What's your writing desk like?

A companion topic to the What’s inside your pencil case?, this topic is where we show the place where we write our postcards! I’m tentatively leaving this in the stationery subcategory, as I suspect these photos will feature quite a bit of that. :slight_smile:

So here’s my little craftsroom:

If you’re wondering why there is a mirror and water taps above the desk, well… it’s actually a bathroom that was turned into a craftsroom. :sweat_smile: The house we rented came with too many bathrooms, so we transformed one of them into a storage + writing desk. A much better use of space!

What about yours? Please show and tell!


I write my cards at my desk (mostly). I will put my keyboard under the monitors then. When I need my rubber stamps, I push the monitors aside :smiley: Normally I don’t have that many (automatic) rubber stamps on my desk. The photos were taken during the first Covid19 lockdown when I worked from home. So most of them are for my work :wink:

Behind me are shelves full of postcard boxes, so I only need to turn my chair around. Right next to me is a cabinet with some of my stationary, the rest is on another shelf next to my postcard boxes.


I wish I had a writing desk! I write postcards in the same place I use for work and knitting and most other things - on my bed! I put a big folder between the cards and my lap to have some kind of a surface for it. While I do in theory have a dinner table I could use, my husband has claimed most of it and the rest is often smeared with yoghurt and covered in lego courtesy of our daughter.


I don’t have a desk either! I write my cards where I do all my writing for uni and learning and working and everything else - on the couch! I put the cards on my little box that stores the stamps to have a surface to write on.


@elanlei @Axolotl_ I don’t think I could do the writing (which is often accompanied by rubberstamping and other decorations) without a proper sturdy surface underneath… but your methods sound super cozy! :heart_eyes:


I need to clean up and organize my messy desk first before I take photo :smile:


Here is mine! I did not tidy it up before taking the picture, but I promise, it was messier last week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am fortunate to live in a house with a room that I can use just for arts and crafts–and Postcrossing, of course. (As you can see, it is also where I do all of my sewing, too.) I recently purchased the white organization drawers to store my rubber stamps, washi tapes, and other craft supplies. Little by little, I am trying to have a place to store everything neatly.


At my desk I write postcards and letters, sometimes I work or let myself be distracted by the colourful things that come out of the Internet. Or I just look out of the window and watch the trees doing tree things.
The desk and its surroundings are full of small things that have nothing to do with the purpose of the desk, but which have a connection to something or tell little stories.

The newspaper clip says: “Most things in the world are not broken by use, but by cleaning.”


What is that amazing rubber stamp wall of yours? :scream:


Err… to be honest that’s only one part of the whole… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I don’t use Washi tape but I like making stuff with rubber stamp prints. And it’s quite hard to stop it. One of the strange Postcrossing secondary effects…


I don’t have one :sob:
I live in a super tiny apartment with only one small bedroom, so I write and craft at my dining room table. I try to keep my supplies ordered in handy boxes and obviously I try not to buy too much, but its a struggle sometimes.
I’m currently looking for a bigger place and I’d love an extra bedroom where I can set up my writing desk!


i wanted to post a photo of where i spend most of my times, be it writing postcards, letters or just organizing my stamps and covers or just watching something from the laptop, but its very messy now as i am trying to reorganize everything…i need a ‘new’ view of my table so i won’t get bored hehehe…i may come back and show a picture or two of it…but hey, i like the idea of you changing the bathroom, if its too much better use it as storage or crafts room :slight_smile:

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You don’t want to see my desk now! :smiley: I may tidy it up a bit before taking a photo of it. Anyway, there’s not much to show…


We have the luxury of an office room in our house and this is my “little corner” :smiley: :paintbrush: :postbox: To the right is a large box with my postcard-stock. The drawer boxes on the shelf contain most of my washi-tape. Above that in the maps, there is about a third of my received postcards.


Looks pretty well organised. :+1: I like the way you store your Priority labels!


Oh yes! We do! :grin:


Then, “I don’t want you to see my desk now!” :laughing: But maybe tomorrow…


This is such a great topic! I love seeing everyone’s spaces, and it even made me tidy up my own desk a bit.
So here it is:

I live in a one-bedroom apartment, so there is not room for much. I often also take up half of the floor with my postcards, books and various projects.


Where do you get your various paper scraps @Speicher3? i noticed “Hobro friskvareterminal” in one of your pictures, which is must be from a Danish transport terminal of some sort.
also: love the Marx jumping jack!

And that quote!!! :heart_eyes: