[USA] Where to buy old stamps at face value or less?

I would like to use older stamps but i bought a lot of Etsy and the highest value was 29 cents and most of them were under 10 cents. I would love to get old forever stamps or 30 cent or higher denomination but everything i have seen is way over face value. Does anyone have recommendations?


Look on Poshmark. I’ve gotten some very good deals there. Search for “postage stamps.”


when looking for stamps off of third party sellers, just be wary of fakes.

unfortunately, the fakes these days look really good (some even have the uv coating) and it is really hard to tell real stamps from fake stamps. fakes of older/limited run collectable versions of non-denominated stamps (ex. forever, international stamps, etc) are especially rampant because of there guaranteed rate - always look at reviews and if the deal looks too good to be true it probably is.

look for professional stamp dealers with a history of good ratings and sales.


I have bought random mixed lots on eBay a few times but I prefer to buy off of Etsy. Two good shops are AxmxZ and PostageStamps4U if you don’t mind a random assortment. If there are specific stamps I want my favorite shops are RedBeansnRice and VerdeStudio, though you’ll pay more at these ones (above face value but they don’t charge insane markups). I’ve found some awesome deals on Etsy from antique shops that list sheets of stamps for very good prices, but finding those is just luck because they just list if they happen to have them, they aren’t stamp dealers :blush:

Edit to add: I don’t buy discount Forever stamps, they are almost certainly fakes. I only buy older stamps (typically gummed) this way.


I just placed an order here, a terrific selection!
Look them over and watch the price…some are better deals than others, but lots of great stamps! Scroll down to the bottom and take your time going thru each of the years (better than using the search function)



I was going to recommend USAtFace but I see @Izzy2018 already provided the link. He is a greater seller that I would recommend. There is also a Stamp Show in Rio Rancho, New Mexico on Oct. 22-23. Don’t know how close or far this is from you. But these shows often have dealers selling older US at face or below. Usually in sheets or blocks. I waiting for a similar show here in NJ next month to buy a lot of US postage.


I tend to buy a lot from certified sellers on eBay.


There has been another thread on this topic too if you want to wander over there and check out those responses

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Rio Rancho is actually very close to Albuquerque and I would be interested in going. Do you happen to have a link or further description on where the stamp show will be held at? Thanks.

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My favorite seller on ebay is “rbeallstmp.” He sells a lot of full sheets of old stamps at face value and always has some good stuff available. He sells Forevers as well, but only to bid on, and it’s kind of wild how high those go for sometimes… But I’ve met and bought from rbeallstmp at my town’s little local stamp show, so I know he’s really nice. I second the recommendation to visit a show if possible.


Yes, but it mostly requires bidding with a postage fee from him.

No, it doesn’t. He has 290 items to buy now and most are stamp sheets versus 55 items at Auction right now. The shipping price is fine for me personally, especially since he ships fast, safely, and reliably. I’ve never bid on his items.

@anon4239658 Hi Mike…here’s the link:


I see your point. I might order from him when we know the next postal rate increase numbers; I think I have enough stamps to easily last the rest of this year.

The best bet is stamp shows. There’s all sorts of dealers but what I look for is mint stamps at Face Value for mailings. Ask which are at Face Value. Dealers have so many. Each dealer is different. Some are sold at a discount or they sell the fave value price. Some dealers often dont want to deal with coins, so say you pick some mint stamps and the total is 9.67 the dealer will say 9 bucks. Not always but im my experience I save a little money that way.

Dealers at stamp shows mostly and mainly deal in cash. Using PayPal or paying with a credit card or the Square, is rare but few dealers will accept payment that way. Its recommended to use cash.

I use the American Philatelic Society’s event calendar. Some stamp clubs are APS affiliated and advertise their shows there. On the APS calendar a listing on the calendar will say things like exhibits and bourse. Or exhibit only. Or bourse only. Bourse refers to sales.
A simple Google search for “stamp show in [name of city]” works too to find other shows not advertised in that calendar.

I myself (and this is my personal choice) sometimes plan weekend travels or vacations around stamp shows. If you ever heard of people that plan their vacations around Postcrossing meetups, i do the same with stamp shows. I been to some great cities i probably would not have gone if not for stamp shows. One thing i noticed, is that the shows are held in suburbs rather than the main city the stamp club is located. For example, I went to the Chicagopex stamp show, which was held in Itasca. An hour train ride from Chicago proper. My friend’s late father was a stamp collector. He said “Philatelists are cheap.” So be prepared to do some traveling. Whether it be Uber, or public transportation.

Stamp shows are held in some interesting places. Hotels, church basements, elk lodges, or any space avaliable. Entrance is free. Besides mint stamps, there are used stamps that collectors buy for their collections, postal stationery like mint stamped envelopes or postcards with postage printed on it, and even blank postcards. Also other dealers deal with covers. Whatever you look for, you’ll find something. Dealers have their stamps organized by price, in bins and tubs on tables. So you can do a little research using Google. For example, say ypu want a stamp featuring a teddy bear. There was a stamp issue featuring teddy bears that was values at 37 cents. So when you go to the show look in the bin with stamp sheets that have 37 cent stamps and look in that bin for your teddy bears. Just Google stamps with so and so subject and make note of the value and search. I found many great stamps this way.

If you go to a stamp show, any advice to follow remember this. Make and figure out your spending budget and once you have it and decide what it’ll be, triple it.


@princeofasturias thanks so much for a great informational post. Most definitely stamp shows are a serious venue to consider. There is a local show every 3rd Sunday on the month that I always try to go to. I collect foreign FDCs besides postcards. The last show, I bought 100+ FDCs from this one dealer. A couple of months previous, I bought US @face from one dealer, and 75% off face from another dealer.

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i see the link been sent to you. i attend every year (except in 2020 when it was cancel due to the pandemic. it is in the meadowlark senior center and held for 2 days (sat and sunday). just wanted to add that there is an usps vendor with a pictorial cancelmark at the event for both days . they also are selling current postage stamps if looking for some that you missed buying during the year.

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I’m seriously considering it.

if you are going to attend, go after noon on saturday or anytime on sunday. the looky loos crowds go to see what is a stamp show or the early seroius collectors are there when it opens. i find it easier to find parking about noon, when people are leaving for lunch. bring cash for the best deals.
a great chance to send postcards with the special pictorial cancelmark on your cards. antionette or cecelia man the table. i am hoping to get the mariachi stamps as can not find them anywhere - hope they have them.

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Thanks Sam :+1:t3: