[RR] 🇺🇸 US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine - We Want YOU! (Part 1)

This round robin has been opened under a new address. Please post any current activity to USxUS Surprise Me - UPDATED

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RR Guidelines

  • To join, please post on the forum the number of the group you want to join.

  • Send a Private Message to MichelleW with your mailing address. You can’t be added to a group unless your information is on record.

  • When a group closes, the host will send a Private Message with the names/addresses for the other members.

  • You may send any card you like as long as it is not on a recipient’s “do NOT send” list.

  • When you write cards, please remember to include the group number (i.e. “US to US Group #XXX”) and your online name with your message.

  • PLEASE post when you send and receive your cards! Include the group number it was for and the username of the person who sent it. “Thank yous” are nice!

  • Verify with other members that they have not received your card before you resend them.

Scanning Your Card

We do have a flickr group (https://www.flickr.com/groups/2704028@N25/). If you would like to scan the cards you receive for the group and post them on the site. We’d love to see them! Otherwise, the new format allows you to load your scans to your post with ease. If you need help, just Private Message the host or ask your question on the RR!



Each time we reach a group that marks another 100 groups sent, a special Milestone Group will be opened that has NO limit to the number of people who join. Please note that if you join a milestone group, you must send a card to ALL of the other participants!

If you wish to be included on a list of people who will be automatically added, please post your request on the forum.

Auto-Add for MILESTONE Groups Only


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Envelopes OK

The following participants are OK with others using envelopes to send cards if you are in multiple groups (or groups in USxUS and other RRs) together!



Please do not delete this Post!

If you do NOT want your address shared with members of this RR, please post or send a PM to MichelleW.


USxUS RR members not listed are folks with no birthdays on their Postcrossing profile. If you are not on the list and wish to be added, please let me know!

This listing is informational only and not a theme/topic. :sparkling_heart:


CynthiaMarie - 5-Jan
redyellownow - 11-Jan
Ukucaitie - 13-Jan
Steresem - 17-Jan
teddypostcrossing - 24-Jan
scoutingbear - 24-Jan


JoyceEckard - 2-Feb
Crystalinne - 5-Feb


purplepiccolo - 3-Mar
clouisesz - 4-Mar
hootnoodle - 4-Mar
thrakaboom - 9-Mar
nursegarry - 10-Mar (Inactive :frowning:)
Beachyblonde - 14-Mar
JudyFL - 22-Mar
SincerelySel - 31-Mar


treeclimber - 02-Apr (Inactive :frowning:)
lyndylou5 - 04-Apr
jenniferkrabill - 06-Apr
LydiaLsdia - 08-Apr
StephofYorktown - 13-Apr
esca0417 - 17-Apr (Inactive :frowning:)
jaqueposts - 26-Apr
avery27 - 27-Apr


GrammieSuz - 6-May (Inactive :frowning:)
HoosierFloridian- 25-May
paigeawesome - 31-May (Inactive :frowning:)


mommerson - 1-June
Maleko - 2-June
salemhouse - 6-June
SJCheney - 17-June
durangirl - 24-June


Blue_Fox - 5-July
Koyohtay - 23-July
BarbL - 28-July


KeithA (KDA) - 16-Aug
mere5oh - 24-Aug (Inactive :frowning:)
Shesa-Renegade - 25-Aug


SecretCityGirl - 3-Sep
gabi_m - 6-Sep
Cruzin - 6-Sep
Jocrafts - 8-Sep
DarkHeartArts - 14-Sep
TwoDoggies - 17-Sep
sleepykitty - 24-Sep
TandemStoker - 29-Sep


uconn - 2-Oct
ellistrations - 3-Oct
Doortjej - 6-Oct
Susaninutuah - 15-Oct
MichelleW - 21-Oct
Appaloosa05 - 21-Oct
sraelling - 22-Oct


jacielar - 06-Nov
AbiG - 27-Nov


angeldreamer - 6-Dec
carolreader - 17-Dec


Please do not delete this Post!


Note: If you wish to join a 10-member group (“Doubles”) or “Milestone” (if one is open) group, please specify the group number. “Next group” requests will be placed in a 5-member group.

Group 1504
1 scoutingbear
2 mommerson
3 HoosierFloridian
4 steresem
5 sleepykitty

Group 1505

Group 1506


Please do not delete this Post!

Traveling Groups!

:airplane: (Sent) :ok_hand: (Received) image (Received All)

Group 1480 - Double Group! - Addresses sent 05.12.22

  • Send one card to each person in the group.
  • You have 3 weeks to send your cards.
  • Post on the forum when you send and receive cards, but please note that your host does not keep track of cards you receive in this group.
    Please be sure to post when you’ve received all of your cards so host can note that on the Traveling Group List!

