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@chasingkites - Look for a pencil icon next to the title. If you see it, you can click on it and then edit the title of your thread.

To edit your post, click on the pencil icon on the bottom of the post.

Due to the different trust levels, you might encounter limits regarding editing of your posts/titles. Keep reading and using the forum to gain higher trust levels.

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and excuse me if this topic was already raised- I just can’t find it…

How can I create a “card description box” like on this picture:|230x500

If I go to my cards, I just get this:|230x500

Mostly, I’m accessing on my mobile (android).

Thanks for any help!

If you paste a link to the card page in a separate line in your forum post, it will show up with this description box here in the forum.

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Will try out soon😉

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I can’t seem to find an answer, so decided to post here - if a user removes themselves from a conversation (PM) and I later reply to it, will they still receive my message? Or have I just essentially sent it into space?

You can invite the user back to the conversation.

If you don’t do that you send the message into space.


Of course - I thought I’ve seen something like that before, thank you @Bille!

I just didn’t think to check at the top of the thread and there was no notification that I was basically writing to myself. The setting is a bit counterintuitive, at least to me :thinking: But, I have invited the interested party back into the conversation, hopefully they’ll see my message now :smiley:

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Dear all,
I hope someone can help me with this.
I run a RR and in the old forum, I used to keep a copy of the Open groups / Travelling groups on Google Docs. When something needed an update, I would edit the Doc and then copy and paste the whole section to replace the old one on the forum, using the edit function.

If I try to do so on the new forum, all the spaces between groups and members in the same groups are messed up, like I usually post like this:



and now it pastes it like this:








I know this doesn’t sound important, but graphically the result is very confusing when you have a lot of groups and I can’t spend my days re-formatting the whole thread every time.

Any idea?

Does the information given here help? There’s much more information if you visit the topic.

Please let the other readers know if it helped - if not, I’m sure someone else will try to help :slight_smile:


Hello & thanks for your help.
Unluckily, none of the solutions in that topic worked for me, but I left a message there too, in case someone else has found another way.
Any other advice will be greatly appreciated, of course!

How do I close a topic I had created? It’s “Swap - Adopt an unwanted postcard” and all the postcards I was offering have been sent.

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You can ask a moderator or an admin to close it.
I did it now.

Hi there!

Does anyone have an idea why “Swaps” doesn’t show up in the table of contents of the DIRECTORY Handmade Cards & Mail Art?

This is how it looks in the edit monitor:

Oh, and another question:

I deleted this post and flagged it as inappropriate because I accidentally wrote a post instead of a private message.

I think I “deleted” it after flagging because the text was still visible in the edit history. Or maybe the other way around, I don’t remember anymore. Like this, the text is not visible anymore. This is what shows up if you click “View ignored content”:

But the post is still there and kinda ugly. Will it ever be deleted? It’s been like this for more than two weeks now. The 24 hours are long over.

It seems that Trades, Requests, Offers, Penpals, Lotteries is a level 1 ("#"), followed by several level 3 ("###"), and only after those it comes a level 2 ("##") with Swaps. The jump from level 1 to level 3 without a level 2 in between may be causing this (currently Swaps seems to be within Tags due to this).

I’m guessing if something is flagged, it may halt a posterior delete so that it is reviewed first. Send us a link to where it is and we’ll take a closer look.

But it doesn’t look like it was ever reviewed. Or maybe it was and they thought it would be taken care of because it says that it is going to be deleted, only that the system is saying nonsense in this case because it will never be automatically deleted. :thinking:
It’s this post: