Decorating the back of your →NON-HANDMADE POSTCARDS←

Hi! I would like to start this discussion here, because I don’t think many people have actually talked about it… When it comes to crafting mailable art, everyone always thinks of handmade postcards… What if the postcard itself is not handmade? Its immaculate back still offers infinite opportunities to make it as personalised as possible.

This is my Postcrossing “philosophy”: I always have to make the backs of my postcards super interesting, which is why it usually takes me 1–2 hours to write on a single card. This process is so long, but it’s also extremely rewarding: whenever I receive a super enthusiastic “Hurray!” message, I feel so satisfied… Sending postcards is almost more exciting than receiving them!

A beautiful work of art that I received

RU-5116112 is one of the first postcards I’ve ever received and, to this day, it’s one of the most special gifts in my collection! The sender, Nataliya, must’ve spent so much time painting the two main characters of the film Zootropolis (Zootopia for our American postcrossers). I think this postcard is what encouraged me to keep sending and receiving cards through Postcrossing… It really had an effect on 16-year-old me!

The back side of my postcards

↓ This piece went to the United States of America, to a postcrosser who likes dragons… I sent it this summer, but it still hasn’t been received… Which is why I’m sharing it here (I’ve already lost hope – moreover, the postcrosser in question doesn’t seem to be keen on registering postcards… just sending them!).

↓ This, on the other hand, has already been registered (cf. IT-561783) – the Norwegian recipient was so happy and their “Hurray!” message was super heartwarming! They like werewolves, which is why I drew this (somewhat) spooky image. At first I was afraid that it was a little bit too scary for the wholesome project that is Postcrossing… But I guess it’s particularly appropriate now that we’re approaching Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

Instagram profiles with content that is super satisfying to look at

Please follow profiles such as @cartooniyum and @barinsta23… I just can’t believe how beautiful their works are! If, one day, my address were to be picked by one of them, I’d be the happiest person ever!

↓ Come on, just look at the stuff they create!! It must take them so long, but they probably also find it to be super rewarding… After all, artistic processes are always satisfying and fulfilling like that!

Now… Let’s discuss!

Do you want to share the beautifully decorated back sides of your postcards? They don’t necessarily have to contain drawings – I’m also a sucker for large quantities of text squeezed into the tiny space that is available…

And, obviously, we could also just discuss about stuff, since I love being engaged in discussions :blush: Some possible prompts could be: “Is it worth my time to painstakingly decorate a postcard?” or “Should the quality of my outgoing mail match that of my incoming cards?” or… whatever else you can think of!


All of them look stunning!

Sometimes, I like to draw on the back of the card instead of writing text, too. And I almost always draw some kind of decoration but it is not always very detailed.

We are trying to open an offer tag where you don’t show the front of the card - but the back! Maybe you’d be interested as well :slight_smile: Tags Discussions + Proposing new Tags


Wow, these are truly beautiful! I also do pencil sketches, but they’re not as good as yours! I think you have attained mastery at decorating your cards – those flowers look so nice… They’re definitely the product of expert hands! (Love the viking as well…)

I definitely need to level up my pencil sketching skills! I believe you need to have many different types of pencils; unfortunately, I just have one! :sweat_smile:

PS: Thank you for the useful link! I’ll defo look into it later :smile:


Thank you! :kissing_heart:
I don’t always decorate my cards so fancy though so I think you are the true master here! So dedicated to spend hours on every single card!
I also don’t think I could draw a dragon or werewolf as you did. They are beautiful.
The animals were all drawn with a single pencil, a rather soft one. You can smear them with your finger and you can draw differently with a pencil, depending on whether they are sharpened or not.

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Thanks for starting this discussion. Wow. What amazing cards. I love to decorate the back of my postcards but I’m not that artistic. I usually decorate with different types of tapes and stickers.


I enjoy drawing on the back of my outgoing postcards too, usually based on the recipient’s likes and interests. I follow cartooniyum on instagram as well. I think she was one the first few people who inspired me to draw on the back of my outgoing postcards. I also like works by my_bloomy

Like you, I spend a lot of time on each of my outgoing postcard. So I swap and send very slowly. But it is therapeutic for me to draw and I also look forward to the recipient’s reaction when they receive the postcard.

As I am still relatively new to exchanging postcards, the variety of postcards I have is very limited and when I do not have the perfect card for the recipient, I hope that I can make up for it through my drawings for the them.

Your drawings are beautiful! I hope we will all have the opportunity to swap our art on the back of a postcard in the future. :slight_smile:


So do I, and lots of other people do as well. dodgesanddaisies on instagram is a great example of that.


