Are your postcards reaching Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

1 sent on Feb 28 was registered on Mar 31
1 sent on Mar 13 was registered on Mar 29
1 sent on Feb 17 was registered on Mar 27
travelling: 10x 2021, Jan 29, Feb 28, Mar 2, Mar 20, Mar 27

1 sent on Mar 13 was registered on Mar 22
travelling: Jan 5, Feb 5, Feb 6, 2x Mar 27

So far nothing changed from before to after. Mail to/from Russia is between 14 and 100 days…


My postcard to Russia reached the person (I mailed the card before the war) and he asked me to send a card to his extended family in Ukraine. I sent one and others to Ukraine since the war began. I believe and trust that these people will receive the greetings and support from us in Postcrossing. People should not be punished for what their leaders do or do not do. But that is just my opinion. KINDNESS counts, always!


That doesn’t seem to be a problem either. Several of my cards made it to Russia inspite of mentioning the war in the text.
And I have received cards from Russians openly writing about the war - and not along the lines of the official propaganda either.


The problem can have the other person who get the card


Also a lot of my cards sent to Russia (long) before 24.02. won’t arrive. But one day they will. Or not. That’s how things are going.

My cards sent at the beginning of March reached their destination fast so far.

Good day,

There is already a thread that addresses a similar question/concern.



On Wednesday, four of the cards to Russia for the account of my wife have been expired.
Yesterday, four of my cards to Russia have been expired. From the four new addresses I have drawn were three from Russia - and I don’t have checked “repeated countries”.
I really do not like this way of allocating addresses.


Interesting that cards are still allowed to be sent from Germany to Russia.

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That would be very illogical, wouldn’t it?
I mean, the kind of mail you get from a TOTAL STRANGER doesn’t say anything about you, does it?
Anyway, the way Russians write very openly in online messages - which are much more easily supervised - lets me think they are much less worried about their secret services than people are in the West…


Trust me if I tell you, it can be very logical if you are from Belarus :upside_down_face:

Mail from Belarus to the USA is still allowed, how does it possible if the USA stopped delivering here?


Well, that’s two different issues really. Happened a lot during the pandemic. There were long months when I could send to Taiwan from Poland, but the Taiwanese couldn’t send to Poland, when I received cards from Chile although I couldn’t send there. Same with some other countries… And it didn’t really make any sense regarding the COVID situation. Like Taiwan accepted potentially contaminated mail from Poland when things were very bad here, while there were hardly any Corona cases in Taiwan :confused:


As for worrying about “third parties” reading our postcards - or “fourth parties” really, the third party being the postal workers - we should certainly do this with China and the USA as well. At least the extremely varying delivery times would suggest that…

Back in the Cold War, I used to have a pen-friend in East-Germany - myself still living in West-Germany back then - and with both German Posts working very reliably, our letters always took either 3-4 days or over a week to travel. Never ever was it 5 days or 6 - which suggests that the 3-4-day-letters went unread, while the others were probably checked for dissenting content :confused:

But I think if we let this make us write “small talk only”, this would be like the famous “scissors in our heads” - it’s like playing into the hands of “Big Brother”…

I actually once considered doing the exact opposite with my e-mails - i.e. always putting a list of suspicious keywords at the end of may mails - things like “bomb”, “target”, “president” etc. - just to get the secret services read ALL my private mail… and thus waste their time :wink:

Got this idea after some spooky experience with a mail from me :poland: to my sister :de:, in which I had used “secret service language” just for fun. My mother, getting very old, had no longer felt up to travelling the long way to Warsaw all on her own. So I had travelled to Berlin just to help her changing trains and accompany her the rest of the way. Back home, I let my sister know by e-mail that all went OK. but what I wrote was something along the lines of “Contact made succesfully. Target person delivered to agreed destination.” :wink: But the next day my sister phoned to find out if our Mum had made it safely to Warsaw. She hadn’t received that mail! She did receive it three days later - which made it all the more spooky…


Allowed isn’t necessarily the correct word here. The Finnish post has stated on their website that they continue to deliver to Russia (and Belarus), as this is their legal duty, although travelling times might be longer now. The case may be the same with the German post. One of my most recent cards to Russia sent in the middle of March was registered in two weeks.

As it has been pointed out, it’s recommended to suspend one’s postcrossing activity on the official site if one doesn’t want to send to Russia. Maybe to engage in forum activities like tags and round robins instead?


Interesting. I send cards to countries allowed by my country. I have no problems sending to anyone. Just have to wait like everyone.

Why shouldn’t it? There’s nothing bad about a postcard or a letter.

BTW: In my post above I only mentioned the official cards. I sent also some tags to RU in March and several of them arrived already. Today one arrived that was sent on Mar 22, so it arrived in less than 2 weeks.


The word “interesting” is being misinterpreted in this instance. In this case it means " i didnt know that." Unfortunately expressions can mean different things in different languages.
And as a member of postcrossing for many years i absolutely do not feel sending a postcard is bad. Im not sure why you would even say that to me.

There is too much bullying on this “community.”


Calling Postcrossing dictatorial just because they don’t agree with your opinion is a bit…well, weird. It is their plattform and therefore it is their rules. When you don’t agree with that just put your account on hold as long you don’t want send cards to these countries.

They are a polite bunch of people, so getting blocked says much.


i don’t think it’s a realistic expectation that the postcrossing team blocks countries from personal accounts. there have been topics before with requests to ban people with wishlists, people from certain ages… that is not doable.

you have the freedom to not request an address if you don’t want to send a card.
i feel like a lot of people here seem to forget, but postcrossing is only a hobby. something to enjoy. if that is not happening anymore you can stop requesting addresses. there is absolutely nothing you need to do.


Take a few deep breaths, first.

You are of course welcome to and entitled to your feelings and opinions, but if you are not willing to send a postcard to whichever country you draw an address for, you should focus on tags or trades here in the forums.

Think about it, if the Postcrossing team were willing to honour all requests such as yours, we could end up with people asking for country blocks for all sorts of reasons, some good and some bad.

Postcrossing is about connection, most people don’t choose their country it is just where they happen to be born (unless they move of course) and even so, Postcrossing is about the people of any place, not their governments.


Right, Postcrossing is supposed to connect people.

But how can one feel like connecting with individuals who cynically call the condemnation of the war “hysterical” or openly justify the crime?

Personally, I have very mixed feelings about reading some statements of some Russian users on the main page and in the sub-forums. For example:

Более того, такие, когда пройдет медиа истерия, просто головой потрясут и “придут в себя”
Moreover, such ones, when the media hysteria passes, will just shake their heads and “come to their senses”

Вы тоже большая молодец! Держитесь с этим спамом белок-истеричек
You’re doing a great job, too! Hang in there with that hysterical squirrel spam

Or a comment under a Putin postcard:

"Guys! Pick up your pants! I am sending all your insults to our president to the administration of the postcrossing site. And I`m not interested in your opinion.
Every accomplice of Ukrainian facism - know - I will not miss!"

Those should have to “take a break”, not the ones who don`t want to send anything to Russia right now.

You’ re absolutely right of course. But still, I find the user RODO`s request understandable though.