Decorating the back of your →NON-HANDMADE POSTCARDS←

Today’s card- probably the last Halloween drawings:


That’s incredibly cute!

excellently done

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I love decorating the back of postcards! Most of the time I really don’t have anything of ‘interest’ to write so I pick my favorite thoughts and quotes that express my opinion and mood. If it’s a travel card I’ll provide a fun experience about it. Sometimes the back of the card has no useful info about the picture. So I cover it in scrapbook paper, and I add washi tape, stickers, and stamps. I’ll also use the ink pad to stamp the rim in various colors to look vintage or worn. I’ll also use a paper punch to round the edges of the card or what I have glued to the back of the card. It’s basically a form of junk journaling I think but not using 3D objects like you would in an actual scrapbook or junk journal.


Welcome to the forum! What beautiful examples!

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:wave: Hello. If I may ask, what glue do all of you use that sticks well but won’t affect the other side of the card?

Please check the following thread about glue


I rarely send postcards, but I really like to draw drawings sendI rarely send postcards, but I really like to draw pictures fromI rarely send postcards, but I love drawing pictures for the recipients. I rarely send postcards, but I love drawing pictures for the recipients. I only have one photo, but I don’t think it’s bad



I like your drawing, but you should (at least) cover the recipient´s address.

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Oh sorry, I didn’t think of that at all! I’ll upload a corrected photo as soon as I get home, sorry again for my irresponsibility :frowning:

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They’re still available:

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I have started to paint little gouache paintings of the plants you would find in the nation parks featured in the national parks box set.

This one is a prickly pear cactus :cactus: found in zion national park, Utah.


I found more heads in need of bodies.


Little coral reef painting doodle for the Dry Tortugas national park card


I was going through my archive from this year, and realized that I’ve had quite a number of watercolors-on-postcards adventures these past few months :slight_smile:
Here’s one - ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ themed doodle for the tea exchange.


I m in love with it!! So beautifulll

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Just started with drawing on the back of the cards


Omg this is unbelievably pretty! You are incredibly talented :open_mouth:


Thank you :kissing_heart:

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Today I decorated this card for a personal swap.

Yes I like vintage, is it that obvious :wink::grinning: