Glue & adhesives for mailart

I second @Daleth23’s suggestion of using double-sided adhesive tape whenever possible. :heavy_check_mark: Double-sided adhesive is also available in sheets.

If (and only if) you’re working in a well-ventilated space, there are also spray adhesives available at most art/craft stores. They can get quite messy, though!

I usually just dilute any polyvinyl acetate glue (like Elmer’s) and use a paint brush to apply a thin layer, both under and over the cut piece. Warping can still occur, but that’s just a reality of collage, unfortunately.

(By the way, I think this topic fits better in the mail art category! :wink:)


Thanks guys!

Maybe you will find some more ideas here :slight_smile:

UHU all purpose adhesive. Hands down the best glue, doesn’t warp paper as water-based glues and doesn’t crack after time as glue sticks


UHU works indeed best ! :1st_place_medal:


I also recommend an all-purpose glue that’s not water soluble. Also make sure that everything is glued down properly all over (in fact, that’s what the postal administrations recommend anyway), in particular along its margins, or it may lead to problems in the postal machinery. Some people even put clear adhesive tape all over their collages, although this may deteriorate over time.

If you use white glue, you can avoid warping to some extent if you cover your collage with a plastic sheet to which the glue does not stick (polythene or similar) and press it until it is dry. I’ve done that successfully with cardboard models.

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Hi @TwasBrillig, I moved your question to this topic, where glue is being discussed.
When reading through the topic you will find many suggestions that might work for you.

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I don’t do collage much, I rather use much double-sided adhesive of different sizes and glue runners to make cards.
Only yesterday - though I have this glue for a long time now - I used the Zig 2 way Glue (I have the jumbo one too) to glue page of books to decorate an envelope. As I did not have UHU stick left - I heard about much for collage - , once, I used deco patch glue for it but was not satisfied with the process.
I was not sure the Zig pen would work well but I was gladly surprised it was ok.
I used the 2 other glue pens from time to time but for small die-cuts, I did not try it for collage yet but I don’t think it would be the best for it.

I should try what I have to check if it works well for collage:


I can second this glue! I always have a tub of Yes paste. I use it on vintage stamps if they start to peel a bit after they dry on postcards or envelopes. Also, I use this glue a lot for my packaging designs (I have a small side business) and this glue is tried and true!
I also like using UHU gluesticks. Never a fan of gluesticks in general, but UHU is really good for paper! Back in architecture school, this was one glue that I found in use a lot among students if it wasn’t the super-glues (cyanoacrylates) or white glues (Arlene’s Tacky, etc) for more heavy-duty uses.

Just read through all of these posts. Thank you all for the crash course in glue. Now I am able to solve my own sticky problems – :wink: – with your hints and tips!


I have been receiving lots of postcards where the postcrosser has printed my address and has stuck it to the postcard using some sort of adhesive. I am just trying to figure out what they are using. It seems to stock so well and the edges show no sign of coming up. I have been using tape and it looks awful so I would love to know what people are using. Thanks!

The good thing about tape is that it protects the printer ink from running if the card gets damp when being delivered (rain etc!) Otherwise I’ve used any standard glue stick (UHU amongst other brands - they all seem reasonable)

I print the addresses on self-adhesive labels :slight_smile: (If I print addresses, I only do it when I’m sending lots of cards at once)

I do the same as @Cassiopheia, I just don’t print the address but write it on stickers. Actually, I print frames on adhesive paper to make label stickers. I cut them with my Silhouette Portrait cutting machine.
I keep them all in a pocket with dividers, sorted by themes.


Have you tried self-adhesive labels? These work well for me with a laser printer. Sometimes I cut to size; other times I tile them side by side to create writeable areas on ad cards

Simple ol’ glue stick! Thanks

Yes, I thought about his…good idea

Good point!