Sending postcards to Russia and Belarus

Hi everyone!

Some of you have been asking the Postcrossing team to block Russian and/or Belarusian addresses from being given out on the project, as a way to protest against what is happening in Ukraine.

We definitely understand where that request is coming from. We, too, are deeply saddened and concerned by the situation, and trying to find ways in which we can help.

But the same way we believe people of all ages, genders, religions or other beliefs have a place in Postcrossing, we don’t think people’s nationality or what their governments are doing should be used as a reason for excluding them from the project. Postcrossing is about regular people, and not their governments, politicians or generals.

Connecting the world without any discrimination will always be core to what Postcrossing does. We believe that dialogue beyond borders is essential to peace, and will continue to do our best to carry out our goal of connecting the world, one postcard at a time, helping to bring more awareness and mutual understanding, which the world really needs right now.

At the moment, the only countries Postcrossing does not give out addresses in are the ones we are aware each postal service cannot send mail to. As the situation changes, we are also updating the Postal Monitor as fast as we can.

If you feel strongly that you do not want to send postcards to a certain country, we respect that — but in that case, please don’t request any addresses on the website for now.

We wish that peace will come soon for everyone, everywhere.


This is very logical - thank you for providing us all an update! Sending positive thoughts to all involved with this current conflict situation.


Thank you @paulo !


Thank you! :dove:


Thank you.:pray:


Very well said!!


I have no personal reason not to send cards to Russia. If Postcrossing blocked them that would be super wrong and against the Postcrossing spirit.

But since the war started I have not taken any addresses because I’m afraid I get an address to Russia.
Not because I don’t want to send cards there but because everything can happen so fast and I don’t know if the mail will ever arrive.
Postage prices are already expensive and they keep rising. Most of my cards expiring have been to Russia and China.
I don’t want to take chances that the Russian airspace will be closed from Finnish planes and mail won’t reach other cities than St. Petersburgh or it won’t reach Asian countries.

Currently I’m waiting updates from our Post if mail can reach Russia. If I’m impatient I might take some addresses before that if it ever happens, but probably not.

But I don’t agree with closing Russia off postcrossing, people don’t represent their countries and this is a non-political hobby. Even thought I believe everything is politcal and turning your face off it is a problem, this would not be right.


My typical luck - the U S Post Office suspended mail to Russia at the exact same time I dropped a Russian card in the mailbox! I suppose they’ll either store it in a “penalty box” or trash it? I did message the recipient about it.


Ah I didn’t know about this when I dropped a card off to Russia this morning.


I just drew addresses from both Russia and Belarus. I guess I will need to hold onto the one for Russia. Is Belarus still open to send?


Are there any rules against having a Ukrainian flag as a profile picture? :ukraine:


No, there aren’t.


If that’s a problem than they are really crazy…

Before I read here on the forum was my opinion Russian postcrossers are not responsible for the actions of the gouvernement.
But than I read here a topic and I was in shock!
They act like there is no problem and in Europe we have fake news about Russia and Russia is not making war. Nobody felt bad because of what Russia does with the people in Ukraine. Nobody said that the war is wrong. No they only talked about the messages they get over #stopthewar and how angry they were about that!!!
Putin is making war on this moment, and everybody who denies that is a bad person, that’s my opinion.
Too bad for me: also bad person’s can use postcrossing…
So I send cards to Russia but I am very upset of what I read here, and my opinion of Russians is changed.


I also worry about sending anything to Ukraine. Given what’s happening, and so many fleeing their homes, will they even get mail? I just received a card yesterday from someone in Kharkiv. I could cry. I only hope that she is safe. :ukraine:


I feel with you… It’s so so sad… I feel so sorry for them…!
Maybe you can send hem/her a message and ask?
I would do that I think…


I did that….haven’t heard back :confused:


Of course I will send all cards that I request, but at the moment the situtation is unpredictable, and I think that most of the cards to Russia will have very long travel times.

I just wondering, if I should switch of repeated countries for a while. Usually I have it ticked and of course lots of cards also to Russia, but I don´t want that the majority of cards get stuck somewhere.


Ohh… It give me shivers…
I can imagine your feeling about it.
Hopefully she will send you a message when she can.
And hopefully she is safe now.


They’re not all the same , many Russians are protesting and getting arrested. I’ve read some threads here from Russians who are ashamed of their country. And remember they are blocked from seeing media other than what Putin wants.


Well said, thank you for this update. :heart:

I’ve been getting lots of Russian addresses lately, and I have mailed all of them just like I normally would. I believe there’s no reason to worry about mail at the moment. There might be temporary hiatuses, but this is snail mail after all - I’m not in a hurry, and Postcrossing has already taught me so much about patience. :love_letter:

Of course it’s also good to keep in mind that regular people and postcrossers in Russia (or Belarus) don’t have anything to do with the awful things that are happening in Ukraine. I believe we all wish for peace and want this madness to end. :ukraine: :heart: