Forum update (Discourse 3.0)

The forum has has been updated to Discourse 3.0 which is the latest stable version.

The majority of the changes are under the under the hood or in things we are not using in this forum (or we will activate only later).

One of the prominent changes is a new (experimental) feature for user status. This allows you to select an emoji, a short text and for how long it will stay up — this appears next to your username on your posts (hover the emoji to see it).

It’s totally optional, but we think it can be fun to use. To see/set your own, click on your avatar on the top right, go to the last tab and use the Set custom status:

You can also change it in your account preferences.

There are some navigation/menu changes that we are have not activated yet which, among other things, will allow a personalized menu for your favourite categories/tags, and also a new user menu that separates notifications by type (all, only replies, only likes, and other). We will look into these later once we settled with the new version.

There’s also some new helpful tips for new members when they join so that they get acquainted with the features more quickly. For the most part, these will only be relevant for anyone joining from now.

If you bump into something new that you like and/or have questions about — or a problem that needs to be looked into —, please post it here so that there’s a centralized place for it.


I like this new feature! Have already put it to use.

Yay! Thank you @paulo and team for all the hard work put into running this for us :smile:


Thank you for the update and explanation!

Hmmmm…I thought i added the user status to myself…but obviously not…

ETA Now it’s there!


I’m enjoying everyone’s new custom status, what a cute little addition!


Hmmm .

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I thought it was a bit odd that you can see the expiry. But I guess it could be useful if you want people to know how long that status applies for…?

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I like this!


Cool! :star_struck: Will be fun to see what everybody‘s up to :grin:

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That’s a cool new freature, let’s see if it works :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to put mine to use. :frowning: The “save” option isn’t clickable.

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I think you have to write something (What are you doing?), my guess is the emoji alone isn’t enough


Obrigada, that worked! :blush:


Let’s see if i have managed this.


I can’t see any need to add a feature of user status. Unnecessary for me.

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Cute feature :grin:


Is it possible to make a small gap between the flag and the status image? There is no space between them at the moment (at least on my phone).


Mmm… indeed, they don’t seem to be playing well with the flags plugin we’re using, and are too close to the flags on mobile. :thinking: @paulo will have a look!


The updates are very nice, thanks :slight_smile:
But personally, I lack the ability to completely hide users from my ignore list (I still see their avatars and their new topics) and the ability to ignore some topics. I do not want to look very moody, but this things spoil for me communicating on the forum.

Fun user status feature :slight_smile: