from the moment it is written until it is received. It’s a watercolor with colored pencils

Please, don’t print it without my permission


All really great ideas and designs :heart:


All entrants: please show us your entries! Everyone is interested to see them!


@MostlyMess thank you so much for starting this thread! I think your design is terrific! You did a GREAT job making two postcards hug :laugh:

I absolutely adore your design, @TattooMom , and I would love to send it!! Thanks so much for sharing it!! :heart: (I’m also a big bird lover!) Very lucky to have received an official card from you in the past. :heart:

@PenSilCard Very cute design, and so thoughtful! I love how you considered and “added up” all of the many little elements that go into a postcard. It’s more than it seems at first!


@MostlyMess, will you print your motive as a postcard? It’s the most beautiful motif I’ve seen this year!!! I think it would be great if others could order your postcard.


Thank you, Adrienne, for your kind words! I am sure I can order some extra for you!


Thank you @adriennefriend, I love what you said about my design! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I’m not planning on printing any cards this year, I have quite a lot going on with my studies. But anyone who wants to print my design is welcome to do so - just add “Designed by user MostlyMess” or something similar on the reverse side if you do, please :slight_smile:


That is very kind of you, @MostlyMess ! I am thinking about printing your design as well!

Is the image you’ve shared above the highest-resolution file you have of your design? :hugs:

Yes it is, it’s 300 dpi like the competition guidelines recommend :slight_smile:
By the way, if anyone printing this design has a spare one left over at the end, I would love to receive it through the mail. I was lucky enough to receive my design for last year’s competition in this way and it’s such a great feeling!


Absolutely love this card! This would have been my Winner for 2023 if I could choose! Would you allow me to have these printed to offer on October 1st? If so, maybe you could add your signature to the front corner. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Beautiful card!

Already absolutely gorgeous cards here :heart_eyes:

Just my opinion of course but all of these cards are real winners :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Amazing and unique designs shown in this thread. I like them all. I see that every creator used imagination and came up with something unique.
Too bad the winner of this competition used a modified stock image


In this thread in the German-language part of the forum there is an e-mail address to order the design of @Fladina . I don’t know if she is willing to mail outside of Germany.

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What the fluff! (can I say that here?) So my daughter might have been right, saying it is a dud. I am speechless.


@Nakendorf Very much agree, quite disappointing.
The WPD 2023 blog seems to have been taken down now…


As it has already been mentioned, we have removed the blog post with the announcement of this year’s contest winner while we investigating an issue with the design.

We are acting as fast as we can, on what is a complicated and difficult situation. For the moment we ask you to not print the design. As soon as we make a decision about this, we will issue a statement with more information.