Glue & adhesives for mailart

I started using something recently called Yes Paste. I bought mostly to prevent buckling on handmande cards, but it is just a great adhesive all around. Great hold. Better hold than a glue stick, but it doesn’t get paper wet like tacky glue.


Love the packing of the Norino. Looks interesting! Never heard of it.

Thank you very much for the pic. I still don’t see well what is the sticky pinwheel foil, I mean, nothing that I ever came across to and could see “Oh yes, indeed!”…and wondering why “pinwheel foil” :thinking:. I tried to find it on the Net but did not find it.

The Nano tape looks quite interesting.

About Deco-foil, I see and heard about it, but I don’t have laser printer so… :confused:

Oh, sorry, I did to explain for the Norino. Actually, it is simply only another brand of adhesive roller. :sweat_smile:

What do you use for this type of paper lace for the thin parts? I used the Quickie glue pen but…do not find it that great. Then I used some adhesive roller that is not too sticky, to to tear the paper when you put the roller off. I don’t remember which one I used, it’s been a while since I last put this on cards.

And, have you ever used the precision tip applicator? I put some glue in but…hard to get the glue out off it. I put…tacky glue I guess. Too thick I guess, but don’t know which one to put it then.


For really fine and easy-to tear things like paper lace I usually use spray. If I am concerned about repositioning, I use paper glue.

Yes, I always use the precision tip applicator. I have tacky glue and paper glue in mine, and I also have one with black and one with white acrylic paint. For me, the tacky glue flows easily. It is a little hard to get the paper glue out, but once it starts flowing it will flow well and in very fine drops.

The kind of precision bottle you have in your picture is good, I think, because the pin keeps the hole clear. I also have ones with a rubber cap. For these, I pushed a pin through and now I have the rubber cap and the pin. This allows me to store the bottle upside down, which makes it a little easier to use. I also put a flat-head pin in things like glitter liner to keep the nozzle from clogging, and then screw the cap on over that.

And I had never heard of “pinwheel plastic” either! I bought it just because I was curious and it was on sale from the online store I use. Turns out I like it a lot!

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Thank you for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll try to get glue spray.
So, I just have bad luck with mine as you use quite same bottle and same glue but it does to work for me. :sob:

I experimented a lot with spray before I found one I like. Most are fine for non-permanent things like stencil positioning, but for really good bonds they didn’t work as well, or you had to spray them on both surfaces, which of course won’t work for adding things to a card.

The spray I use is Ideen mit Herz “Ultra Haft Sprüh-Kleber” (“Really Sticky Spray Glue”) and it is made in France (according to the spray can). Unfortunately Ideen mit Herz is the “house brand” of the German online store I use, so I don’t think you can get this exact spray. It says “Contains Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone), hydrocarbons, C6, Iso-alkane, <5% n-Hexan,” maybe the can help you find something similar. Definitely not environmentally friendly, but it works!

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I make collage cards and sometimes have to glue stamps that I peeled off because of a mistake.
What type of glues hold up well in the mail? I’ve been using superglue or rubber cement.


we have a glue called water glue. works great

I do collages too and use usual stick glue :sweat_smile: never ever had problems!
And water based glue in case if i need to stick something for years :joy:
That’s it ))


Yes to Yes Paste. :+1: I’ve been using it for over 20 years. Quite happy with it for all kinds of paper use including magazine cuttings for collage or ‘cut n paste’ postcards.

There is a special thread dealing with all sorts of question about glue and adhesives, so you might get better advice there. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid your collage will retain its chunky coating - I have no idea what you could do about this without ruining the paper forever.

As for the mod podge - maybe some of the US postcrossers can help you with that?

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I think it goes very thick in the end, if this is what you mean. I always try to shake it well before use, otherwise I use the thinner from the top, and I’m left with the thick.

Maybe try adding a little water to the jar and shaking very well then? And adding a new layer with this thinned modpodge?

Sometimes I’m left with visible brush strokes, and these I can cover by using thinner mod podge on top, but usually I like the brush strokes.

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I moved your post here, where the experts in glue and adhesives are! :stuck_out_tongue:

@agnexia I was going through my old works from school, and remembered we made almost faux hammered looking paper surface by using thick glue, and applying it with the yellow foamy thing (sponge?). This might work, if the modge podge is too thick, or the brush marks are not wanted.

I use shipping tape over the front of my handmade cards. They are usually collages or full of stickers that sometimes just don’t want to stick!

Excuse the shadows but here is a recent one.


I haven’t read all replies here, but I wanted to share something with you that I discovered recently!
I was looking for a glue stick that uses no plastic and found a very old alternative, actually these have been around for decades. It’s a gumming stick using gum arabicum, so that’s basically the same that’s on the back of wet-adhesive stamps. It’s liquid inside the stick and you can very easily apply it to everything paper-ish. And it’s refillable, too!
It’s called Gutenberg Gummierstift.


Never heard about it before. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll look for more informations on the web and check how I could get and try this.

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Ah, I remember seeing this on my graddad’s desk when I was a child! :slight_smile:


For those of you who make collages, what glue works best for you? I notice for thick pictures you can use white glue (Elmer’s or whatever) but for thin pictures like something cut out of a magazine, the pictures will wrinkle or warp. If you use a glue stick, it doesn’t warp but it also doesn’t stick very well and will probably come off in the mail.

Suggestions for someone just starting to play with being creative?


may be you can try double faced adhesive tape for the thin picture