How to invite to a topic

Where’s the button to invite someone else to a topic? I’ve checked the user guide but can’t find it. Thanks!

Beneath every Topic

I don’t get that screen: all I get is an email link. If I click on that, it fires up my email provider. :puzzled: Looks like a permissions thing.

I think so as well. I used to be able to invite people to topics, which I didn’t use very often but it was neat when I did use it. Now that button is gone but I am still TL3, so I think the permissions settings were changed in this regard.

That’s strange, I still see it, exactly in the place @Bille showed.

In depends on the category! You cannot invite someone to a closed category (with a :lock:).


Oh, you are right. It works in this topic! I’m a happy bunny again. :blush:

This is not a big deal, but why isn’t a Good Topic badge awarded on Infinite Threads topics?

Same answer as to your last question. Badges are only granted for open categories when I remember right. As the #everything-else:infinite-threads is a private category (not accessible withouth login) you cannot invite someone nor gain badges.

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What is the logic of that? I would have thought that a new thread with over 100 replies in a few hours would be a “Good Topic” by any standard. :puzzled:

We can only guess, it’s a feature of the software though, not the decision of the staff. If you visit anyone’s profile you can see all the badges and those are linked to the topics. How could they be linked if they’re not viewable by everyone?

Hmmm…this presupposes that thousands of people browse the forum without being logged in, and have a keen interest in who has gained which badges. It seems unlikely. Especially with the “high forum load” messages so often. But as I said it’s not a Big Deal, it just seems a tad unfair.


The “Good Topic” badge doesn’t mean many replies in a topic, but means you have to receive at least 25 likes on the first post of a topic.

Those badges are being given out once every 24 hours, sometimes you have to wait 23,5 hours to receive that badge.

Discourse is a general forum software for online boards, so keep in mind that there are lots of different types of boards… not only Postcrossing. These design choices are made not for this forum exclusively, but to support a wide variety.

Private categories don’t need to be viewable for all people who are logged in, but may be for a certain rank only or even a certain group. In this forum the categories you are relying to happen to be viewable to all members, but it doesn’t need to be this way in all those other forums.

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Thank you for that explanation.

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