♻ Environmentally Friendly Tag

Reducing waste is as important as it ever was before. Who needs new and shiny. Let’s send each other old stuff that might otherwise go to waste!

In this tag you can send:

  • old postcards you bought at flea markets, second hand shops, that you inherited or found in your attic

  • crooked, bent, yellowed cards, cards which are missing a corner or have accidentally been addressed to the wrong person, cards that have been drawn on by your three years old child; don’t throw them away, send them in this tag instead!

  • postcards that have been printed on recycled paper

  • selfmade cards that you made out of what would otherwise be waste: cardboard from the package that was sent to you the day before, the famous food package postcards, the front of an outdated calendar, an already used postcard, the back of a postcard book, images from an old magazine, whatever material you have at home that is threatened to become waste!
    If you are crafty, you can even make postcards from scrap wood or textile leftovers :scissors:

If you have a different idea for an environmentally friendly card, feel free to send that instead!

Please be sure that your card is sturdy enough to survive the mail and that there is enough empty space for address, stamp and a message.
If you want to reuse a postcard, don’t forget to cover the text side in order to write your own message.
Handmade cards might require higher postage if they are rather heavy or don’t conform to the usual shape and size.

Of course, you can always think further! Consider whether to send it priority or economy. Different postal systems might have different carbon footprints. If you happen to live in the same city as the last tagger, take out your bike and deliver it yourself! Or how about recycling the card you receive again? If the surface of the card allows it, you might switch your ballpoint pen for a pencil!

Happy mailing!

I was the last tagger in this thread in the old forum, so the next tagger is @Feuerstuhl

Gallery of received cards

This is a wiki. Everybody can edit this post. Let’s share the cards here that we received through this tag! Adding images to the gallery is 100% optional.


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