Washi tape discussions!

For the washi tape fans out there (and I know there are many of us!), what are your current favorite tapes? Is there a brand you particularly like? How big is your collection?

Please show & tell! :heart_eyes:


I support an artist named napyonz on Patreon, and her washi tapes are impeccable (though maybe pricey). You have to be a a patron to get access to her online store, but she plans on launching a public store soon. Her monthly rewards also include stickers and journaling supplies. Here’s her Patreon page:

My favorite store brand is definitely Scotch. I have many rolls; they are very durable and come with a generous amount in each roll. Here are some rolls I’ve collected over the years:


I mostly get them at (budget) stores here in the Netherlands, like Action and HEMA

Today I found these and I love them:

They also had matching stickers :star_struck:


I have no favourite brand. I try to not buy (many) more than will fit into these 2 boxes… but I have a few more :see_no_evil: When I buy new ones, I will put some aside for the next meet-up. Someone always is happy to give them a new home :wink:

I’m always for maritime tapes. But only if it will fit the card :smiley:


Maybe I should start organizing my washi tapes so neatly as well…

I counted them, it’s 83 rolls…


Ha! This is so me. Mine are in a number of different boxes all over the place, in no particular order.

I usually like to buy washi tape only when they’re on sale. I particularly like the ones that I can find at Daiso (a Japanese budget store where you can find lots of cool inexpensive stationary). And sometimes I can find boxes of washi tape at the local craft stores on sale, maybe as much as 60% off.

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i love washitapes too :heart_eyes: my absolute favorite brand is japanese “mt” :heart: also this brand “masté” seems really good !

i had bought these tapes in a finnish online shop which is one of my favorites: tape garden

i have many more tapes that i also received from my friends / penpals / tags / swaps :grin:


Fellow washi fans, have any of you used Bande washi sticker rolls? I have been curious about them; they appear to be individual washi stickers that you remove from each other on a roll. They are so cute; look at these little mushrooms:

They seem to be readily available on sites like Etsy, Amazon, and others (where I keep wishlists full of them!), but I have yet to try any. Thoughts?


mt is really so very beautiful. I have some of them. Not that cheap but in my opinion it’s worth to pay a bit more :heart:

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I love the tape with the shell and starfish on it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think I own the matching clear stamps :smiley:


@PinkNoodle I haven’t tried the Bande brand washi sticker rolls myself, but I have a washi sticker roll and it is the best thing ever! Even better than washi tape sometimes! gasp :scream:

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These are my washi tapes

and this is my Christmas washi tape chaos :wink:


Say it ain’t so! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Well, I guess I need to buy some now! Thanks for the recommendation!

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This is the pic I took when I first got the trolley and now all three shelves plus a drawer are full of washi tapes. :rofl:


Ohh what lovely photos!
Is there a washitape tag so we can exchange some washitapes? :smile:


Hi @PatiNoel, there’s a round robin that includes washi tapes that you can join here!

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Hi @PinkNoodle, I have the Bande seashell and hot air balloon sticker rolls, and like them a lot. They are individual stickers, small, detailed, and translucent, and I think it’ll take me a very long time to go through a whole roll.


I have this one:

I got it at an art supplies shop. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find other sticker rolls here apart from single petals that you put together to one big blossom – too big for postcards.


@Feuerstuhl @maleko I was always a bit afraid of getting these because I thought perhaps they wouldn’t glue very well to paper, or could start to peel off on the mail… but they’re so cute! :heart_eyes: What’s your experience? Do they stick well and stay there?

I bought this organizer at a hardware store for about €4, usually for screws and nails, but washis work perfectly as well :ok_hand:t2: I’m gonna need a second one!