1 mommerson - :airplane:
2 MichelleW - :airplane:
3 uconn - :airplane:
4 Blue_Fox - :airplane: image
5 steresem - :airplane: image
6 ellistrations - :airplane:
7 monkeyflower - :airplane:
8 durangirl - :airplane: image
9 HoosierFloridian - :airplane: image
10 Beachyblonde - :airplane: image

Group 1481 - Addresses sent 05.07.22
1 salemhouse - :airplane: image
2 scoutingbear - :airplane: image
3 lyndylou5 - :airplane: image
4 LindaStampgal- :airplane: :ok_hand: salemhouse, HoosierFloridian, lyndylou5
5 HoosierFloridian - :airplane: image

Group 1482 - Addresses sent 05.10.22
1 steresem - :airplane: :ok_hand: thrakaboom, Blue_Fox, MichelleW
2 koyohtay image
3 Blue_Fox - :airplane:image
4 MichelleW - :airplane: :ok_hand: thrackaboom, steresem, Blue_Fox
5 thrakaboom - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem, MichelleW, Blue_Fox

Group 1483 - Addresses sent 05.13.22
1 thrakaboom - :airplane: image
2 Cruzin - :airplane: image
3 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :ok_hand: Cruzin,
4 jeffweiss - :ok_hand: salemhouse,
5 salemhouse - :airplane: image

Group 1484 - Addresses sent 05.14.22
1 steresem - :airplane: image
2 mommerson - :airplane: :ok_hand: Appaloosa05,
3 Appaloosa05 - :airplane: image
4 lyndylou5 - :airplane: image
5 sraelling - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem, lyndylou5,

Group 1485 - Addresses sent 05.16.22
1 mommerson - :airplane: :ok_hand: Blue_Fox,
2 Cruzin - :airplane: image
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :ok_hand: uconn,
4 Blue_Fox
5 uconn - :airplane: image

Group 1487 - Addresses sent 05.21.22
1 thrakaboom - :airplane: image
2 ljbbauer - :airplane: image
3 Yarn-Lady - :airplane: image
4 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :ok_hand: ljbbauer, thrakaboom,
5 sleepykitty - :airplane: :ok_hand: Yarn-Lady, thrakaboom, ljbbauer

Group 1488 - Addresses sent 05.24.22
1 steresem - :airplane: image
2 dnrhott - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem, Cruzin, mommerson
3 Cruzin - :airplane: image
4 mommerson - :airplane: image
5 scoutingbear - :airplane: image

Group 1490 - Addresses sent 05.29.22
1 steresem - :airplane: image
2 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem, thrakaboom, scoutingbear
3 thrakaboom - :airplane: image
4 sleepykitty - :airplane: image
5 MystiqueDeep - :airplane: image

Group 1491 - Addresses sent 06.02.22
1 jocrafts - :airplane: :ok_hand: mommerson, sraelling, MichelleW
2 sraelling - :airplane: image
3 mommerson - :airplane: :ok_hand: jocrafts, sraelling, MichelleW
4 MichelleW - :airplane: image
5 Monkeyflower - :airplane:

Group 1492 - Addresses sent 05.31.22
1 thrakaboom - :airplane: image
2 ljbbauer - :airplane:image
3 mommerson - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem,
4 steresem - :airplane: image
5 scoutingbear - :airplane: image

Group 1493 - Addresses sent 06.02.22
1 lyndylou5 - :airplane: image
2 mommerson - :airplane: :ok_hand: Appaloosa05, durangirl, treeclimber
3 treeclimber - :airplane: image
4 Appaloosa05 - :airplane: image
5 durangirl - :airplane: image

Group 1494 - Addresses sent 06.06.22
1 Monkeyflower - :airplane:
2 lyndylou5 - :airplane: image
3 steresem - :airplane: image
4 Mallowpuff - :airplane: image
5 mommerson - :airplane: :ok_hand: Monkeyflower, steresem, lyndylou5

Group 1495 - Addresses sent 06.07.22
1 uconn - :airplane: image
2 MichelleW - airplane: :ok_hand: JudyFL, lyndylou5,
3 JudyFL - image
4 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :ok_hand: uconn, JudyFL, MichelleW
5 scoutingbear - :airplane: :ok_hand: JudyFL, lyndylou5, MichelleW

Group 1496 - Addresses sent 06.09.22
1 mommerson- :airplane: image
2 steresem- :airplane: :ok_hand: HoosierFloridian,
3 salemhouse- :airplane: image
4 Yarn-Lady - :airplane: image
5 HoosierFloridian - :airplane:

Group 1497 - Addreses sent 06.09.22
1 sleepykitty- :airplane: image
2 ljbbauer - :airplane: image
3 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :ok_hand: ljbbauer, jeffweiss,
4 scoutingbear - :airplane:
5 jeffweiss- :airplane: image

Group 1498 - Addresses sent 06.10.22
1 steresem - :airplane: image
2 sleepyhippo1 - image
3 mommerson - :airplane: image
4 Beachyblonde - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem
5 hootnoodle - :airplane: image

Group 1499 - Addresses sent 06.11.22
1 jacieslar - :airplane: image
2 MystiqueDeep - :airplane: image3 thrakaboom - :airplane: image
4 steresem - :airplane: image
5 ljbbauer - :airplane: :ok_hand: MystiqueDeep, steresem, jacieslar

Group 1500 - Milestone Celebration! :partying_face: :champagne:

  • You are committing to sending a card to every person on the list.
  • You have 4 weeks to send your cards. Send in groups if you want – you don’t have to send all at one time!
  • Host keeps track of the date people send their cards using info posted on the forum.
    Host does not keep track of the cards received by individuals. It’s your responsibility to keep track of the cards you receive.
  • When you receive ALL of your cards, please post something along the lines of, “Group 1500 – I’ve received all of my cards!”

