Can we still sent cards/letters to Ukraine?

It’s not fair but it’s not Postcrossing decisions. Mail to Ukraine has been cancelled by postal companies in other countries since they are not receiving mail at this moment, as you can imagine.
The Postal Monitor is updated based on information provided by postal companies in each country. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I know. But it’s Russia’s fault that Ukraine post doesn’t work.


Infact Ukrainian Post is actually getting back on its feet, many countries are still sending and receiving from Ukraine.


It‘s not the Russian postcrossers‘ fault.


That’s beyond postcrossing team control I’m afraid

I’ve moved a few posts from the Sending postcards to Russia and Belarus here, since they were more about the ability of sending mail to Ukraine. I botched the move though and did a bit of a mess in the process — sorry about that. :flushed: Things should be good now.

I recently pulled up all the Ukranian IDs in my SENT and RECEIVED folders. I sent a message to each of them, stating I had Sent or Received a card from them in month/year, followed by a message of support and concern for their well-being. Most of them quickly responded with thanks and a short description of their current situation and fears. Postcrossing has provided a way for people of the world to have direct contact with citizens of Ukraine during this frightening time.


What a lovely idea!


I have a card in route to a postcrosser in Ukraine (sent a few days before the invasion). I sent her a PM Monday that I’d drawn her address and was thinking of her, her family, and her country. She was able to reply today and it was both the kindest and most heartbreaking message! Without sharing her exact words, she was very happy to know we were thinking about her and Ukraine.

You inspired me to message those I’ve sent or received from as well - a small gesture of support like that can be really meaningful.


personally I think your reply is rather uneducated, I also think I know a. Little bit of what I am talking about.epecalkybsinve I was in the military for 16 years and on a couple of occasion have been on training exercises with Ukrainian military and I will Guarantee you 99.98 % of those who invaded don’t want to be there and yes are just doing their job the job that pays the bills for their loved ones back home the bills that feed them clothes them house them and pay for stamps and postcards to postcross with . If the didn’t do their job they will ether be locked up in military jail or much worse but a postcrossing forum. Is NOT the place to talk about that

I will also guarantee you that 100% of those who got invaded don’t want to be their fighting , protecting their homes and country I’m sure they would rather be doing their job too spend their money an all the same things

So instead of being a bit of a sillybilly let’s pray, or meditate if your not religious to a swift end to hostilities that no one else dies on ether side and they can all go home to their internationally recognised borders and get on with enjoying life to the best of their abilities and send postcards to the rest of the world


It won’t be the start of WWIII, it’ll be the start of Cold War II.

These RU/UA threads are really keeping the admin and moderators busy.:joy:

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Very good idea! I’m going to do that also.

There’s another update from Ukraine Post, from yesterday:

On Twitter, IndiaPost has said that mail service to Ukraine and Russia is still functioning. Mail to Ukraine is being sent to Poland.


Hi there. we have a war. better send 1 dollar to our Ukrainian defenders. it is more important to us now​:blue_heart::yellow_heart: thank you and love you​:blue_heart::yellow_heart:


Great idea!

What about Belarus? This country is actively assisting Russia’s action.
I drew a name but want to hold off.

@eeugenie You are off-topic here. This topic is for postal information to Ukraine. But,

for every time you request an address you checked the box and signed an agreement with Postcrossing: card must be sent.

If you really do not wish to sent then you must not draw addresses until the world changes or your mood…or both (hopefully soon).


I got a postcard from Ukraine right before the attack. Maybe I should do this and send her a nice message. It’s a good idea!

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Thank you for sharing this idea. I just finished my emails and feel like I’ve done at least SOMETHING.