USA Where to get old stamps

I have been making a large stamp order about once a month through USPS. It’s great and I get what I need but there are times I would like to use smaller denominations or older stamps. Where do you all get them? How do you know if it is a reputable site? I’m not out to collect them, nor do I necessarily go out of my way to match stamps to cards, but when I read the profile of someone who likes interesting stamps, it’s nice to be able to put some one! A relative gave me a small envelope but I’ve used those up.


Check out this site. - the most complete stamp catalogue on the internet | StampWorld

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@scoutingbear Ebay! You can do a search of mint or unused stamps or sheets, or search unused stamps lot… :slight_smile:


Where I live, there are currently at least two stamp shows a year, where there are always one or two dealers selling mint stamp sheets, from just about all decades and at face value. I know of at least one dealer on the internet who sells mint sheets of all denominations, at a, maybe, twenty percent mark-up over face value. At any rate, I have a lot of low denomination, old stamps, more than I can ever use. If you want some, just email me your address and I’ll send you a variety.


as @jeffbh said, try going to stamp shows. dealers sell unused american stamp at face and sometimes below face value. bring cash as that what they prefer to get good prices. here is a website of stamp shows in the usa - and looks as there are some near you.

good luck and plan to stay for hours - never enough time in looking/buying stamps.


I have ordered from eBay and Etsy, very small denominations., some mark up but no problems so far. I would think the larger purchases would be more risky for counterfeits. I always look at what the original stamps look like and though this isn’t fool proof, I just don’t order if I have any questions.
I just never realized all the stamps and themes that have been issued through the years!

I have found some okay deals on Etsy as well. I didn’t even think about stamp shows! Duh!

For years I belonged to a monthly stamp subscription from a dealer. I got $20 a month and could request themes or just let him send me whatever. It was mostly stuff 1920s-2000 and always small denominations. I think @anon95027724 told me about him. PM me if you want his contact info

I have purchased from this dealer in the past. Very courteous. My order got very delayed, but I attributed that to the Pandemic.


I’ve used You have to buy a lot (10 sheets of one type) to get them below face value, but the well mixed mint singles packs give a great variety.

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I have a subscription to I love their stamps!!

I have purchased most of my stamps on ebay and hipstamp from the same seller for years now, and he sells at below face value for some (but not all) of his coolest old stamps, anywhere from 10-20% off, plus free shipping! If you want his store name, let me know. :smiley:

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Hello CarrieJean…nice to see you :blush:

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I know this thread has been a inactive for a while, but since I just recently joined the new forum from the old, I just wanted to give the recommendation of a few eBay stores:

*Rich’s Savings *
This shop is currently my top pick. He has quite a few stamp lots that he sells for face value, if not under. In some cases, he takes offers, too! I buy from him quite often - I use these stamps for Postcrossing (I do not collect).

*DanPack Stamp and Coin*
This shop varies year by year, but I like finding the block sheets (stamps of 4). Currently, it looks like he isn’t offering much that is face value or below. But the prices are modest for the stamp lots.

Like the store above, their selection varies year by year. They seem to have a lot of used stamps currently, but they still have some stamp lots at a modest price (but not face value).

Editing to add:
They have pretty well assorted stamp lots under face value.


Thank you for these links - almost a year after your post and still super helpful!


I’ve used eBay and one or two mentioned here. I can also vouch for I was a bit hesitant because the site looked on the “older” side but I ordered them and they came. You can get postcard rate combos already made up for you too. Good deal.


I got account suspended when I hit the link

I have purchased from them many times. Try their site later, they’ve sent an email to their customers they’re having issues with the web hosting company.

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@PleiadianDragon Most of the time, you can buy older unused stamps at Face Value from most dealers. You find some at stamp shows. Most dealers buy US postage at 80% below face, so logically they can’t give you any discount off face. Happy hunting…