1 MichelleW - :airplane:
2 Shesa-Renegade
3 gabi_m - :airplane:
4 jocrafts
5 ellistrations - :airplane:
6 clouisesz - :airplane:
7 Angeldreamer - :airplane:
8 Beachyblonde
9 hootnoodle
10 sleepykitty - :airplane:
11 BarbL - :airplane:
12 steresem - :airplane:
13 Ukucaitie - :airplane:
14 mommerson - :airplane:
15 TwoDoggies - :airplane: (in progress)
16 sleepyhippo1
17 durangirl - :airplane:
18 uconn - :airplane:
19 Cruzin - :airplane: (in progress)
20 Yarn-Lady - :airplane:
21 ljbbauer - :airplane:
22 scoutingbear - :airplane:
24 coleandjojo
25 Esca0417
26 salemhouse - :airplane:
27 Mallowpuff
28 jeffweiss - :airplane:
29 MystiqueDeep - :airplane:
30 lyndylou5 - :airplane:
31 JudyFL - :airplane:
32 SincerelySel - :airplane:
33 jenniferkrabill
34 Appaloosa05 - :airplane: (in progress)
35 maleko
36 Blue_Fox
37 TandemStoker - :airplane:
38 SharonMI - :airplane: (in progress)
39 Monkeyflower

Group 1501 - Addresses sent 06.15.22
1 i_andrea
2 Susaninutah - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem, mommerson, JudyFL
3 mommerson - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem, JudyFL,
4 steresem - :airplane: :ok_hand: JudyFL, mommerson, Susaninutah
5 JudyFL - :airplane: :ok_hand: steresem,

Group 1502 - Addresses sent 06.20.22
1 AccentOnHakes - :airplane:
2 mommerson - :airplane:
3 SharonMI - :airplane:
4 HoosierFloridian - :airplane: :ok_hand: SharonMI, mommerson,
5 steresem - :airplane: image

Group 1503 - Addresses sent 07.01.22
1 MichelleW
2 steresem - :airplane:
3 clouisesz
4 JudyFL
5 paulinexong

Group 1504 - Addresses sent 07.02.22
1 scoutingbear
2 mommerson
3 HoosierFloridian
4 steresem
5 sleepykitty

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(If you can’t find a group, the host may have forgotten to add to this group when removing from the “Traveling” section!)


Open House Group - multiple participants, no group # assigned
1125 Double-Clutch Group (10 members)
1126 sleepykitty/clouisesz/leolikesdvorak/mnkeyflower/EverettGal
1127 yelena/AccentOnHakes/Emilyann/MeaganMS/MichelleW
1128 clouisesz/monkeyflower/MichelleW/purplepiccolo/Timbp2016
1129 femamerica13/timbp2016/Emilyann/Cruzin/MichelleW
1130 Double-Team Group
1131 DigiHawk/clouisesz/MeaganMS/leolikesdvorak/ellistrations
1132 AccentOnHakes/sleepykitty/Kyvintage/Jocrafts/Cruzin
1133 MeaganMS/Blue_Fox/clouisesz/coleandjojo, Jocrafts
1134 kyvintage/Emiyann/paigeawesome/leolikesdvorak/timbp2016
1135 Emilyann/paigeawesome/clouisesz/Blue_Fox/MichelleW
1136 Blue_Fox/femamerica13/sleepykitty/kyvintage/AccentOnHakes
1137 femamerica13/Savagepink/clouisesz/paigeawesome/sleepykitty
1138 coleandjojo/carolreader/femamerica13/kyvintage/Emilyann
1139 Shesa-Renegade, treeclimber, femamerica, clouisesz, monkeyflower
1140 Double-Post Group
1141 leolikesdvorak, kyvintage, Digihawk, emilyann, JannCady
1139 leolikesdvorak, kyvintage, Digihawk, emilyann, JannCady
1140 MichelleW, focus9920, Emilyann, purplepiccolo, TravelingKatie
1141 emilyann, coleandjojo, ckip, kyvitage, paigeawesome
1142 clouisesz, flcus9920 kyvintage, coleandjojo, melvnoble
1142 MeaganMS, Shesa-Renegade, Blue_Fox, pinkstarfish, PamUSAOhio
1143 MichelleW/focus9920/Emilyann/purplepiccolo/TravelingKatie
1144 kyvintage, clouisesz, gabi_m, coralbb, emilyann