I like to use self-designed stickers to decorate.
Type 1: Sticker with a photo of me and/or my family
Type 2: Self-designed airmail-Labels (:brazil:Prioritário”) in different size and layout


I hardly ever take photos from my finished backside, but I found one (my daughter and I made it together). It’s only the left side of the card though and it was for a small horse-loving boy who could not read yet.


These are all really cool! I love getting cards like this, even just little doodles. It always makes my day.


Lots of beautiful inspiration here! :hibiscus:


I also frequently don’t take photos of the cards I draw on the back of, but today I took one just for this thread. :slight_smile:


I decorate my cards with tape and rubber stamps. Sometimes I use stickers. I love to receive cards that way.

I personally do not like when the back of the card leaves no space for writing. I love to read what the other person has to say.


I feel like I don’t have enough space to write on the backside of a card. That’s why I prefer drawing on the front and writing on the back. However, I would not mind receiving a drawing on the back with or without writing.

I am all for people expressing themselves in the way they feel most comfortable.


Those drawings are all amazing I am in awe!

Personally I use washi tape and hand lettering to decorate the back of my cards at the moment. But this is very inspiring, so I might get some little drawings in the mix as well.


I love hand lettering! It’s very decorative! I hardly ever do it on postcards though as I prefer cursive hand lettering which needs quite some place - at least when I do it :crazy_face:. Yesterday I received a card with wonderful hand lettering in block letters and it made my day!


Awww thank you so much for your positive comments :relaxed: I really like decorating and drawing on my postcards… I find it so relaxing, especially after a hectic day (and especially now that I moved to Berlin – a big and bustling city, so different from my quiet hometown)!

Me spending too much time on a single card is probably the reason why I have so few sent postcards, although I’ve been doing Postcrossing since 2016! I’m at 163 sent cards right now, but the number grew a lot during the lockdown period, which is when I sent loads of postcards! Before corona, I would just write 2-3 postcards a month!

Yeah, drawings aren’t the only way to make a postcard special! Tapes and stickers are also great! So yeah, definitely share your artworks if you want – I created this post with the goal to collect as much “eye-candy” as possible, so that I (and other like-minded people) can indulge on them in the future!

Wow!! We’re actually so similar when it comes to Postcrossing, and this makes me very happy! :relaxed: Yeah, sometimes I also send postcards that aren’t in the recipient’s wish list, and try to make a drawing related to their preferences. It always works, and they’re always so happy!!

Omg!! (I’m not including all your artworks in my quoted text so that my post doesn’t get too long!) These are so great! And the colours are so vibrant, especially that blue… I really like your work and I hope to become one of your recipients! Please pick my address on Postcrossing! Or, as you’ve said, we could swap cards :wink:

I love that red seal! I also have one with my name. What does yours say? I can only read 陣… I’ve never been that good at deciphering seal script! :sweat_smile:

Wow, you design your own airmail stickers! That’s actually so cool! There’s a collector who designed many airmail stickers for his own covers, and some small countries even asked him if they could borrow his design, and make it into their official airmail stickers!

This is so wholesome! And I love the stickers that spell out “Joshua” as well. It’s always fun to craft a postcard with someone else, isn’t it? (I’ve always done it alone, to be honest, but I don’t really mind!)

Such a beautiful creation from Turkey! The recipients will be head over heels for your postcard! Is that a tram in İstanbul? I’ve only been there for a day, so I don’t really remember what the trams look like.

I try to fit both a drawing and a very long text. This, however, means that I have to shrink my handwriting as much as possible. Sometimes I wonder if the venerable elder postcrossers can really read what I write! Even 20-year-olds complain about the size of my letters!


From what I can see on your screenshots your handwriting is (very) well readable! Definitively better than mine - and sometimes I write even smaller! (When I don’t write postcards I write quite big! But I need to squeeze, else I could only fit one sentence - even without any decoration!)

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Yes, it’s the “nostalgic tram” that travels from Taksim Square down İstiklal. The regular tram lines are not so photogenic.


Oh guys, all of your drawings and creations are so great! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I hope I’ll receive a card from one of you! I especially love the dragon drawing from @ChristianJ !

I personally can’t draw for my life, haha. But I have quite the washi tape collection (50 rolls or so) and like… 6? folders with stickers. I usually decorate cards with stickers matching the recipients interests. I have quite specific topics on stickers and it made my day when I drew a person who’s into “true crime” stories like me. I decorated her card with fingerprint and detective stickers! Or users who are into skeletons and spooky stuff. I have great skull stickers! :grin:
Maybe I’ll take a photo for you guys next time I decorate a card, to show you what I mean. :smiley: