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Is 69usd good deal for 200 stamps I found it on Poshmark in my eyes I’ve never seen that much and it was in increments of 20

200 USPS first class (domestic) forever stamps would be worth $120 … I think anyone selling that for $69 would be selling counterfeit stamps. Fake stamps are unfortunately very common :frowning_face: I would not buy that listing.

To find recent / new stamps at a deal is rare. But if you want to save money on postage, I suggest you look into old stamp lots. For some suggestions, give this thread a read.

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Be extremely careful buying US stamps from people other than stamp dealers. As others have pointed out, the stamps could be fake. There are quite a few legitimate sources that sell US stamps at face value or below.

I looked on Poshmark they have been there since 2019 they have 1000s of sale they band embasder and 52 god review is that good

9 times out of time 10, if the the deal is too good to be true then it is :woman_shrugging:t2:

fakes are extremely common (especially on poshmark and with forever stamps in general) and some fakes are so hard to tell from real stamps, these days, without the specialized knowledge of what to look for or having them right in front of you. because of this, buyers might not even realize that they have fakes!

i use poshmark often to buy and sell clothing so i know the ins and out of the site pretty well. posh ambassador status essentially just means that they are active on poshmark and not necessarily indicative of the their trustworthiness of selling authentic goods. additionally, poshmark doesnt publish to the public reviews that are less than 5/5 stars, so it is hard to hard to tell if this seller is actually a good seller.

i would stay away and stick with authorized stamp dealers - there are plenty who sell authentic stamps below face.

Thanks I’m looking for scratch and sniff frozen treats and I can’t find them on Mystic stamp company

Nvm I found them