1145 Emilyann/coleandjojo/Ckip/Kyvintage/paigeawesome
1146 clouisesz/focus9920/kyvintage/coleandjojo/melvnoble
1147 purplepiccolo, Blue_Fox, gabi_m, emilyann, travelingyogibear
1147 sleepykitty, emilyann, MichelleW, leolikesdvorak, kyvintage
1148 jocrafts, gabi_m, Blue_Fox, Shesa-Renegade, AccentOnHakes
1149 littleredtamale, travelingyogibear, melvnoble, clouisesz
1149 kyvintage clouisesz, Blue_Fox, yelena, MichelleW
1150 Double-Bogey Group - 10 members
1151 jocrafts, gabi_m, Blue_Fox, Shesa-Renegade, AccentOnHakes
1152 maleko, MichelleW, kyvintage, emilyann, riledup
1154 sleepykitty, jocrafts, KeithA, Blue_Fox, ckip
1155 littleredtamale, travelingyogibear, melvnoble, clouisesz, AccentOnHakes
1157 leolikesdvorak, Blue_Fox, kyvintage, Beachyblonde, ukucaitie
1158 Monkeyflower, Beachyblonde, serifluous, clouisesz, kyvintage
1159 kyvintage, TravelKatie, Shesa-Renegade, AccentOnHakes, jocrafts
1160 Double-Eagle Group - 10 members
1161 kyvintage, lyndylou5, purpiccolo, MichelleW, iwritedeb
1162 emilyann, Cruzin, sleepykitty, Ukucaitie, jocrafts
1163 kyvintage, lyndylou5, hootnoodle, clouisesz, AccentOnHakes
1164 KristinaGiesla, Blue_Fox, brittanyjewell, ckip, hootnoodle
1165. travelingyogibear, melvnoble, iwritedeb, Savagepink, Ukucaitie
1166 emilyann, kyvintage, sleepykitty, MichelleW, steresem
1167 travelingyogibear, coleandjojo, CrimsonKing, treeclimber, MichelleW
1171 Shesa-Renegade, clouisesz, HoosierFloridian, hootnoodle, Cruzin
1172 kyvintage, jocrafts, HoosierFloridian, lyndylou5, Blue_Fox
1173 sleepykitty, Ukucaitie, MichelleW, Mnkeyflower, hootnoodle
1174 clouisesz, treeclimber, hootnoodle, HoosierFloridian, Cruzin
1175 leolikesdvorak, hootnoodle, koyohtay, AccentOnHakes, travelingyogibear
1176 ellistrations, Blue_Fox, sleepykitty, kyvintage, koyohtay
1177 ellistrations, kyvintage, AccentOnHakes, koyohtay, Ukucaitie
1178 HoosierFloridian, MichelleW, melvnoble, koyohtay, KristinaGisela
1179 lyndylou5, mommi, Beachyblonde, Monkeyflower, coleandjojo
1180 Monkeyflower, hootnoodle, treeclimber, Shesa-Renegade, lyndylou5
1181 sleepykitty, CrimsonKing, HoosierFloridian, ckip, ?
1182 lyndylou5, jewelldelis, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle, sraelling
1183 FrogSalad, kyvintage, sleepykitty, HoosierFloridian, hootnoodle
1184 lyndylou5, TravelingKatie, Shesa-Renegade, leolikesdvorak, ellistrations
1185 ellistrations, Ukucaitie, SincerelySel, hootnoodle, sleepykitty
1186 SincerelySel, paigeawesome, travelingyogibear, lyndylou5, hootnoodle
1187 gabi_m, MystiqueDeep, FrogSalad, AccentOnHakes
1188 Monkeyflower, ellistrations, hootnoodle, stellsie, Shesa-Renegade
1189 kyvintage, Blue_Fox, MichelleW, clouisesz, EttaHenry
1190 Seeing-Double Doubles Group
1191 sleepykitty, jocrafts, kyvintage, AccentOnHakes, koyohtay
1192 jocrafts, clouisesz, hootnoodle, heatherc, sleepykitty
1193 Ukucaitie, kyvintage, AccentOnHakes, HoosierFloridian, koyohtay
1194 gabi_m, treeclimber, Blue_Fox, hootnoodle, FrogSalad
1195 Beachyblonde, Blue_Fox, clouisesz, koyohtay, MichelleW
1196 koyohtay, Ukucaitie, HoosierFloridian, ellistrations, jocrafts
1197 ellistrations, jocrafts, Beachyblonde, Blue_Fox, paigeawesome
1198 avery27, AccentOnHakes, leolikesdvorak, purplepiccolo, hootnoodle


