What's inside your pencil case?

This topic is prompted by this photo I took some months ago, when I realized maybe I should carry less pens with me when I travel…

There’s several erasable pens (I use those to make notes on my calendar), a fountain pen + ink, a pencil + eraser, one tiny highlighter and a few very fine-tipped pens for practicing Chinese characters… :flushed:

What do you usually write with? And if you go somewhere for some days, what do you carry with you to write?


An interesting topic ana

this is my new pencil case. i got this from our last online meetup as a committee. my nickname printed on it. some of Indonesian postcrossers have this too.

i bring this big pensil case everyday. i think this is not regular pencil case but postcard case.

only 2 pen, correction pen, water pen brush (i use to stick stamp), name stamp, bank token, candy, mask, mailbox key, washi tape , some stamps and many mint postcards from different themes.


It’s crazy how many pens I have of many different types. I love penpalling, I write much. I have a dozen sets. Those are at home. Actually, I don’t use my pencil case much and just keep my red pen in my back pocket. (teacher)

  • Minion USB key
  • cactus ruler
  • eraser pen
  • blue and red markers
  • black and blue pen
  • a pencil
  • clip


  1. Ballpoint
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Stamp
  5. Water pen brush
  6. Postcard
  7. Name stamp for meetup

I had not thought of using water pen brushes to stick stamps, but it’s a good idea! @cutetaiki do you use yours for the same thing?



Yes i do.
It simple, more tidy, very light and water is easy to find.

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My tongue is probably not so tidy, but so far it is even easier to find!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think I will “steal” this awesome idea! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Here is my travel kit, currently. It’s mostly for writing and drawing (aka taking notes, writing letters, and avoiding things I should be doing). One day, I will add in a water brush for en plein air watercolor.


I use them to seal envelopes!


I use my water brushpen to stick stamps too. It’s soooo useful. I was like “Why didn’t I think of that before?” :woman_facepalming:
I don’t really like this envelope moistener I bought some years ago.


i think this is not recommended in this pandemic …we should to reduce our droplet

I’m not sure about the name @meiadeleite …some store named this item water color pen. But i think you all know what i mean. I use this item this year too. After i think about droplet if i use my water bottle although im not covid suspect.

I have a small case and a big case, and I’m showing the small one now. It is a pretty small case but it will hold quite a lot, like:

  1. Short metal ruler
  2. Correction tape (cheap brand, works fine)
  3. Eraser (which makes no sense because I’m not showing a pencil here!)
  4. Sarasa Vintage pens (the ones currently being used in my bullet journal)
  5. A mildliner (also for bujo)
  6. My favourite pen ever, the Pilot Vega (something like the Dr. Grip. I also have the shaker pencil version of the Vega, which I also love and use all the time.)

I’m using this pen case for writing my diary and housekeeping book :books: so I seldom bring it to outside. The pen case is imitating the one of old notebook in Japan.

・correction pen
・highlighter ×2
・color pen ×2
・red and black pen
・ball-point pen(mainly for postcrossing)
・mechanical pencil
・mechanical pencil leads
upper row
・stamps for diary (some of them are erasable)


I’m also a big fan of the Frixion stamps, though they’re hard to find around here!

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Oh, really? They’re so convenient and cute to represent many kinds of events!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I agree! These are mine:

I like to add them to my planner, and if something ends up not happening, just erase it and move along. It’s super practical!


I am hoping this was just a joke! But there is so much COVID misinformation out there I feel compelled to respond.

Yes, I suppose if you sent a card to someone who lived somewhere where mail takes less than 72 hours to arrive from where you send it, there is a very small possibility that there is a very small amount of COVID virus on it. This is true whether you licked the stamp or handled the card without gloves.

Because your postal carrier may also be unkonwingly infected by COVID, if you want to be extremely sure there is no infectious virus on the mail you are handling you should keep the mail isolated so that at least 3 days goes by between when the last person touches it (or licks the stamp) and when you touch it.

I know of absolutely no known cases of COVID being transmitted through licked stamps (or postal mail).

Postcrossing is a wonderful, SAFE thing to do during this crisis, licked stamps or not!


The short answer would be: way too much! It’s been four years since I last took it with me :sweat_smile: So there are plenty of pens missing. I don’t take it with me for meet-ups (I have ballpoints in every bag!), for longer meetups I have boxes with cards etc with me and I’ll add some pens to them too.
The lighter is helpful when you haven’t written with a ballpoint for a longer time or when it’s really cold.