What are these food cards called?

I see people mention postcards made out of cardboard food boxes. It would be so much fun to make and send these. It there a name for them? Do people trade them?

Check out the Handmade RR for swaps for these types of cards. :slight_smile:

They’re called food package cards

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The Food and Drink RR also has a group for food packages and there’s the Food package postcard tag.
You can also send food package cards in the recycling group at the Socially Good Cards RR.


The Handmade RR seldom has groups for food package cards, you’re rather out of luck there, I fear.

In addition to what @nekelin wrote, the DIRECTORY Handmade Cards & Mail Art also lists these two Round Robins which have groups for sending food package cards:

You can also send food package cards in the :recycle: Environmentally Friendly Tag but there is no saying whether you will receive one in turn, same with the recycling groups in the Socially Good Cards RR :dove:.

In the old forum there were trade requests for food package cards, too. I haven’t seen any in the new forum yet but that’s probably just a matter of time. You could start a new topic here: #trades-requests-offers:postcards

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Thank you for the shout out for the food and drink rr…we are always welcoming new members! :grinning: :love_letter:

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Hi. I have a question about the food package postcards? Can they be in any size or does it have to be in standard postcard size?

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In general they can be whatever size you’re allowed to send as a postcard. Postcards come in all different sizes, too!

Specific: in case you want to swap them, ask the recipient what they prefer :slight_smile:

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Thank you :smiling_face:. I am hoping to do the Food package postcard tag :blush:

Maybe I should check with the local postoffice if they would allow to send cards like that without an envelope.

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These cards are real fun! @jlynch9923 makes them even more special with stickers!