1200 - Millenium Group - 29 participants
1201 KristinaGisela, coleandjojo, FrogSalad, steresem, hootnoodle
1202 GoeJosh, Beachyblonde, kyvintage, Blue_Fox, ellistrations
1203 ellistrations, Ukucaitie, purplepiccolo, sraelling
1204 wolfshadow424, ckip, AccentOnHakes, sannah82, GeoJosh
1205 steresem, jewelldelis, Shesa-Renegade, frozenstorm, paigeawesome
1206 steresem, avery27, Blue_Fox, hootnoodle, Beachyblonde
1207 riledup, Ukucaitie, kyvintage, ellistrations, hootnoodle
1208 leolikesdvorak, susandjones, HoosierFloridian, steresem, Beachyblonde
1209 hootnoodle, ckip, huskerhearing25, clouisesz, AccentOnHakes
1210 Double Group
1211 sannah82, Ukucaitie, Shesa-Renegade, GeoJosh, reiledup
1212 Blue_Fox, ellistrations, oniisen, Yarn-Lady, HoosierFloridian
1213 jaqueposts, frozenstorm, littleredtamale, ellistrations, susandjones
1214 clouisesz, Cruzin, hootnoodle, Ukucaitie, ellistrations
1215 Double-Star Group
1216 AccentOnHakes, steresem, avery27, jocrafts, scooby39
1217 jocrafts, HoosierFloridian, Ukucaitie, ellistrations, hootnoodle
1218 ellistrations, scooby39, sleepykitty, kyvintage, clouisesz
1219 kyvintage, ellistrations, frozenstorm, melvnoble, BarbL
1220 Double Jeopardy Group
1221 ellistrations, frozenstorm44, susandjones, wolfshadow424, ckip,
1222 leolikesdvorak, purplepiccolo, MichelleW, clouisesz, gabi_m
1223 hootnoodle, sannah82, jocrafts, littleredtamale, BarbL
1224 jocrafts, hootnoodle, kyvintage, FrogSalad, Ukucaitie
1225 AccentOnHakes/Cruzin/clouisesz/hootnoodle/Blue_Fox
1226 Cruzin, frozenstorm44, melvnoble, Ukucaitie, kyvintage
1227 AccentOnHakes,kyvintage,hootnoodle,ellistrations,Ukucaitie
1228 AccentOnHakes, Cruzin, frozenstorm44, hootnoodle, HoosierFloridian
1229 kyvintage, AccentOnHakes, Blue_Fox, KristinaGisela, Cruzin
1230 Double-Blind Group
1231 jaqueposts, sannah82, sleepykitty, hootnoodle sraelling
1232 jocrafts, treeclimber, Cruzin, kyvintage, Blue_Fox
1233 hootnoodle, ellistrations, Cruzin, paigeawesome, esca0417
1234 Tandemstoker, susandjones, ellistrations, Ukucaitie, steresem
1235 Blue_Fox, HoosierFloridian, Clouisesz, sannah82
1236 gabi_m, jaqueposts, kyvintage, avery27, Cruzin
1237 MichelleW, hootnoodle, sleepykitty, clouisesz, BarbL
1238 ellistrations, kyvintage, Ukucaitie, ckip, Yarn-Lady
1239 steresem, jewelldelis, monkeyflower, clouisesz, HoosierFloridian
1240 Double-Dutch Group
1241 steresem, hootnoodle, Cruzin, melvnoble, ellistrations
1243 susandjones, hootnoodle, Cruzin, Shesa-Renegade, sannah82
1244 Cruzin, Shesa-Renegade, HoosierFloridian, ellistrations, leolikesdvorak
1245 ellistrations, leolikesdvorak, steresem, AccentOnHakes, Ukucaitie
1246 AccentOnHakes, sraelling, frozenstorm44, paigeawesome, SincerelySel
1247 SincerelySel, Cruzin, Frozenstorm44, BarbL, steresem
1248 SincerelySel, CeceG, Shesa-Renegade, Blue_Fox, steresem
1249 Ukucaitie, Shesa-Renegade, steresem, jocrafts, Cruzin
1250 Double-Bump Group
1251 MichelleW, monkeyflower, esca0417, kyvintage, Cruzin
1252 littleredtamale, hootnoodle, KristinaGisela, steresem, sannah82
1253 jaqueposts, leolikesdvorak, Cruzin, Blue_Fox, MichelleW
1254 jaqueposts, ellistrations, steresem, anne17, Cruzin
1255 ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle, Ukucaitie, Monkeyflower
1256 MichelleW, steresem, TandemStoker, monkeyflower, avery27
1257 jaqueposts, AccentOnHakes, Cruzin, steresem, hootnoodle
1258 jaqueposts, Ukucaitie, ellistrations, CeceG, frozenstorm44
1259 BarbL, Shesha-Renegade, Blue_Fox, clouisesz, hootnoodle
1260 Double Room Group
1261 SincerelySel, seresem, Cruzin, Melvnoble, theosprey247
1262 maami, sannah82, ellistrations, Cruzin, MichelleW
1263 hootnoodle, Cruzin, ellistrations, Crystalinne, paigeawesome
1264 dnrhott, steresem, Shesa-Renegade, Ukucaitie, ellistrations
1265 clouisesz, MichelleW, SincerelySel, jaqueposts, steresem
1266 jaqueposts, leolikesdvorak, Blue_Fox, steresem, hootnoodle
1267 Cruzin, jaqueposts, treeclimber, Ukucaitie, ellistrations
1268 BarbL, theosprey247, ckip, sraelling, steresem
1269 sannah82, frozenstorm, jewelldelis, ellistrations, Blue_Fox
1270 “Make Mine a Double” - multiple participants
1271 AccentOnHakes, Shesa-Renegade, KristinaGisela, jocrafts, Cruzin
1272 AccentOnHakes, clouisesz, lyndylou5, MichelleW, hootnoodle
1273 TravelingKatie, steresem, hootnoodle, leolikesdvorak, MystiqueDeep
1274 Tandemstoker, MichelleW, Monkeyflower, SincerelySel, Ukucaitie
1275 Ukucaitie, lyndylou5, ellistrations, HoosierFloridian, Shesa-Renegade
1276 Ukucaitie, theosprey247, BarbL, ellistrations, hootnoodle
1277 lyndylou5, steresem, HoosierFloridian, hootnoodle, frozenstorm44
1278 Monkeyflower, hootnoodle, clouisesz, paigeawesome, niki5
1279 Beachyblonde, sleepyhippo1, hootnoodle, Ukucaitie, maami
1280 Double-Entry Group - Multiple participants
1281 Ukucaitie, hootnoodle, Crystalinne, SincerelySel, lyndylou5
1282 sraelling, hootnoodle, Cmleonard630, steresem, alcott1
1283 Shesa-Renegade, sleepykippo1, theosprey247, Cmleonard630
1284 KeithA, dnrhott, forzenstorm44, sleepyhippo1, coleandjojo
1285 dnrhott, Ukucaitie, theosprey247, Cmleonard630, Crystalinne
1286 Beachblonde, AccentonHakes, gabi_m, lyndylou5, Shesa-Renegade
1287 AccentOnHakes, Ukucaitie, MichelleW, steresem, hootnoodle
1288 sleepyhippo1, littleredtamale, mommerson, lyndylou5, SincerelySel
1289 TandemStoker, clouisesz, MichelleW, ellistrations, jocrafts
1290 lyndylou5, mommerson, leolikesdvorak, steresem, TwasBrillig
1291 leolikesdvorak, mommerson, HoosierFloridian, sannah82, Cruzin
1292 theosprey247, mommerson, Shesa-Renegade, KeithA, lyndylou5
1293 Ukucaitie, ellistrations, uconn, mommerson, BarbL
1294 Cmleoard630, carolreader, HoosierFloridian, MichelleW, mommerson
1295 sraelling, HoosierFloridian, SincerelySel, ellistrations, coleandjojo
1296 ellistrations, hootnoodle, jaqueposts, theosprey247, mommerson
1297 jaqueposts, mommerson, leolikesdvorak, jocrafts, uconn
1298 dnrhott, jocrafts, HoosierFloridian, mommerson, gabi_m
1299 sleepyhippo1, mommerson, ellistrations, SincerelySel, jewelldelis


