Sending postcards to Russia and Belarus

Thank you for your position. Please, spread love, not hate. Most of us are against this war and every day more and more people come out to protests. We will not allow Putin to pin his guilt on us and drag us down!! I’m going to provide free legal help to the ones who got arrested during the protests, some people provide psychological help. I signed up for postcrossing to spread the love!


I’ve got both a address from Russia and one from Belarus. I’ve sent the postcard to Russia on 15th February and the one to Belarus on 21th February so just a few days before everything started. But I am also afraid my cards won’t do it to their destinations. But I didn’t have a problem with sending a postcard to this countries. The Russian Postcrossers can’t blame for this what is happening. Postcrossing is for connecting people and I wrote my cards as I wrote every of my cards before ( I am on postcrossing since 12th January) writing about my hometown and wishing a happy postcrossing.


We’re not blocked, we use telegram and twitter to get news. We see everything. Propaganda is strong, but we are stronger.


:+1: :+1: and :heart: for this answer! All postcrossers are equal in this community. If someone disagrees, they are free to suspend their postcrossing activity. I have never understood what’s the point taking “revenge” on ordinary postcrossers who aren’t the ones who are waging wars here. :roll_eyes: I am appalled by many postcrossers requesting banning Russians or Belarussians: they should stop and think for a minute how they would feel if someone requested banning their country from postcrossing. But empathy seems to be too much to be asked… :thinking:


I was today at Deutsche Post to get stamps and asked if they still send to Ukraine and Russia. They do, but don’t know how long does it take or will arrive at all…

The planes are not allowed anymore, ships seem also on the sanction list. Maybe trains can carry mail…


You must also remember that when sending cards to these countries you must be very careful for what you write. You don’t want the recipient to have any troubles because of your card…


So good to know, thank you. Stay safe!


The UK is still sending and receiving mail from Russia & Belarus.
Even though there are no direct flights and sea transport, surface transport is difficult.

Mail is travelling via third countries. Such as Turkey & The United Arab Emirates for example.

Not confirmed, but even in normal times mail can sometimes take convoluted routes to their destinations.
I have a friend in Air Freight, an we occasionally talk about how Airmail works.


The postal monitor has Russia not accepting mail from USA…


I got two addresses to Russia last night. I prepared the cards, but held them back from mailing today. My feeling is that they would just wind up back in my postbox in a few weeks “Return to Sender.” I will mail them if/when the smoke ever clears. Prayers for those in Ukraine.


I think Silvie like all countries there will be people of differing opinions. Some believe the propaganda some don’t and some are afraid. I struggle with the people who seem to know what he is like & support it openlyon a site like this. I also have huge respect for the Russians protesting against the war & being arrested. Very brave.

Im also not sure forcing people to accept Russian addresses or they can’t participate is right.
I only have 10 travelling places & 5 are enroute to Russia. People with 50 slots aren’t so worried about it as they can still join in with other slots. Its not an approach thats treats all members equally/fairly.


I understand but with 10 slots travelling and 5 to Russia if I took your approach I would be sitting on a pile of cards with none to send very fast.


How does the post office know the address of a postcard sender?


Can you imagine that Russian postcrossers do have other information than we have? And can you imagine, that their information is true and the western media are the liars?


Yes, you are right. There are many Russians who are protesting against te war.
I got strong emotions from the topic I read here yesterday. I was very shocked by that and that made my reaction. but you’re right. certainly not every Russian wants this war.


I saw in Russian forums here the wording like ,western propaganda“ ,brainwashed Europeans“ etc and no one from the admins react because it is too hard to them to use google translator!?


Yes, but i don’t understand that they call the European media liars, because everybody knows in Russia is no free press, if you write something that Putin doesn’t like you end in jail. but in Europe you can write the truth without ending in jail.
That makes that I don’t understand that they believe the news in Russia.


You certainly reported those postings to the admins, right?




We knpw that. And maybe the people in the vities know that, but on the flat lsnd…?

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