Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

Done with paper and glitter. I'm thinking of turning them into prints

I was lucky and could made three handmade postcards with my selection of postcards to send!

The single X-mas tree will go to someone in Germany who loves everything about X-mas. The other two postcards as one will go to USA and Finland.

I used mixed-media and the prints are from a cereal box. Santa Claus was too large as a print, so I divided him onto two postcards! :upside_down_face: The wax seal were my first attempt…still need to practise a bitt…

I hope they will arrive safe and sound. The pod modge layers should keep the image intact I hope…


Niceee! You used an old book as background?!

I have sometimes very old books in my little library and still had my old Bos Atlas from elementary school. I kept that one for making postcards out of the pages one day!


Yes, I used an old book :blush:
I also use Bosatlas for my cards, as a geography teacher I have enough old ones :wink:

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Hello–I’m new here! I make handmade greeting cards and may be interested in making some postcards to send!
If you add embellishments or another layer of paper to the base of the postcard, how do you adhere it before mailing so it will arrive relatively in one piece? Mod podge? All of the handmade postcards in this thread are beautiful…but how do you send them?


Hello @klr64114 and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I hope you will have a lot of fun here!

Check this thread out:

It’s all about glue. And depending on what you stick on your card you can also use an envelope to send.

You should always check the profiles though. Some people don’t like Handmade cards and others prefer cards without an envelope. A lot are fine with both though :slight_smile:

If you want to go all in there is also a handmade RR where we exchange cards about different topics in small groups of about 4 people.


I started christmas cards. My mother don’t like it, not traditional enough. What do you think?


I think it’s great — and it looks super professional too! :heart_eyes:


I Like it :slight_smile: i thought about buying those cutting dies too!

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I think it’s fab, looks expensive!


Thank you for your nice comments

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Brilliant @Ludek ! :flushed:

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Hello, I decided to draw a series of postcards based on Harry Potter. What do you say? :smirk:


It’s so cute!
I love it :+1::+1:

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I like it!!!

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@Kristina_Shtoppel - these Harry Potter cards are wonderful! Such beautiful drawings! :woman_mage:t2: :owl:

@sophiemalou - I love the monochromatic winter scene card. The layering is lovely and very professional looking! :black_heart::white_heart:


In love with my layer stamps - holidays are coming! :christmas_tree:


since years I have some stamps, only a few, from here and where,
and today they were our crafting programme, the kids never seen
them and got thrilled. viona and me finally used it to made a postcard!

and these are mine:


wow! how creative you are!