1300 MILESTONE - 28 members
1301 ellistrations, purplepiccolo, BarbL, mommerson, Ukucaitie
1302 lyndylou05, Cmleonard630, mommerson, alcott1, uconn
1303 mommerson, lyndylou5, NittanyLionRI, Ukucaitie, ellistrations
1304 sraelling, dnrhott, clouisesz, MichelleW, lyndylou5
1305 uconn, MichelleW, clouisesz, leolikesdvorak, HoosierFloridian
1306 Cmleonard630, mommerson, leolikesdvorak, carolreader, HoosierFloridian
1307 mommerson, GristinaGisela, theosprey247, Ukucaitie, clouisesz
1308 hootnoodle, MichelleW, scoutingbear, sannah82, uconn
1309 hootnoodle, lyndylou5, mommerson, purpiccolo, scoutingbear
1310 - Double the Cards Group
1311 - clouisesz, MichelleW, steresem, hootnoodle, Agneau
1312 littleredtamale, mommerson, leolikesdvorak, scoutingbear, koyohtay
1313 sannah82, TandemStoker, mommerson, uconn, TwoDoggies
1314 ellistrations, Ukucaitie, scoutingbear, koyohtay, hootnoodle
1315 ellistrations, dnrhott, shesa-renegade, clouisesz, monsterita
1316 Shesa-Renegade, steresem, mommerson, melvnoble, scoutingbear
1317 koyohtay, steresem, theosprey247, scoutingbear, Ukucaitie
1318 monsterita, Ukucaitie, hootnoodle, MichelleW, ellistations
1319 HoosierFloridian, MichelleW, Beachyblonde, Shesa-Renegade, KristinaGisela
1320 Double the Cards Group
1321 sleepykitty, MichelleW, koyohtay, clouisesz
1322 scoutingbear, avery27, wolfshadow, steresem, monsterita
1323 steresem, koyohtay, sleepykitty, mommerson, scoutingbear
1332 scoutingbear, paigeawesome, sleepykitty, theosprey247, steresem
1324 Shenaniganator, leolikesdvorak, clouisesz, carolreader, scoutingbear
1325 Cruzin, koyohtay, MichelleW, uconn, theosprey
1326 steresem, scoutingbear, monsterita, theospre247, hootnoodle
1327 steresem, Shesa-Renegade, ellistrations, uconn
1328 scoutingbear, theosprey247, KeithA, steresem, mommerson
1329 Julian0321, sannah82, melvnoble, coleandjojo, scoutingbear
1330 Double Cards Group
1331 TandemStoker, HoosierFloridian, clouisesz, SincerelySel, Cruzin
1333 KrintinaGisela, Shenaniganator, BarbL, ellistrations, Ukucaitie
1334 theosprey, DeltaDawn, scoutingbear, ellistrations, Cruzin
1335 uconn, MichelleW, steresem, purplepiccolo, sleepykitty
1336 scoutingbear, mommerson, coleandjojo, jacuqeposts, leolikesdvorak
1337 maleko, MichelleW, steresem, KeithA, Cruzin
1338 scoutingbear, Beachyblonde, hootnoodle, uconn, ellistrations
1339 jeffweiss, steresem, hootnoodle, bhuney05, sleepykitty
1340 Double Cards Group
1341 MichelleW, Cruzin, clouisesz, monsterita, sleepykitty
1342 scoutingbear, mommerson, Shenaniganator, jorafts, uconn
1343 scoutingbear, steresem, theosprey247, KeithA, ukucaitie
1344 ellistrations, Ukucaitie, hootnoodle, Shenaniganator, jocrafts
1345 scoutingbear, jocrafts, jeffweiss, mommerson, Monkeyflower
1346 jocrafts, MichelleW, steresem, jeffweiss, scoutingbear
1347 scoutingbear, jocrafts, uconn, HoosierFloridian, Shesa-Renegade
1348 scoutingbear, jocrafts, clouisesz, poetland, steresem
1349 jocrafts, lyndylou5, TwasBrillig, steresem, Cruzin
1350 Double Cards Group
1351 sleepykitty, MichelleW, sannah82, lyndylou5, clouisesz
1352 mommerson, steresem, Cruzin, SincerelySel
1353 Ukucaitie, SincerelySel, lyndylou5, scoutingbear, sleepyhippo1
1354 julian0321, Cruzin, Ukucaitie, DigiHawk, sannah82
1355 steresem, ckip, sraelling, Shenaniganator, teddypostcrossing
1356 steresem, mommerson, sleepyhippo1, scoutingbear, avery27
1357 HoosierFloridian, MichelleW, Cruzin, clouisesz, hootnoodle
1358 steresem, mommerson, scoutingbear, jocrafts, hootnoodle
1359 jocrafts, Cruzin, MichelleW, jaqueposts, steresem
1360 Double Group
1361 jaqueposts, clouisesz, hootnoodle, scoutingbear, Cruzin
1362 steresem, scoutingbear, mommerson, Ukucaitie, ellistrations
1363 sleepykitty, clouisesz, teddypostcrossing, hootnoodle, lyndylou5
1364 mommerson, coleandjojo, avery27, GrammieSuz, jeffweiss
1365 HoosierFloridian, ellistrations, jocraft, Cruzin, jaqueposts, steresem
1366 mommerson, monkeyflower, hootnoodle, littleredtamale, clouisesz
1367 scoutingbear, MichelleW, mommerson, Cruzin, coleandjojo
1368 steresem, salemhouse, mommerson, Ukucaitie, jocrafts
1369 teddypostcrossing, jocrafts, Ukucaitie, scoutingbear, hootnoodle
1370 Double Group
1371 clouisesz, MichelleW, scoutingbear, Cruzin, sleepykitty
1372 teddypostcrossing, scoutingbear, mommerson, steresem, CynthiaMarie
1373 sleepykitty, Cruzin, GrammieSuz, MystiqueDeep, Ukucaitie
1374 steresem, sannah82, DarkHeartArts, jocrafts, Cruzin
1375 jocrafts, salemhouse, Abimac, Cruzin, scoutingbear
1376 steresem, sraelling, mommerson, mere5oh, Ukucaitie
1377 DarkHeartArts, jeffweiss, steresem, teddypostcrossing, CynthiaMarie
1378 mommerson, Susaninutah, clouisesz, jocrafts, AccentonHakes
1379 DarkHeartArts, Cruzin, sleepykitty, hootnoodle, shesa-renegade
1380 Double Group - 10 participants
1381 DarkHeartArts, steresem, Ukucaitie, mere5oh
1382 Susaninutah, mommerson, salemhouse, MichelleW, mere5oh
1383 steresem, shesa-renegade, jeffweiss, durangirl, Cruzin
1384 steresem, MichelleW, sleepykitty, DarkHeartArts, avery27
1385 mommerson, salemhouse, scoutingbear, Cruzin, sincerelySel
1386 mommerson, steresem, scoutingbear, puplepiccolo, DarkHeartArts
1387 sraelling, MichelleW, Susaninutah, Cruzin, steresem
1388 Ukucaitie, HoosierFloridian, scoutingbear, steresem, CynthiaMarie
1389 Cruzin, mommerson, salemhouse, clouisesz, hootnoodle
1391 steresem, Cruzin, scoutingbear, Susaninutah, DarkHeartArts
1392 steresem, mommerson, durangirl, scoutingbear, DarkHeartArts
1398 steresem, mommerson, jocrafts, carolreader, AccentOnHakes
1399 scoutingbear, jeffweiss, Ukucaitie, LydiaLsdia, steresem
1390 DarkHeartArts, uconn, ellistrations, mommerson, GrammieSuz
1393 MichelleW, hootnoodle, KeithA, HoosierFloridian, CynthiaMarie
1394 sannah82, TwasBrilling, steresem, mommerson, DarkHeartArts
1395 sleepyhippo1, Cruzin, sleepykitty, uconn, MichelleW
1386 DarkHeartArts, purplepiccolo, steresem, salemhouse, mommerson
1397 DarkHeartArts, sleepyhippo1, SincerelySel, jocrafts, uconn

