What's inside your pencil case?

I’m really enjoying this chance to “snoop” in everyone’s stuff. Thank you all for posting!
Here’s mine:

  • “Foldable” scissors (from muji)
  • Micron pen
  • Several uniball pens (my default writing tool)
  • combination pen/pencil (which I rarely use)
  • Eraser “pen” (best eraser ever!)
  • Normal eraser
  • Glue stick (acid free)
  • Watercolor brush (not for stamps, since ours are self-adhesive)
  • Whiteout pen
  • Colored pencil
  • Mechanical pencil (with extra lead)
  • Small ruler
  • Bulldog clips
  • The watercolor set doesn’t fit in the pencil case, but I often bring it along if I’m going on longer trips
    …and there should be some tape in there too, but I recently ran out.

Like you, I’m also enjoying snooping on everyone’s stuff! I’m thinking of starting a couple other similar threads this weekend — maybe for people to show their workspace?

We have the same watercolor case! :heart_eyes: And those scissors seem rather odd to use… Do they work ok? And tell us more about your best eraser ever! Is it the white and black “pen-like” thing?


That’s a great idea @meiadeleite! Workspaces would be super interesting. And maybe also people’s tools and media? e.g. I have a lot of paper scraps and cut-out images that are waiting to find a space on a collage postcard.

Here’s a better picture of my eraser pen. It’s made in Japan by Tombow, and it is just a super effective and precise pencil eraser.

And no, the scissors aren’t great for precision work, but they are ok, and can be “folded” to become perfectly cylindrical so they fit much better in the pencil case.


I remember a “What’s inside your pocket?” topic somewhere. That was really funny and full of excellent weird stuff!


I sense we’re going to have a group of super interesting of “What’s inside…” posts in this forum. I approve!


I have a pencil “basket” which contains way too much (see photo). Many pens, pencils, markers, correction pen, glue stick, ruler, scissors, precision knife, letter opener, and notepad!


Thanks for this tip! I bought a water brush pen after reading your comment, and now it’s turning out to be so useful for sealing holiday greeting card envelopes. :+1:


Pilot Precise V5 RT is the pen I use for most cards. I can write very small with it, and on most types of paper, it does not smudge.

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I actually hardly ever use pencil case now. Because i just found it is more convenient to write with ipad pro 2020 and apple pencil 2. But i used this pencil bag when i was in high school.There was a mechanical pencil, some pens, an eraser, a ruler and a correction tape.

and a


Well, since I’m a student at an art school, I have several pencil cases. Most of them are filled with pencils and color pencils, fineliners or markers. But there are also some I simply use for theory classes, like languages or history of art. There is one I usually carry with me when I’m going somewhere. This one contains a pencil, an eraser, a red marker, a highlighter, a ballpoint pen, a few basic pens, multiple fineliners, a washi and a few markers I use for caligraphy/typography… But I don’t look inside my pencil cases often lately, because I’m not going anywhere during the pandemy… And you’ve probably heard of the situation in Czechia. So I just use the pens, pencils, etc in my pencil holders.


Do share a photo with us, if you can — I’d love to see them!

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so pleasingly organized! :heart_eyes:

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I don’t really use pencil cases that much, but here are some of my pens that are in visible places in my crafting room. I have more in the desk drawers too.


New (unplanned) addition to the pencil case today… a new (for me) line of Zebra Sarasa pens called “DecoShineColor”!

I got the darker blue one but I might be needing more now…


Hey! :heart_eyes:
Sarasa is one of my favorite. Your favorite pen to write postcards?

I did not know about this new ones. I’ll check how I can get them. (As if I did not have enough pens. :grimacing: :sweat_smile: )


(from left to right, top to down)
I’ve been using this pencil case for over 10 years since middle school
1.1&1.2 magnetic bookmark
2.1 paper clip
2.2 rubber
2.3 correction tape
2.4 magnetic mobile phone holder
3.1 flash drive
3.2 ballpoint-pen refill
4 ballpoint pen
5-10 marker
11&12 gel pen
13 ballpoint pen


I love this thread and looking at what’s inside your cases! thank you for sharing the watercolor brush tip… will definitely be on the lookout for one now :heart_eyes:

here’s what’s inside mine! I love this case because it stands hassle-free!

  1. ruler
  2. extra lead for pencil
  3. flash drive
  4. glue tape
  5. scissors
  6. glue stick
  7. x-acto knife
  8. letter opener
  9. wooden stick for rub-on stickers
  10. white ink pen
  11. mechanical pencil
  12. everyday use fountain pens

Here is my “leaving the house” pen case:

  1. Calculator
  2. Eraser
  3. Pencils
  4. Highlighters
  5. Baseball Scissors
  6. A Rainbow of Ballpoints
  7. School Glue
  8. Souvenir “Paintbrush” Ballpoint from the Dalí
  9. Scented Multipen
  10. Correction Tape
  11. Piranha Pencil Sharpener

Watermelon case has only InkJoy Ballpoints.
Surfboard case has Pilot G-2 Gel Pens, but I use those for letters & cards as they smear.
I enjoy this hobby so much!


Whoa… what a colourful assortment!

Is the piranha a sharpener? How funny and appropriate for a fish with sharp teeth! :joy: