Glue & adhesives for mailart

Recently I received this handmade card from US.

Yes, everything fell off the card.

Maybe you all can share what glue you use and how to keep anything you glued attached to the card.


I use mostly EriKeeper (wet glue/white glue), and looks like it’s been used in the card in the photo, but I have used glue stick too.
If the card gets wet or moist, it’s not safe no matter what you use.

In my opinion, glue stick is the worse, since in very cold it looses it’s stickiness, and apparently in very dry heat too. And it’s important to put the glue on the very edges on the part, so it doesn’t raise.

Also, if the item is very glossy or coated, it’s more diffucult to glue.

Double sided tape is often strong, but some are so thick, you see them through, and some turn yellowish in time, or loose their stickiness.

But I think, it is not meant to last forever.
Most often I use what is near, and sometimes use a spoon or rubber roller (?) to press the glued part.


I mostly use glue sticks (+ wet glue for the edges when it’s a thicker material.) But I go over the glued parts with this tool (don’t know how it is called…)


Scraper? Yes, I have one too, and I use this as well :+1:

Edit. I had to check, I got mine in a set of glue dotted sheet for photos, and it’s called spatula there.


It’s called scraper in my set (spatula is something totally different in that set :sweat_smile:). But I wouldn’t even know how it’s called in my mother tongue… (so I couldn’t use a translater for that word) :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s called “Rakel” in German. :wink:


In Chinese, that word also means scraper. Ha ha ha ha刮板

Is anyone else a fan of these adhesive rollers?

I find them much neater than wet glue or glue sticks!


It’s really super, I love it. :blush:

I like that type, and I had a repositional version too. Leaves everything really neat :slightly_smiling_face:

First, bravo for all the creative postcrossers. :heart_eyes:I hope I could get time to try the nice work you do. Inspiration…

About the adhesive rollers, Yes. So useful. I bought different types to find my favorite.
I prefer Gina K one but it is not easy to find the refills; same for the Glue glider.
I always wanted to get the Tombow one so much but I can’t have it. :confused: Not all websites deliver packages to my country. :frowning_face:, when they do, it can be quite expensive.
Nice are the adhesive dots and squares too.
I like these the glue pens too. I don’t really like the Zig one. My favorite is the Hero Arts type one; and Gina K Connect glue, this last I don’t have left, it is out of stock on the website I use to buy it.
The Quickie glue I don’t use much. Nuvo one I did to try yet. I don’t really use glue stick.


Oh wow! I love how methodical and thorough you are in your testing — this is amazing! :heart_eyes: I had never heard about adhesive dots and squares before, but it makes perfect sense and I can see how those would be handy for sure. I’ll keep an eye out for them!

PS - I’ve moved these few posts about glue, as we were slowly taking over the handmade topic and the theme is interesting enough to merit its own topic.


I was about to say “Owh! How is this called? I want to try it. :smiley:” Then I :thinking: went to check and…realized I have it in my kit I did not try yet. :woman_facepalming: Believe me, I’m truly the absentminded one.


That’s even the exact same kit as I have! (Do you have the plotter? Which? Oh, I love my Silhouette Portrait!)

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:blush: The glue dots and squares are so useful and of nice effect for the die cuts.
You’re right about moving this to other topic. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean which machine I have? Sorry for my English. :sweat_smile: I have the Silhouette Portrait 2 since… :thinking: October 2020. Silhouette Portrait 3 has was released a week after I bought that one on the website delivering to my country. :expressionless:
I’m still learning how to use all the possibilities. Only making stickers for the moment and some stuff for school. I love it too! I always wanted to try it as I found it was better to get it instead of buying some stickers on Etsy.


I use crafters tape. This one specifically. But I usually use shipping tape over the address and any written part of the card (including the front of homemade cards) to prevent anything from falling off.


I use rollers (permanent and repositionable), spray adhesive, glue dots, tacky glue, “paper” glue, hobby glue (like “paper” glue but a little thinner), double-stick tape, double-stick foam, double-stick “pinwheel film” that also comes in different colors. In general my uses are:

  • repositionable rollers and spray for layout and design and positioning stencils
  • permanent rollers for thin paper or large areas (I’ve tried a bunch and have settled on Pritt refillables)
  • permanent spray for really fine things that I am not so concerned about exact placement for (because they tend to stick immediately and are not repositionable) and for vellum
  • glue dots for non-paper elements
  • tacky glue for thick paper, felt, etc.
  • paper and hobby glue for most fine applications and for thin paper I don’t want to wrinkle and that might rip if you ran a glue runner over it
  • double-stick tape for for sticking things to a postcardbacking (my 15-cm-wide roll is my go-to adhesive!) and for making “stickers”
  • double-stick foam tape, squares, and strips for 3-D effects and “shaker” cards
  • double-stick “pinwheel film” for things like tulle and lace and also for DecoFoil.

I have some Nano tape but have never used it. I would be really interested to know if anyone has experience using it on cards!


Thank you for this much detailed post with the way you use all of this, more helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Repositionable roller, oh yes, indeed, not too sticky for positioning stencils ad paper when doing watercolor. I use this one too.
  • Spray glue I never tried.
  • Nano tape and double-stick pinwheel film, never heard about it. :thinking:
  • Tacky glue, you reminded me I have it but don’t really use anymore as to easy to put this out.
  • Norino I bought in Seoul or Tokyo, what a pity there is not much in and not easy to get the refill.
  • Deco foil. What do you use for it? I had Paper Poetry glue pen but did not like it. I tried foil mates by Gina K to try another technique - I like it - and have heat pen for it too.
  • This type of tip I don’t really like. Have you ever used this? Maybe I don’t use it the right way.
  • 3D glue I did not use yet.

" double-stick tape for for sticking things to a postcardbacking (my 15-cm-wide roll is my go-to adhesive!) and for making “stickers” " Owh…I never thought about using it this way. Will have to remember this.


Oh! Thank you for all of the photos.

I had never heard of “pinwheel film” until I was here in Germany. It is called “ultrahaft windradfolie” (“really sticky pinwheel plastic”) here and is very sticky on both sides. Actually, it is not permanent, but you have to really pull to get things off it. So it will last through the mail, but if someone really wanted to take your card apart, they could. I love it, because you can stick net-like things to it and then when you are done use corn starch so that any open parts aren’t sticky anymore. Here is a picture of a card I made using this method.

The red part is the sticky pinwheel foil, and the black part is lace. Underneath is red glitter, which also sticks well. Because it is double-stick, the back can be adhered to a piece of cardstock. This film is also sticky enough that you can use deco-foil on it and it sticks well. Then you can either cut it, emboss it, or use it as a background. Works great.

The nano tape was a stocking-stuffer gift. It is super-cool! Try looking up nano-tape, because I can’t explain it well here. It is completely clear, very sticky, thick, washable and re-usable. But despite its mega-cool qualities, I don’t know if/how I can actually use it!

I use deco-foil mostly for foiling quotes I can’t get printed, because it looks a bit more professional. I can print the quote out and then laminate it with the deco-foil and it looks a lot better. I also have some “opalescent” deco foil. It looks a bit like an oil film that I mostly use to make backgrounds with the pinwheel film, because it doesn’t look so great over black laser printing. I have never tried a heat pen for foiling because between printing / die-cutting and laminating I’ve been ok and my hand-work isn’t so great. The tip you show in your picture looks really clunky, I think it is not your fault if you are having problems with it! And I do have a sheet of preprinted things similar to your “Gina K Foil Mates” but I haven’t used it.

I have never heard of Norino. What do you use it for?