1400 - Milestone Group - 34 participants
1401 jocrafts, CynthiaMarie, steresem, knally13, AbiG
1402 jocrafts, steresem, purplepiccolo, LydiaLsdia, teddypostcrossing
1409 AbiG, jocrafts, hootnoodle, scoutingbear, lyndylou5
1410 - Double Group - 10 participants
1411 jocrafts, sraelling, scoutingbear, MichelleW, avery27
1412 jeffweiss, gabi_m, mommerson, Ukucaitie, carolreader
1413 scoutingbear, clouisesz, sleepykitty, TwoDoggies, Cruzin
1414 Beachyblonde, scoutingbear, monkeyflower, Cruzin, MichelleW
1415 clouisesz, HoosierFloridian, MichelleW, jeffweiss, gabi_m
1416 salemhouse, LydiaLsdia, Cruzin, teddypostcrossing, steresem, sleepykitty
1417 Ukucaitie, hootnoodle, clouisesz, mommerson, uconn
1418 KristinaGisela, LydiaLsdia, coleandjojo, Cruzin, scoutingbear
1419 clouisesz, scoutingbear, carolreader, avery27, salemhouse
1420 Double Group 10 participants
1421 scoutingbear, monkeyflower, mommerson, sleepykitty, MichelleW
1422 Cruzin, clouisesz, hootnoodle, littleredtamale, LydiaLsdia
1423 littleredtamale, HoosierFloridian, MichelleW, CynthiaMarie, teddypostcrossing
1424 Monkeyflower, sleepyhippo1, Ukucaitie, LydiaLsdia, uconn
1425 scoutingbear, clouisesz, jeffweiss, HoosierFloridian, sleepykitty
1427 MichelleW, Crystaline, avery27, mommerson, jocrafts
1428 littleredtamale, jocrafts, sraelling, HoosierFloridian, salemhouse
1429 SecretCityGrl, carolreader, Beachyblonde, teddypostcrossing, clouisesz
1430 Double Group - 10 participants
1431 Cruzin, teddypostcrossing, jeffweiss, MichelleW, avery27
1432 scoutingbear, Ukucaitie, mommerson, sleepykitty, steresem
1433 steresem, mommerson, SecretCityGrl
1434 SharonMI, MichelleW, jocrafts, teddypostcrossing, hootnoodle1435 jocrafts, mommerson, avery27, Cruzin
1436 mommerson, teddypostcrossing, kyvintage, CynthiaMarie, Cruzin
1437 scoutingbear, HoosierFloridian, steresem, SecreCityGirl, jocrafts
1438 jocrafts, Cruzin, Blue_Fox, MichelleW, hootnoodle
1439 sleepykitty, steresem, lyndylou5, salemhouse, uconn
1440 DoubleGroup - 10 participants
1441 Mommerson, hootnoodle, lyndylou5, Lydialsdia, redyellownow
1442 “On the Mark” - multiple participants
1443 steresem, clouisesz, LydiaLsdia, SincerelySel, Blue_Fox
1444 MichelleW, Shesa-Renegade, HoosierFloridian, LindaStampgal, steresem
1445 durangirl, avery27, SharonMI, Shelbert, StephofYorktown
1446 steresem, Cruzin, clouisesz, LydiaLsdia, Monkeyflower
1447 mommerson, uconn, Doortjej, Cruzin, hootnoodle
1448 mommerson, Shesa-Renegade, steresem, HoosierFloridian, LindaStampgal
1449 sraelling, HoosierFloridian, jeffweiss, jenniferkrabill, uconn
1450 Double Group - 10 participants
1451 Cruzin, MichelleW, AccentOnHakes, kyvintage, lyndylou5
1452 hootnoodle, mommerson, SharonMI, MichelleW, clouisesz
1453 Cruzin, sleepykitty, CynthiaMarie, LindaStampgal, hootnoodle
1454 Doortjej, mommerson, steresem, scoutingbear, clouisesz
1455 mommerson, SJCheney, Doortjej, WolfShadow24, clouisesz
1456 mommerson, steresem, Cruzin, Appaloosa05, jaqueposts
1457 Blue_Fox, clouisesz, Doorjej, mommerson
1458 TwoDoggies, uconn, CeceG, lyndylou5, avery27
1459 sleepykitty, jenniferkrabill, Monkeyflower, scoutingbear, mommerson
1460 Double Group - 10 participants
1461 lyndylou5, salemhouse, mommerson, hootnoodle, SincerelySel
1462 Blue_Fox, clouisesz, WolfShadow24, mommerson, Cruzin
1463 Appaloosa05, mommerson, Ukucaitie, MichelleW, lyndylou5
1464 steresem, sleepykitty, clouisesz, MichelleW, Beachyblonde
1465 Cruzin, CynthiaMarie, lyndylou, AbiG, hootnoodle
1466 steresem, jenniferkrabill, sleepyhipp1, Cruzin, Blue_Fox
1467 Blue_Fox, salemhouse, MichelleW, carolreader, jeffweiss
1468 ljbbauer, HoosierFloridian, scoutingbear, lyndylou5
1469 Cruzin, mommerson, hootnoodle, clouisesz, jocrafts
1470 Doubles Group, multiple participants
1471 jocrafts, kyohtay, scoutingbear, LindaStampgal, Susaninutah
1472 clouisesz, MichelleW, steresem, sleepykitty, ljbbauer
1473 Cruzin, koyohtay, sraelling, thrakaboom, ljbbauer
1474 mommerson, steresem, HoosierFloridian, koyohtay, Cruzin
1475 mommerson, koyohtay, jenniferkrabill, Angeldreamer, Susaninutah
1476 mommerson, steresem, Shesa-Renegade, AccentOnHakes, durangirl
1477 clouisesz, carolreader, thrakaboom, mommerson
1478 steresem, thrakaboom, jaqueposts, Blue_Fox, durangirl
1479 Blue_Fox, koyohtay, ljbbauer, dnrhott, thrakaboom
1486 steresem Shesa-Renegade, LindaStampgal, scoutingbear, Angeldreamer
1489 hootnoodle, MichelleW, scoutingbear, lyndylou5, durangirl





