What's inside your pencil case?

Whoa… what a colourful assortment!

Is the piranha a sharpener? How funny and appropriate for a fish with sharp teeth! :joy:


The piranha is a pencil sharpener and the wood shavings are in the belly! It has googly eyes, too. It only cost $1 US!
Here’s a closer view:


Gee wiz that sure is sharp!

My niece bought this R2D2 pencil case when she was 10 she knew her Uncle was a graphic artist and wanted me to have the coolest pencil case ever! I still carry this with me in my backpack.


I have always been a stationery addict, even before joining Postcrossing. :cold_sweat: At least, I’m in good company here!

Here’s what I currently have in my on-the-go pencil case:

At the moment, I’m using a lot of Sharpie and Pilot pens. I like to have a few different sizes and colors to choose from depending on what I’m writing. Washi tape samples are easy to carry—I swap them out frequently. I also carry postage stamps, but I keep those in my wallet.


Oh! I didn’t know Sharpie had this kind of “click-pens” like the Pilot G-2… Intriguing! :thinking:

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Yes! They smudge on glossy paper, but they are perfect for postcards with the rough, papery backing that tends to feather with other pens.

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I found this pencil/pen case this weekend at a flea market, and I’m excited to fill it with pens so they stop getting lost and marking up the inside of my bag.

It is metal and has a removable tray inside:

I will report back when I’ve filled it up! :heart_eyes:


Putting washi tape on those embroidery floss spools is such a great idea!


That’s a great find! I love those two-story pencil tins with the removable tray.

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Oh, what a throwback! There used to be so many of these with tin cases with the inner tray when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I’ve seen one! :heart_eyes:


My fingers are crossed that the bottom will hold some Ultra Fine Sharpies and a couple other pens or highlighters, then I can put some stickers, stamps, and washi up top… if I bring a postcard, it’s mobile Postcrossing!


I don’t have a case, but I do have Too Many Gel Pens :rofl:
Found a set of 80 in addition to some other ones I had, and couldn’t resist…
For my on-the-go pens, I just have a few other gel pens & regular pens tucked into my backpack or laptop bag.


A new addition to my pencil case, since all of the sudden all of my ballpoint pens decided to die at the same time. Why does that happen?

I went to the HK$12 store and bought two Hauser pens for that amount. I’ve never tried Hauser before. So far they seem to write well. I didn’t notice the pen bodies at first but it’s actually gorgeous!


Reading this today resulted in me buying this…

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A little too much washi tape🤣 I need to take some out and add a few other things. I’m missing my tiny scissors, ink pad, username stamp, and mini watercolor palette.


Currently 4 packets of these.

For now I have this :slight_smile:

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