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Please do not delete this Post!

[RR] :us: US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine - We Want YOU is under construction, please DO NOT REPLY OR DELETE!

Welcome to the wonderful new world of Postcrossing Round Robins!

We are all learning and I know we can lean on each other to find answers to our questions. I, personally, could not have gotten this far without @maleko. The man has no end to his patience - even when mine ran out.

If you haven’t been experimenting during “playtime,” I suggest you start out with just simple text. Then, when you feel comfortable, try using the menu items above. There are so many great options for everyone who likes adding graphics, emojis (your choices have increased by about 1000) or those of you who would like to post a scan of your card with your message, it’s so easy! “Drag & Drop” or “Copy & Paste” work perfectly.

I’ve already started things by adding maleko and me to Group 1152. As more people drop by, I’ll open our first double group here.

Believer me, no question is too silly, so there will be NO “This may be stupid” start-off if you have one!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. This is by no means set in stone.

So…you ready? :smiley_cat:


I have been waiting for that open sign. Your RR looks amazing Michelle and I know it will only get better, thank you for your hard work. Oh, and add me to the first group please.


Thank you for your very kind words!! :upside_down_face:

I am happy to add you to our first “other side” group!!

My first update


Yay, congratulations @MichelleW! The new digs look amazing!

Hey there, I hope I hit the right reply… I’ll join the next group please.

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Hi Michelle - Looks good!
Can you add me to the next group too?

Lisa (Formerly LetsGoPens)

Yay! Glad to see you made it here. Will update here once I receive some cards :slight_smile:

Wow - that was fast!

The “inaugural group” has filled! I’m going to be honest. I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m just plain tuckered out.

I’ll pick back up on the forum tomorrow.

THANK YOU!! :heart_eyes:

Wow the first group filled so fast! I’ll take an open spot in a group please!

Can I please join the next group. Things look great! Thank you for all your hard work.

Yay, so happy to see this RR on the new forum! I just wanted to let everyone know that I was Timbp2016 on the old forum, but I’m gabi_m here!

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Great job making the transition @MichelleW